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September 17, 2001

* Fucking for virginity

We have recently witnessed deplorable acts of terrorism that we all should be quick to condemn. The terrorists had absolutely no regard for human life in launching their cowardly surprise attacks that could not be prepared for, nor defended against. Not only were the targets military personnel, but also politicians and innocent civilians ["Taking a stand"].

Such attacks on freedom and democracy should not be tolerated, and I agree with President Bush that action should be taken both against the terrorists and states harbouring and aiding the terrorists, as such acts cannot be tolerated in the civilised world.

Therefore, the world should stand up and take action against Israel and the Israeli government who have sanctioned and carried out the state assassination of dozens of high level Palestinian military personnel, security forces and political activists. These assassinations have not been without the deaths of innocent men, women and children ("collateral damage"), the policy continues and is being pursued vigorously, bankrolled by US citizens and supported by the US government.

Why do we feel the disaster that occurred in the US is worthier of our condemnation and condolences than any other similar atrocity that has occurred and continues to occur? If I suggested we lay a wreath for every child that has died in Africa as a result of simple, treatable, diarrhea, would anyone care? Crimes of non-action kill more people than crimes of action.

Did anyone in the West reflect for a moment upon the loss of civilian life when the USS Vincennes shot down the Iranian Airbus or when Saddam (funded by the US) used chemical weapons against Iranian civilians? Ultimately, are we civilised people of the view that an American life is more valuable than any other?

Every day in Israel and the West Bank there's slaughter of stone slinging Palestinian children and fresh faced Israeli youth drafted into the army to defend a handful of settlers who have the right to avoid being similarly drafted. Bombs still drop in Iraq and we look the other way, probably because we're safe (that's all that matters, right?).

We need to think more carefully about what exactly we mean by "terrorism", and what Bush really means when he proposes to defeat international terrorism. Will he propose the bombing of Northern Ireland (home of many terrorist paramilitary groups), the region around the Pyrenees (Basque separatists), Israel and logically, Washington DC itself (financial support for the IRA until recently, continued support for brutal Israeli regime)?!

Don't anyone say that because I raised these points, I have an agenda to push or I care any less for those who perished when the WTC collapsed. My point is simply that faceless innocents die every day, indirectly at our hands, and we only sit up and pay attention when the monster we create bites off our own kneecaps.

If we're prepared to tolerate (bankroll and ultimately cause) similar atrocities the world over, we're being immensely hypocritical if we pretend that people haven't been living the WTC disaster everyday of their lives and that the tragedy on our doorstep is somehow more horrible. Just we choose not to see the same thing occuring somewhere else, or our newspapers decide the stories won't sell ads.

Human life is sacred and precious, regardless of creed or colour. The tears of victims cross boundaries of race. The cries of mother and fathers are the same in any language.

My prayers and condolences go out to all those innocents caught up in mindless acts of terrorism around the world. May justice be done unto the perpetrators. At the same time, America, remember: Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

Ehsan Ghorani

* We are all AMERICANS

Unfortunately, some times it takes a tragedy of national proportions for us to start appreciating the freedoms that we take for granted, and to realize how fragile our liberties are. President Bush was so right in his assessment of the recent tragedy as the "first war of the 21st century." Now, that we are embarking on this prolonged war, let's define who the enemy is and what we are fighting for. ["Taking a stand"]

Simply labeling the enemy, as "terrorists" will be only diverting attention from the real sponsors of such actions. It,s the war declared by those opposing human rights, civil liberties, individual freedoms and democratic governments. These people could be of any race, religion, nationality or political persuasion.

These people are not only in the mountain tops of Afghanistan, but they are also in government mansions in Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus, Khartoum, Tripoli and many other world capitals. I have had the unfortunate experience of suffering at the hands of some of these barbaric people, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the only language they will understand is that of unmerciful force.

In one of the anti-American rallies in Pakistan, there was a banner asking Americans to think why they are hated all over the world. The answer is simple. America is much more than a territorial boundary. America is an idea. America represents freedom and enlightenment. It is not America that is hated by the ignorant and intolerant, it is the freedom of thought that scares them so much.

All the freedom loving people of the world, regardless of their nationalities and ethnicity, are "Americans". The fight against America, the idea, has been going on throughout the history even before there was a geographic place called America. Only now it has moved within our borders. In defining our enemies and allies in our new war, let's not forget this historic perspective.

In these trying times and days of national sorrow, let us all remember that the overwhelming majority of those who have migrated from such places to this land of the free and home of the brave, have escaped the oppression and torture of those barbaric regimes. They have come here in search of freedom, peace and tranquility. They have come here in search of a dream called America.

America, unfortunately now has the first hand and direct experience of the viciousness and barbarism of these people. But let us all unite and not allow the enemy to succeed by turning us into a police state or by dividing us into groups and factions based on our ethnicities. We are all AMERICANS.

Hamid Bahadori

* Don't be afraid

Please better explain to me what this piece is REALLY about?! Who are you trying to appease? ["Taking a stand"]

Of course, I am sorry too. I am sorry that human lives were wasted. I am sorry that again the Middle East will come under attack. AGAIN. Everyone (including Americans), know who they should be blaming for the horrific acts of last week. But instead of bringing justice, they will again spill havoc upon those who have nothing, suffer, and starve already.

We have seen this done throughout history. Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, all over Africa... Please take a moment to ask your American neighbors: do you feel sorry for those innocent people that suffer at the hands of your government EVERY DAY. Not just once every few years, but EVERY DAY!!!!????!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I do not by any means condone the actions of those lunatics, but I also fear what is about to come. You know much better than I, so I don't know why I have to state this: We only have what we have in this country because human beings in all other parts of the world suffer at our expense. This includes the wealth, freedom, and commodities we so "enjoy". Until this changes, it will only get worse.

And please JJ, you do not need to prove to us, that you are "American", we read your paper because you are not this. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Don't be afraid. And tell this to all of your readers. It is not they who committed those crimes. Why should they feel responsible?

In the same sentence, let them know that they need to be more educated themselves as to how this global business is really functioning under the dictation of the American government, and that they should support a leadership that is more responsible. That, yes, is their responsibility.


* Tehran Mayor

Please excuse me that I do not speak Farsi. I have been trying to find the email address of the Tehran Mayor's Office. Please convey the following message to him

Mr. Mayor:

I write you as a private American citizen. I wish to thank you and the People of the City of Tehran for it's kindnesses in expressing condelences and conforting words for the castastrophe at the World Trade Center in New York.

We are all brothers; let us live in peace as such.

William Rowland
Greenville, SC

* America not our only hope

In response to Babak Koohyar and his wishes for "God Bless America, for she is our only hope": ["Our problems come from within"]

I am saddened by the events of last Tuesday. Not only for the lives of 5000+ innocent people, but also for the fact that this only fuels the divisions in society on an international level. The US is not a protector of freedom and justice. Along with all the countries and individuals in the world, it is only concerned with its own interests.

No one blames them for that, but unfortunately because they are the only superpower in the world, they believe they have the moral high ground. Hiroshima, Vietnam, Korea, Noriega, Nicaragua, Cuba, Pinochet, Shah, and even Afghanistan are all examples of US self-interest, and willingness to impose sufferring on others. I have not mentioned Iraq, Isreal, and Africa, because these are more complex issues which involve the self-interest of other parties, such as Europeans in Africa, Zionists in Isreal and despots such as Saddam in Iraq.

Unfortunately America is not our only hope, or any hope at all. She is a dangerous beast. When Cheney (the real President of USA) was asked why Bin Ladan hates the US so much, his reply was: It must be his upbringing. It seems that Americans cannot fathom that others may disagree with their strategies, rightly or wrongly!

Bush's administration has tread a dangerous path since coming to power. It has advocated isolationism, and unilateralism (Kyoto, Human Rights, Isreal, China, Missile Defence). It seems that with these tragic events, we will see an even more dictatorial and righteous America. I hope that the citizens of the world unite and stamp out all violence and injustice. The lives of a Vietnamese still suffering from Agent Orange is as precious as that of a New Yorker.

May God Bless the World.

Ali Kelvin
London, England

* Yes you are naive

Writing a response to Mr. Babak Koohyar's article title "Our problems come from within" has been a process of writing and revising my comments. On one hand, I am left wondering how can someone with an Iranian background be so "naive" (yes, Mr. Koohyar, you're naive) in actually believing in some of the stuff that high school students in US are thought regarding their country's role as the "leader of democratic world."

Yet, I do not think that I should let my own perspective to be the dominating approach to writing a response, and I agree with the point we can't entirely blame others for our own failures. So, I am just going to list, revisit and refute every historical example that Mr. Koohyar has provided in proving that "excluding Saudi Arabia, because of its extremely peculiar relations with the US. The US has always pushed for freedom."

1) South Korea.

The political scene of South Korea during the past fifty years has witnessed periods of violent crackdonws on student protests, repression of political rights, authoritarian "presidents", and most notably military dictatorships. I don't know by what account it could be considered democratic, or an example to use for a successful democracy. Should we reminded that there are 30,000 American troops stationed in South Korea and it received large amount of US assistance for many years. Refer to any history book regading South Korea.

2) Marshal Plan

It's true that thge US spent a huge amount of money rebuilding Europe. The issue though, was not to institute democracy, after all democracy had already taken foundation in Europe for hundreds of years. Indeed, Europe is the birth place of modern democracy, and European societies had already experienced it. The Marshal plan was to prevent Western Europe from "slipping" into communism. The devastated economy of post-war Europe, high unemployment and unfavourable social conditions had already made communism a very appealing option among masses in Europe. It was under this notion and a belief in a "strong" Europe that US spent millions rebuilding western European countries "to stop the potential spread of communism westward."

3) Carter and Iran

Well, for one thing, I wasn't even born when the revolution happened, so I refrain from making personal comments.

There is a great deal of controvesy with regards to why Carter "pressured" the Shah on human rights. However, I find it rather hypocritical for the "leader of free world" on one hand to ask an absolute monarch to respect human rights, and at the same time to make a toast and call the same monarch a stable and trusted ally in Middle East (a stable ally what an irony!)

Lastly, I like to venture a little and try to clarify (at least for myself) the meaning of "extremely peculiar". There just seems to be many of these "extremely peculiar relationships" floating around:

- Iran (coup d'etat against Mossadegh)
- Guatemala (1954 coup)
- Chile (Pinoche coup / military dicatorship)
- Congo (CIA backing Mobutu, an army officer, forcing and then killing the prime minister Lumumba)
- Iraq in the 80's (while using chemical warfare agains Iran and Iraqi Kurds)
- Turkey (what an excellent human rights records Turkey has!!!)
- Egypt (Mubark is more like president for life!!)

Cyrous Jame'

* Warmed my heart

I am still in total disbelief. I grew up in Iran during the revolution and the war. I had visited Behesht-e Zahra when going to Behshet-e Zahra was considered a field trip in Junior High.

I have never seen anything like this. The loss of so many innocent people. I have carried my heavy heart since Tuesday and like so many other Iranians, have hoped for any words from The Iranian Government that they too condemn such an act.

The image of people jumping from the windows will never leave my mind. I have felt the desperation, agony and anger of all people, black, white, yellow, Muslim, Jew, Christian, any human being should be outraged at such a violation to the freedom which this country stands for.

I have also seen the direct anger toward any Middle Eastern looking people. I am one of them! even though I have lived here for 15 years, raising my children and teaching them to be proud of who they are. I have taught my children about the wonderful beauties of Iran. I have showed them pictures of Shiraz and have told them about Hafez and Ferdowsi. I have also taught them about the great country we live in. after all, they are half Americans, and they need to be thankful for the freedom that this country has to offer.

I was watching a program yesterday with my 7-year-old in which the children were asking their questions, voicing their concerns, fear, uncertainty that we all feel. What my daughter told me warmed my heart and brought tears into my eyes. She said to me, that she would have to pray for the bad people who have done this so God will change their hearts and minds. Right Mom?

Of course it isn't that simple. Perhaps these people have no religion whatsoever. They know no God, but I was moved by simplicity of my daughter's heart. So I wanted to share that with all of you and offer my love to each and every one of you.

N Klonaris

* America's product

Good Heavens! Your editorial, Sep. 16, 2001 ["Taking a stand"], showered abundance of praise on America, most of it undeserved.

Mr editor, you should have a balanced view, you are praising America as if it is the promised land for Muslims and those who do good, i.e. Heaven.

Of course, America deserves some praise also. America is a free society with abundance of freedom, perhaps too much, of which these terrorists on Tuesday had made a bad use.

But America does not practice what it preaches. The Taliban is its and Pakistan's making. Saddam was America's product, and see what he is doing and did with them. Please do not go overboard in praising anybody.

Syed Wasi Imam

* Clarifying my dilemma

I just read a copy of your latest article posted on The Iranian ["Big leap"], and want to thank you for clarifying my dilemma.

I am an Iranian-American, and have lived in this country since prior to the revolution since I was 12- years old. U.S. is my first home, but I feel very much Iranian and Iran is where I would like to buried when I die.

For the past week I have been debating to buy the flag or not. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I thought I am betraying or cheating. At the same time, I felt if I don't buy and display it, I am burying my anger and frustration and denying all the good US has done for me.

But when I read your article, it became clear to me what I should do. In fact, I will go and buy some at lunch time today.

We are citizens of the globe; and we just get confused when we have to choose between nations and territorial borders.

Thank you. I feel a little better today than I did last Tuesday.



* Betraying every ideal of tolerance

I have just read online your editorial titled "Blond or bearded" in The Iranian. I could not agree with you more. As an American of northern European extraction I am absolutely appalled and horrified to read and hear the reports that some Americans are now turning on any Moslems or anyone who "looks Moslem" in their anger and grief at the terrible events of this week.

Don't these people realize that they are putting themselves on the same level as the original terrorists -- that they are betraying every ideal of tolerance and diversity that we, as Americans, supposedly hold dear? I am heartsick at the thought that you must now, as you say, be afraid on two fronts.

I wish there were something more that I could do other than to send you this email, participate in local rallies advocating tolerance, confront my friends and acquaintances who make disparaging remarks against Islam. This is not what America is about!

I hope and pray that things will not be as bad as you fear. May we all have the strength and wisdom and compassion to get through this terrible time without losing our humanity. May God bless you and keep you and your family, your friends and fellow Americans of Iranian or other Middle Eastern extraction, safe against any harm.

With my very best wishes,

Katherine Waser

* Embracing differences

Dear Setareh Sabety, ["Big leap"]

I happened across your article on the Iranian website and I am sorry that you are confused about the meaning of all the flag waving that is going on. Sure, nationalism can get out of hand and causes much of the world's ills, but how else can people be wrenched their little cocoons of insularity? More culturaly isolated Americans are learning about the world, religious differences and how American affects the world RIGHT NOW, since the bombings, than anytime in the past several decades.

It is the job of writers such as yourself, in influential positions that will be widely read, to trumpet the line of religious, ethnic and cultural toleration. Teaching Americans to embrace differences will do more to cure the cause of this terrorism than to bash Nationalistic flag waving.I look forward to reading more of your critical writings in this time of healing and education.


Josh Gerak,

* No long-term plan

First, let me state that I am an American citizen, and I appreciate the condemnation of last Tuesday's terrorist bombings by your President Khatami. The support of those who are voices of reason and thought are so rare and needed. You have an exemplary President, in my opinion, and I hope the Iranian people continue to keep him and similar such men of vision and wisdom in public office.

I have followed events in the Middle East, as do so many, for decades now. And, once again, there are so many things that seem askew in the American government's approach to the terrorism plague. Though we have corrected many short-comings recently, new problems seem in danger of being introduced.

For instance, why are we apparently planning to base combat aircraft in Pakistan when that country's regime is so vulnerable to the Taliban and Muslim extremist sabotage, attack and riot? Why not base our aircraft in a more neutral nation like India, whose government has expressed more than mere willingness to help us in this regard? There is a danger that by forcing General Musharrif of Pakistan to more intimately support the US, that the Taliban my foment unrest, insurrection and violence to topple him from power.

Stranger things have happened, and the Taliban does seem to be taking a persistently long term view of the events they unleash. I cannot believe that they do not have contingency plans for Pakistani assistance of US counter-strikes. If the US does indeed base combat aircraft in Pakistan, I suspect will provoke disaster.

Also, I do not understand why the US government is not doing all in its power to aid and abet Massood's Northern Coalition. Though it is rumored that he was assassinated, US aid to a selected replacement commander would go very far in solidifying that man's support. We could fight the Taliban by aiding their own indigenous enemies and requiring minimal direct intervention on our part. But I see no sign that such open aid is in the plans for the near future. But maybe they are being extra clever at this time and actually being quiet about their "secret" plans? Well, maybe a leopard can change its spots, after all.

While I see the American government applying force in retaliation of the tragic events of last week, I do not see any long term approaches designed to reduce the tensions in Isreali-Arab relations. This is the source of all the problems, and there will be no long term solution unless Israel learns to live in peace with its Arab neighbors or is destroyed. Israel can continue to win war after war and they will still be in this terrible predicament, but they cannot lose even once without being annihilated.

The American government can seem slow, at times, to sort things out that are, truthfully, of tertiary importance to it. But they do learn quickly, and I believe their heart is in the right place.

Anyway, your web site is impressive, filled with great information.

Good luck and thank you again for such a great man as President Khatami.

Richard Cheek

* Stay stong, Persians

I would first like to say that I am a first generation Iranian American. I love America, the opportunities, the multitude of freedoms, basically everything down to the fact that we can have 10 different places to eat all within the same street thanks to one simple factor, competition. I think it is a shame how "Americans" are lashing out against Muslims. But as my aunt joked, even their criminals are being patriotic, they are only looting the minority owned stores.

If we all look at ourselves, deep down inside or even at our own family members, someone has a certain stereotype about a certain race, or religion. But as representatives of the Middle East, we should not have let it gotten to the point that we have to NOW explain what Islam preaches. It is too late now, in a way, because most people already have their own prejudices against us no matter what we say.

Every single one of us that were born here in the United States have just as much a right to be here as the early settlers that came over from Europe and conquered the Native Indians. If you take it to the root of how this country came about, the only real Americans are those Native Americans. Everyone else is a foreigner. So stay strong, Persians... remember at one point in time we ruled much of what is now the Middle East.

Surely we will rise again.


* Vote for me

It helped so much to relieve some of the grief I feel when I read the letters of sympathy from the Iranian people. God has saved my life 21 times since I was a baby. I have traveled all over the world for 5 years and I have never had a day where the weather interferred with my business -- God is with me. I have guardian angels who look after me.

I was in Moscow, St. Petersburg & Samara 1st. of Feb. a year ago for 7 days and I never had to put on my thermal underwear. Never in the history of Russia did they have this nice weather in Feb.

Muslims are probably the most devout people on this earth. I pray that God will open your eyes. What a great shock it will be to the terrorists when they find out they are not in heaven.

Japan killed many Americans and we do a lot of business with them; Iranians killed no Americans and we do no business with them.

I am running for U.S. Congress in the Primary in March 2002 in California, if I am elected I will do my best to bring better relations between Iran & the U.S.


John C. Barker

* Propaganda war

I just want to thank you for this insightful and valuable information that goes a long way to helping provide the Western world with some needed background on the history of "how things got to be the way they are." ["Limbs of no body"]

I was referred to it by a web site called "www.slashdot.com" that is perused by hundreds of thousands of "computer geeks" each day for breaking news of importance. Hopefully this will make a difference in the tenor of American thought, or at least by the more educated Americans who help form more thoughtful opinion.

While I am not an American, I "live next door" and am very worried by the anger and lack of forethought being displayed since the Sept. 11 tragedy.

The rhetoric that raises the hair on my neck is the American media's constant use of phrases like "ground zero", "nuclear winter" and "Perl Harbour" as the proper metaphors of the tragedy in New York.

They appear to be making an equivalence between this terrorist event and having an atomic bomb dropped on NY, which is of course many magnitudes of horror out of sync with what actually happened. 5,000 Americans does not equal 500,000 Japanese (or Afghans) dying a fast or slow death from radiation burns.

I think this is a serious escalation of war propaganda, especially since we already know how the repercussions of Perl Harbour eventually turned out for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Next question is then, who owns the American media and how would this serve their interests?

Thank you again for your very valuable contribution to getting a balanced assessment of what's going on.


Walter Cooke

* You are not alone

Regarding, "Limbs of no body"

Thank you sir. Took some good thinking and time to write that article, not to mention some courage on these early days. I guess the best thing to tell you is a lot of us are aware of the situation and we are going to change it.

When I hear the word American used in discussions overseas I realize that they think the the Bush administration and the mainline American press are speaking for me. Those talking heads are not me or my neighbors. I guess the term "the military industrial complex" that Eisenhower warned us about is out of fashion. Call it what you will. The same rigid minds screw up our lives too.

Americans speak best as individuals. But It's always good to have company. If I could talk for the rest of my goverment and friends I'd say "How can we help?" As far as I'm concerned you are a caring articulate, thoughtful man. If we were to meet I would pour you a cup of expresso and invite you to talk. For some reason I would bet that your family treats your guests well. So does mine. It really boils down to individuals does'nt it?

All this is such a waste of time, that short amount of time we have here. Your feelings of helplessness are the marks of a good man. All I can say is the pen is mightier than the sword. I'd also say you just gave the greedheads a good whack with yours. The only thing that is letting this continue is ignorance. It would do a lot of good if more people were aware of your viewpoint.

Please make an effort to get this out. Many of the websites here have not had a posting with this information in it. Try Bourkes --www.bourque.com--and see if they'll run it. Email your article to every political columnist you can think of. We have some good people in the States and in Canada. I found you because I was looking for, and wanted to hear a voice from your people. You, me, we are all the same. I want to play with my grandchildren.

Well, I'm strong enough to give people a fair chance, willing to share with the rest of the planet, and determined to put some of this right. Thats the kind of American I am and I am not alone in feeling this way.

I'll keep this short. I don't hate you or yours. I really don't know anyone who does. I'm glad you were willing to speak out. We need diversity in reporting to get a handle on this and to see where the truth lies. If you got kids tell em theres a lot of people out here trying to protect them and that we really do care. You are not alone.

Best wishes,

Jim Sofra

* You have made a difference

I read the article "Limbs of no body" in The Iranian which you had been published last June 20, and it was a very insightful and timely article, which I feel everyone should read in the wake of the terrible events that have occured in New York and Washington D.C. a week ago.

Part of your article touched me deeply, and I feel I need to react to it: "I remember his words the day he came to our office expressing how he felt his job and efforts were in vain and he wanted to become my assistant. And even now that I've finished making Kandahar, I feel vain about my profession. I don't believe that the little flame of knowledge kindled by a report or a film can part the deep ocean of human ignorance. And I don't believe that a country whose people in the next 50 years will loose their hands and legs to anti-personnel devices will be saved by a 19-year old British girl. Why does she go to Afghanistan? Why does Dr. Kamal Hossein with all his despair, still report to the UN? Why did I make that film or write this note? I don't know, but as Pascal put it: 'The heart has reasons that the mind is unaware of'."

This reminds me of an old Eddie Murphy movie I saw once, "Holy Man", where Eddie Murphy's character recounts an incident where a great storm has tossed many starfish to the sands of a beach. After the storm he sees a little girl taking as many starfish as she can and throwing them back into the sea, and he tells her that it's all useless and they're all going to die anyway, so what's the point? The girl answers, as she throws another starfish back into the ocean: "To that one it made a difference."

Perhaps the 19-year old British girl feels that every artificial limb she makes will make a difference to the one who receives it. Maybe I, your reader, am a little starfish you have thrown into the ocean of knowledge, and to me you have made a difference.

Rafael R. Sevilla

* More informed

I just read your Afghanistan article in The Iranian ["Limbs of no body"]. It took me some time to read, since English is not my native language, and altough I feel said for their situation, I feel it was extremely valuable, because I became more informed on what's going on there.

There is a female Brazilian reporter called Ana Paula Padrão who went to Afghanistan these last months and made a series of reports for the Brazilian TV. One of the key points of her reports was when she interviewed a female doctor who worked in secret because of the Taliban. The doctor would say that she was doing it for her kids, because she believed that was important.

Another thing I noticed, tough, is that this reporter sees Afghans with a strong united spirit, different than the tribalism you write about. I guess you are more experienced than her, so I guess you are right. She says: "When we crossed the border, coming from Pakistan, I asked a little 8-year-old boy where we were, and he did not give us the name of a city or a village, he answered with conviction and pride: 'This is my country, Afghanistan'."

Thanks in advance,

Roberto Jung Drebes

* Who was responsible?

In this early morning of Monday Sept.17, life in this part of the world is getting back to normal.The airports are open and the airlines have resumed their flights although sluggishly.The market is supposed to open on time and the Federal Reserve Board has reduced the interest rate by 0.50% hastily to protect the market from sharp declines and sell offs.

Overseas, life is the same.Israelis and Palestinians are at each others neck with Sharon refusing to agree with the pending talks with Palestinians to go on, inspte of his foreign minister's objection(arrogance,ignorance , stupidity or all of the above?).

The president has spoken repeatedly in the strongest possible tone by declaring the war on terrorism and is determined to eradicate this evil by all the military and political tools.

And yet to my amazment there has not been a word of getting to the roots of the problems.

I can understand this kind of naivete from a nation with 200 years of history but I can not understand the same kind of behavior or even worse, say from a nation with a few thousand years of history, during which at some points, she had reached to the brinks of extinction ... FULL TEXT


* Got to educate

Using "Terror" on the front page of iranian.com is a bit out of place. Yes a lot of innocent people got killed for no reason, no justification even thou many Palestinians have gone thru terror for number of years, and many Iranian and Iraqi families lost loved ones in wars manipulated by good old USA.

I think it would be better to have damage control measures in place. Peace oriented type messages would be more appropriate. Got to educate Americans and Iranians about politics of the world.

"Terror" is what FOX News and military forces are pumping into americans' brain 24/7 since last tuesday. You have more responsibilities by selecting this dotcom address, you got to act responsible.

Let's not forget our so-called freedom and cheap gas in this country is what the government offering in exchange of silence and ignorance of what they do and what they control overseas for big boys. Yes , the cheap gas we consume in Silicon Valley or any place in this land is at expense of most underclass arab/Iranian people whose government is whoring for U.S. corporations/big boys.

I also found the article "Holy smoke" extremely out of place as well, and am glad someone else pointed to it.

For every gallon of gas we consume, we should donate a dollar to a cause for kids in Middle East. It's their money/future passed on to us for cheap by way of Arco/Cheveron ....

Lastly, thanks for all your efforts. I understand this is your baby and you are learning as you go....

B Macui

* Just because they are Muslim

Excellent article Mr. Javid ["Taking a stand"]. It's too bad many people in America are ignorant to the fact that these despicable acts were done by ultra radical people. It angers me somewhat that threats and violence are done to completely innocent people of Arabic descent in this country and probably elsewhere.

A person has a right to believe in whatever religion they want, not only here but all over the world and just because they are Muslim doesn't automatically make them an evil person. People need to get educated to that fact and stop the discrimination at once.

I believe there's enough hatred in the world the way it is without making things worse for innocent people.

Best regards,

Lou Rybij

* Follow Jeses

I have just read your very astute online editorial, "Holy smoke".

I am a Christian Japanese-American Veteran of WWII and can identify with some of your thoughts and concerns, in some small measure, as you sort through the aftermath of last Tuesday's attack on America by Islamic radical terrorists.

Your title, Holy Smoke, intrigues me because it alludes to the fact that you must perceive the situation as transcending the powers of mankind and belies your religion, Islam. Thank you very much for your cry out to your nation to take stock of what the false prophets of Islam have done and are doing. Satan is a powerful evil force and must be dealt with.

In times like these, may I share with you that fifty years ago, I made a choice to follow after Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and since then the Peace of God, that transcends all understanding, has guarded my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

That is not to say that I was not awed by Satan's evil attack on America for all of the world to witness on TV, but I am not destroyed or shaken because I already know that this was a strike against God and not just America and I have hope and assurance of His Victory.

Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except by me."

Thank you for your attention and be assured that we will pray for God's Grace, Mercy and Peace upon you.

George Oiye

* It is your choice

You people must make a choice at this time. The die has been cast and if you wish to live in the world comunity you must accept Americans as part of that global whole. You imprison people of other faiths or your own government outright slaughters them(Kurds).

Now your government and religous fanatics have brought you to the edge of the cliff and if you wish we Americans will surely push you off. It is not a religous matter for us, it is survival and the protection of our way of life.

We have a choice here in America, as an open, free, democratic society. Wishing to stay that way we must choose: either we stay free and in diong so remove any of you people who wish us harm and negate your country as a threat, or we relinquish our rights and liberty to protect ourselves from you.

I think you can already see the direction we have chosen. The common man has the true power and if you wish peace then you must show you are willing to earn it. Rise up, overthrow your heartless violent corrupt governments and we will leave you in peace. Defy us and perish. It is your choice.

Bret Andrysiak

* IRI too will be held accountable

Dear Mr. "Joker" Peerooz ["Thank god he opened his mouth "],

Even the grinning face of Khatami or his condemnation of the terrorist acts against the USA (in this instance) cannot hide the evil face of the Islamic Republic.

Thanks god, it seems clear that the most heinous acts of terrorism commited in the US last week had nothing to do with any Iranian. Therefore, Americans (or their allies) have no reason to retaliate against Iran for these evil acts.

Nevertheless, how can the Islalic Regime deny the facts that since its conception thier main slogan has been "Marg bar Amrika" and their principal enemy has been "The Great Satan"? and how can they hide all the evidence of their overt and continious support of terrorism and terrorist groups/organisations?

Regardless of your feeble attempt to misrepresent Reza Pahlavi's comments, he is only stating the truth about the IRI. Rest assured that in the course of the strategic war against terrorism, IRI too will be held accountable for their actions (not necessarily by military means).

Peace and freedom.

R. Sardar

* Important lesson

I am a regular reader of your site and enjoy the articles and pictures. I just wanted to share a thought with you and your readers.

I have at times asked of myself what is really important in life, or what is the actually true meaning of life? I am under the assumption that I may not be the only person that has either thought or asked this question.

I (like millions of others) have watched and the news and shed tears for this shocking, sickening and monstrous catastrophe. Each day more pictures, videos, and statements are shown. While sadly taking all this in and trying to get somewhat of a grasp of what kind of world we live in, I have come to an important realization.

It has been reported that many individuals had made contact with their loved ones at the moment the terrorism was taking place. They all called to say what is happening and to say that they loved their husbands, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and other family members.

It dawned on me that ALL these people when faced with the last moments of their lives came to one conclusion and that is the MOST important thing to do (the last thing they wanted to do before leaving this life) was to tell the ones most important and close to them that they loved them. So we should learn from this tremendous loss and realize that all that really matters during our duration in this life is to love each other and make sure that those close to us know we love them and feel that we love them.

This should be the most important thing for all of us. In our community we find jealousy, pride, anger, resentment and greed. Well, I think that it is time we seriously reevaluated our priorities. If you are reading my words and you are mad at your mother, sister, friend or you simply have neglected in showing your love to the ones around because you assume they now, then please take the time to let them know how much their existence and health and being is cherished by you.

We don't know if we will ever have a chance to make the last call. All those that had that chance did call to say I love you and good-bye. Blood has been shed, and I say this with fear, more shall be shed. Let us open our eyes and find something to take from all this, something to learn so that the torch we pass to the next generation bears the light of this fire in a promising bright future for them.

Fargol Nassiri

* We have to wise up

My name is Melissa. I was reading your newspaper artical "I'm afraid, pops". I'm sorry but I did not even find it funny. I don't see how you can joke at a time like this in America. These people who did this are sick. God will punish them in their time.

For now when we get ahold of them they will get the death chair and even though I am highly against the death penalty but, damn, they killed a lot of innocent people.

It's really depressing to know someone can just not even think about how they are going to change the lives of others. If they actually thought about how they would feel if this happened to them or one of their loved one's I don't think they would do it.

They should just think " How would I feel if My spouse was in this building when it got blowed up and now I don't know if she is dead or alive. I dont know if she is in one piece or if she is in any pain".

I think if they put themselves in that position all crime and terrorism will stop. One day we will have peace on earth. We just have to wise up as people. Think about each other. Learn to watch out for one another and learn to solve arguments without violence and war. We need to just sit down and talk things out. I just hope I will live to see the day that happens.

Let God bless us all in this time of sorrow have strangth in the future to unite with each other and have peace on earth.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts


Age 17 USA

* Not all Americans want blood

I'm an American (35-year old-female living in the midwestern part of the US) scanning the internet in the wake of Tuesday's events in our country. I have been reading about the culture of the Middle East from the source of the people (though I am limited to the english language, so I have only been able to read english language sites... but I have checked out others and have taken interest in pictures and graphics).

I am certain that the American media does not accurately portray Mideast culture. I am so very saddened about the events of this week. I don't want war. It makes me sick to think that we as humans just cant all co-exist peacefully, regardless of our cultural and/or ideological differences. I get the impression that the general population there is not much different than the population here.

We all have families, friends and interests. We all love our children and hope for bright futures, no matter what the ethnicity. It makes me sad to think that our world is not the same. I don't want to be afraid for the future, I want to embrace it.

I have often thought that it must just be so scary and horrible to be "on the alert" for terrorist activity all the time. How can you relax like that? How do you let your guard down? When do the kids just get to be kids? Thank you for your support regarding Tuesday's tragedy.

Please don't think that all Americans want blood. That thought turns my stomach. I want peace for all of us and for our unique ways of life...Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Bhuddist, Hindu, Pagan, or whatever.

Sorry for rambling, I was really just stopping by to say thanks.


Janie T.
Ohio, USA

* What is Islam?

It is a fact that September 11, 2001 is the "Darkest day" for all mankind, but the writer has tried very hard to show that Islam is a religion of mercy and compassion.

When you read the Quran, all you read about is killing. Rarely do you find anything as mercy and affectionate. Khomaini is another example. When he, in the name of Islam, orders to kill prisoners, what can you say?

You may say it is not Islam. Then what is Islam? Why can'ty anyone able to show it?

Siavash Amani

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