“When You Reveal Those Rose-Colored Cheeks Ghazal 1711 1941 When you reveal those rose-colored cheeks (of yours),you make the stones whirl2 from joy. Put (your) head out from the veil once again, for the sake of amazed lovers– So that knowledge may lose the way, (and) the intellectual may shatter (his) learning; So that water may become a pearl3 from your reflection, (and) fire may quit war. 1945 With (the presence of) your beauty, I don’t desire the (lovely full) moon or those few little hanging lanterns (in the heavens). (And) with (the presence of) your face, I don’t call the ancient rusty sky a “mirror.” You breathed into and created this narrow world4 in another form once again. O Venus,5 make that harp melodious again, in desire for his Mars-like eyes!”