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* What is your password?
* This is your captain speaking
* Venice in Tehran
* Does Dick read Maybe he should
* I'll think about it
* He has brought an international flavour of spas
* Astaghforellaa!
* Stop life for death
* Hashtam valee neeshtam
* Rafsanjani rocks!
* It is what it is
* Chinese: Fortune
* Pretty smart, if you ask me
* Goofballs going to war
* Are you normal?
* What are friends for
* A really helpful catalogue
* Come on baby... you can do it!
* Crying ants
* I have a feeling this isn't a compliment
* Dear Moin, I need $10,000
* Shams: Positive profile, sort of
* Bumper stickers for Azam Nemati
* So what I'm in New Zealand? I still need my kashk
* Bon voyage
* Hey asshole!
* Overkill
* Cheh beboosee, cheh naboosee
* Calm down baba!
* GOOZ: web solution
* Enjoy copying Coca Cola
* No you don't|
* George Bush's emailbox
* PMS stands for...
* Shaa Doomaad
* Holy crap! They might be right!
* Bugging you, is all I want to do
* Iranian of the day
* Cat fight
* Marriage? You need a knock in the head
* Hell has frozen over
* Who came first?
* Mojdeh!
* Drinking test
* Halloween cat
* Halloween man

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