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Realistic assessment
What was being done to your country's natural resources

December 12, 2001
The Iranian

As Iranians we just can't help ourselves. It's just in our nature to place ordinary mortals on a pedestal which perhaps goes some way in explaining why democracy cannot take root in Iran. 

Recently, The Iranian published recollections of Mossadegh by his attorney. Although his message about himself consistently was "don't revere me", yet that is exactly what we Iranians often do without really considering the consequences of placing our trust in a leader without really knowing that person. Often ending in disaster.  

The only way to avoid future mistakes is to know ourselves better and perhaps reading the documents of the Mossadegh era concerned with nationalization of oil and its history in Iran should provide a guiding light. 

While reading these documents, you cannot help but feel rage and anguish at the same time.  Read it so that as an Iranian you know what was being done to your country's natural resources, in the hope that it will give you a better understanding of what is being done in the present day under the guise of production sharing agreements. 

We should heed his advice and not revere the man. We should not beatify him but look at his record realistically and without so much emotion.

Three documents (Persian) have been reproduced:

-- The 1901 D'Arcy Concession

-- The 1933 Agreement Anglo Persian (Iranian) Oil Company 

-- History Of The Oil Concession, a report prepared by the Iranian Parliament for the representative of President Truman in 1951

The result of scanning the above documents is poor because of the age of the copy in my possession and the very poor quality of its paper.  The book is called  "The Oil Nationalization Papers And Documents" or in Persian "Asnad e Naft - Volume 1" originally published in 1951 (1330) by the Iranian Ministry of Information.

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