A night at the Oscars

The weather could have not been any better for the invited guests, the spectator crowd and photographers from across the globe during the 80th Annual

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The end of modernity

Although the ideas in this paper are mine, my station in life makes translating these ideas into foreign policy totally impossible. I don't even know

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Arts and Literature
Ramin Ahmadi

Reading Postel On Tehran

A review of “Reading Legitimation Crisis in Tehran” by Danny Postel Prickly Paradigm Press, Chicago. How do you explain the silence of the US progressives

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The art of compromise

US-Iranian relations have been in a very low and often hostile level for close to 30 years. Both countries have unresolved grievances and rather long

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Opening a closed society

Identity is a series of collective characteristics by which a person should be recognised as a part of a given group. In my article, I

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Divine violence

The last three decades have witnessed a relentless growth of Islamic movements, so that, today political Islam is an undeniable reality on the world scene.

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Asghar Massombagi

Being Lolita in Tehran

Well, then, eliminate the people, curtail them, force them to be silent. Because the European Enlightenment is more important than people. — Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notebooks

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Mostaz’af and Mostakbar

From Chapter 3 of Minoo Moallem's “Between Warrior Brother and Veiled Sister: Islamic Fundamentalism and the Politics of Patriarchy in Iran” (University of California Press,

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Theocracy to Democracy

A quarter of century after the 1979 revolution, the conundrum of Iranian politics is marked by distinct characteristics that include: — Over politicization of society

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The misplaced locality

Blade and mirror, the torch and ether Downers and uppers upfront The fine white powder Powering up postindustrial human machinery Work is dull, play is

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The place of paranoia

Introduction The conduct of both Iranian and American foreign relations is highly improvisational in character, often appearing as being self-contradictory or inconsistent, irrational, and rudderless.

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Nazanin’s great leap

Part 27 April 6 Head… feels… like… target for Serena Williams' tennis balls. Pop. Pop. Pop. Every which way I turn my head, I get

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