زندان و زنان خبیث

یاد دختران و زنان مقاوم زندان اصفهان

02-Dec-2012 (one comment)
در سالگرد"روز جهانی منع خشونت علیه زنان"، بعنوان یک مرد ایرانی که تمام زندگیم را لااقل مدیون سه زن هستم، در برابر تمام زنان آزاده و شریفی که رو در روی فاشیسم مذهبی حاکم بر ایران، جان و عزیزتر از جانشان را فدای آزادی و بهروزی میهن و مردم خود کرده اند، ادای احترام میکنم>>>


Creamy Sunset Dream
02-Dec-2012 (one comment)
See how a gale may tamper
with your troubled thoughts
and with whispered logic,
swerve your dark imaginings


Forgotten Captive

The Most Famous Political Prisoner In Iran

27-Nov-2012 (61 comments)
I visited him in 2005 at his home in northern Tehran, facing the Alborz Mountains. He is the longest held prisoner of Iran, sometimes referred to as the Iranian Mandela. He was on a leave of absence, which is part of a prison furlough system in Iran. His name, Abbas Amirentezam, should be familiar to anyone who knows the history of the U.S. Embassy take-over in 1980 and the plight of the American hostages held for 444 days. He is not referred to in the film Argo >>>


مفهوم سازی واژه گونه (۳-٩)

رویکرد رابطه ای و فعالیت های گونه ای بدن

27-Nov-2012 (one comment)
ریوین کانل در کتاب پیشگامانه خود، مردانگی ها (۱۹۹۵)، به درستی می گوید که بدن باید در هویت گونه ای و ساخت گونه ای در نظر گرفته شود، زیرا بدن عملا مرکز عملکردهای اجتماعی مانند سکس، کار و ورزش است. مثالی که او از اجتماعی بودن بدن آورده و به بحث می گذارد ورزش است>>>


مگر "حضرت آیت الله" چه بدی در حق ما کرده!؟

این یکی "ستار" نیز مانند آن یکی، ستاره شد و به کهکشان پیوست

24-Nov-2012 (5 comments)
هنوزم بخوبی به یاد میاورم که در دادگاه دوم، حجت الاسلام عبداللهی حاکم شرع دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی، وقتی نگاهش به اعلامیه دست نویس تبلیغی روی پرونده ام افتاد که در پائین آن با حروف درشت شعار «مرگ بر خمینی» با دست خط من نقش بسته بود، با چشمانی دریده و قیافه ایی کاملآ حق بجانب و با لحن زنگ داری که بوی خون میداد رو به من کرد>>>


Part 3: Why I think Reza Shah was an idiot

An open letter to all my monarchist FRIENDS

24-Nov-2012 (82 comments)
I may not agree with the Pahlavi or the Khomeini supporters and from your reactions it is obvious that you would never tolerate my criticism of your system when your group was in power (and you haven’t changed), however, I would still fight for your right to express yourselves and participate politically in Iran, not in exile. You and I and all Iranian citizens have the inalienable right to express our views freely without fear of intimidation>>>


راهی‌ که بازگشتی نداشت

راهی‌ که بازگشتی نداشت

اُردوگاه ساشِن هاوسِن

by Red Wine
22-Nov-2012 (6 comments)



The abyss of hell

While the Larijani brothers try to save their regime, citizen journalists keep tabs on their crimes

21-Nov-2012 (16 comments)
While some outside observers have offered the metaphor of getting "ready to tango" for this possible scenario, people in positions of power inside Iran have a more graphic simile for what they are willing and perhaps even about to do. "Hard-liner Mohammed Javad Larijani, secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights and brother of both the country's parliament speaker and its judiciary head," has recently said, according to a report in Washington Post: "To protect the interests of our system, we would negotiate with the US or anyone else even in the abyss of hell." >>>


Part 2: Why I think Reza Shah was an idiot

Not much difference in essence between monarchists and Islamic Republic

18-Nov-2012 (88 comments)
Going back to our beloved self-proclaimed king, no doubt Reza Pahlavi meant well for his country and he chose the method that made most sense to HIM but my argument is that in the process of making major physical infrastructural changes he got in the way of substantially greater evolutionary change in a deeply rooted tradition which Iran is still suffering from. And that tradition is patriarchal rule>>>


Good cinema, bad history

Argo director treads on shaky historical ground

18-Nov-2012 (13 comments)
It is to Ben Affleck’s credit that although we know things will go as planned in the film as they did in reality, we are kept on the edge of our seat as one setback follows another. Where the director treads on more shaky ground is the history behind the story. Is this important? Does it matter? It certainly does, if only to avoid snap judgments and paint historical figures with a simplistic brush>>>


The End of An Era

I urge my words to preserve a slice of that life

18-Nov-2012 (2 comments)
Everyone is dying. Lately I have attended too many funerals, burials and memorial services. “What’s going on?” I asked my husband. “We haven’t seen a wedding in more than a year, but there seems to be a funeral every single month!” My wise man nodded. “You’re right, but there’s a good reason for that. Our generation is at the age when our elders leave us, most of our kids are married or live far away, and with their graduations behind us, there’s little excitement left.”>>>


I somehow forgot to be grateful

I’m remembering why my parents left everything behind

15-Nov-2012 (3 comments)
I went to see the movie Argo with my dad. I had chosen this movie because I felt it would be one that would be of interest to my dad, not myself- how I was very wrong. The movie brought on a truth that was not only a reality back in the 70’s but one that is still very real today. As I felt my dad’s energy, one that remembers and still harbors the emotions of an Iran that was and is, an Iran that doesn’t provide opportunity, I felt ashamed>>>


What Are the Mojahedin Up to Now?

Rapid and inevitable demise as members rescued by humanitarian agencies

12-Nov-2012 (13 comments)
Freed from the pretended constraints of being listed as a terrorist entity in the USA, the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) has stepped up its financial and money laundering activities in Western countries. The MEK have launched a 'basij' (all-out campaign) in their financial section. Firstly, all members and supporters have been instructed to make supervised contact with their family inside or outside Iran to try to get money from them >>>


آلترناتیوسازی یا انهدام اپوزیسیون

ما نباید مطالبه دمکراسی خواهی خود را به هیچ پروژه دیگری پیوند بزنیم

04-Nov-2012 (4 comments)
آیا هدف فراهم کردن مقدمات یک تحول دمکراتیک در داخل کشور است و تغییر نظام کنونی به یک نظام دمکراتیک که در آن حقوق شهروندی بدون کمترین تبعیض، اصل پذیرفته شده ی آن است و هیچ تاکیدی بر حقوق ویژه و فرصت های خاص به هر دلیلی برای هیچ بخشی از جامعه وجود نخواهد داشت، و یا صرفا هدف ما فروپاشی نظام کنونی قدرت و جایگزینی آن با یک وضعیت نامعلوم در آینده است؟>>>


وابستگی، استقلال، همبستگی‌

تنها راه رسیدن به بلوغ فکری و روانی‌ "همبستگی‌" می‌باشد

همه ما در بدو تولد "وابسته" هستیم. بدون سرپرستی مداوم بزرگتر ها، عمر نوزاد حتی به یک هفته نخواهد رسید. سیر تحول از آن وابستگی بچه گانه، تا رسیدن به "استقلال" دوره جوانی، یک حرکت تکاملی و لازمه حیات بارور است. اما جوان مستقل اگر متجاوز، زورگو و مردم آزار باشد؛ آیا قابل احترام است، یا لازم به تادیب و حبس؟>>>


ReOrienting Myself

Making an Artistic Home

04-Nov-2012 (3 comments)
In 1990, I auditioned for an acting program in New York and the very thoughtful and pragmatic teacher informed me that I would never be cast as a lead on the American stage. I would only be considered for domestic help parts or minor support roles. His reasons were my “ethnic” looks and my accent. The accent I could be coached out of but there was little I could do about my looks. His message, as I heard it was to basically give up on a career in professional theater in the US; his “American stage” had no room for someone like me>>>


پادشاه فصلها

پادشاه فصلها

آلبوم عکس با الهام از مهدی اخوان ثالث

by Shazde Asdola Mirza
02-Nov-2012 (7 comments)



Inaction is Not an Option

For Iranian Americans

02-Nov-2012 (18 comments)
Lately, as an Iranian American, many things make me angry. I realize the mere mention of the term “anger,” particularly in the context of discussions on the Middle East, raises red flags among Americans, Iranians, and Iranian Americans alike. But I believe we need to reclaim this oft-misunderstood, stigmatized emotion – after all, emotional indifference to oppression or tyranny is no virtue. The origin of the word anger – ang, the Greek word for grief or loss – reminds us that anger stems from that which we have lost>>>

روز کورش

نوستالژی رژیم گذشته

مردم نه ایران اسلامی میخواهند نه ایران اهورایی

02-Nov-2012 (11 comments)
چرا به کورش قول نمیدهند که جامعه ای آزاد و برابر و مرفه خواهند ساخت، پدیده ای که در تاریخ ایران اهورایی یا اهریمنی وجود خارجی نداشته است؟ چرا به کورش نمیگویند که بدعت گذاری خواهند کرد و آزادی و برابری و رفاه را در ایران پیاده خواهند کرد؟ چرا میخواهند گذشته را زنده کنند؟ و کدام گذشته؟ پاسخ به این سوالات کار سختی نیست. ما این جنبش، امیال و آرزوهایش را می شناسیم>>>


Does Iran Have An Ana Mladic?

Mladic's one request before his transfer to the Hague to stand trial was to visit the grave of his daughter

02-Nov-2012 (one comment)
Barreling through Bosnia, Mladic and his henchmen left its families without fathers, mothers, sons and daughters while his family were in Belgrade, safely ensconced in a bubble of peace and propaganda. In 1994, for Ana Mladic, the then 23 year old general’s daughter, the bubble burst. Her body was found in a Belgrade park, along with the general’s favourite pistol, the one he was awarded at his graduation from the military academy>>>