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Bad poem

By Mohammed Reza Pakzad
March 15, 2002
The Iranian

Here is a bad poem I wrote in response to that bad poem "
I remember you" and some others ones you put in your site.

Now look! What is a poem for,

If it doesn't shed light on the life?

If it isn't brightened by the love?

If you shout it behind a closed door?

Now look! What is a poem for?

If it doesn't ask for justice

Or if it does but kills that peace

And leaves you empty and sour

Now look! What is a poem for?

If it leaves you hard as stone

Or as brittle as a dead bone

Like an empty shell in a shore

Or if it cuts that uniting thread

And makes all your beans spread

-Who will get them together again?

Tell me, is that a poem then?

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