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July 2, 2003

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* Americans don't care what happens to Iran

I liked your well written article on The Iranian web site [Short of military action].

However, if I may, I'd like to point out one issue that you have overlooked and that is the simple fact that America and Americans don't care what happens to Iran or Iranians. If we get nuked they don't care. If we turn into the mess that Iraq is they would not care. All they care about is watching their TV, eating their junk food, and paying as little as possible for fueling their cars.

Americans have lost their humanity and are turning into the what Nazi Germany was. No, I'm not some mullah or basiji writing you from Iran but somebody that lived in America for 27 years and returned to Iran after Sept. 11 and it is the best decision I have made in a long time.



* Marred by medling

Thank you for your analytical article. [Short of military action]

However, I would say, US should stay out of conflict between the Iranian People and their government. The history of US -Iranian relationship is marred by medling with the affairs of Iranian people as you well illustrate in your article.

Please remember, even in 1953 a very small minority were supporters of Shah and American interference was not military action.

There is legislation in the congress to provide $50,000,000 aid for broadcasting news and pro demonstration propaganda radio and TV waves to Iranian people (this probably goes along the lines of suggestions in your article).

If what you suggest and the legislation goes thropugh, there no saying how much more Iranians will blame Americans in future for interfering with the democristic wants of Iranians.

Reza A., Ph.D., PE


* "No" means "Yes"

Secretary of State Collin Powell has enigmatically and diplomatically said the United States would not seek a regime change in Iran, while effectively saying the United States would actively assist Iranians in seeking a regime change in Iran. Very clearly in this context, "No" means "Yes"!

Thank you Mr. Secretary, your administration's message has been heard loud and clear by the Iranian Iran's citizenry gears up shortly for widespread nationwide demonstrations, protests, and strikes to take down this regime, the United States should stand prepared to intervene militarily to protect and assist defenseless Iranian citizens should they be set upon by molla thugs and killers.

Hamid Boroumand


* Worked on Khorramshahr bridge

I worked on the Abadan-Khorramshahr bridge that was destroyed by the Iraqis in 1983. My job was to do the piling and when that was finished I was sent on another contract so I never saw it finished.

Have you in your archives any photos of it completed and destroyed that you could e-mail to me please as I would dearly like to see them.

D. H. Bowdidge


* I would have had an abortion

Well, once again leave it to an Iranian man to insult his little intelligence with his absurd and stupid justification for women not to have an abortion [Who says a fetus is not a human?].

I laughed so hard at this writer's pathetic statement about his brother-in law being a doctor having made him realize that fetus actually is a human life. DAH! It really makes me mad when us Iranian give asinine opinions about things we know nothing about.

Dear Yashar, do you realize how many children with incurable illnesses are causing so much suffering for themselves and their families because the mothers chose to keep the children despite the tests by their doctors that showed they were not normal and healthy?

What do you and your kind have done for these people? A selfish classmate of mine in college decided to keep her child despite the fact that her husband was divorcing her and did not want the child. It will break anyone's heart to see how miserable his or her lives turned out.

As a pro-choice person by no means I advocate abortion as a solution. However, I recommend being responsible and making sure that unwanted pregnancy does not happen. Now, there are circumstances that despite all the prevention and against all odds one gets pregnant but it should be solely her choice (if she is single) what she wants to do.

Let me tell you that I made the choice of keeping my child and raising him by myself. My advice? If I had to do it all over, I would have had an abortion and I say it to women who seek my advice. The emotional, economical and overall sacrifices are beyond anyone's imagination and people like you do absolutely nothing to help.

In 1988 I was paying $400 per month to a babysitter that would not provide her social security to me because she was getting help from the government. I was unable to get tax benefits and wrote to the then president Bush who like you is "pro-life" and got nothing so people like you make me ill because you know nothing about how an unwanted pregnancy can destroy a person's future and life.

Do you see how many women out of desperation end up killing their kids or drowning them and that is because they should have not have children in the first place but someone like you talked them into being selfish and keeping the children? Next time keep your small and absurd thought in your little world and leave the important decisions to the adults.

I want to know if you have a daughter and she gets drunk and as a result pregnant by a loser, would you be the proud grand daddy? I think not!

Azam Nemati


* Sacredness of human life

Yashar Zhalehdoust's article on abortion [Who says a fetus is not a human?] dovetails nicely with the orthodox Christian tradition on the subject of unborn life in the latter's understanding of the implications of passages like Jeremiah, chapter 1 and Psalm 139.

Dr. Harold O. J. Brown's (Ph. D., Harvard) treatise entitled Death Before Birth, does an excellent job of underscoring the moral and Constitutional flaws in the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, as it underscores the slippery slope from abortion-on-demand to the eventual acceptability of euthanizing the developmentally handicapped and the aged for the sake of mere personal and societal convenience.

In each case, the philosophy of utilitarianism has replaced a reverent, theistic understanding of God and the sacredness of human life created in His image.

With Roe, the United States Supreme Court jettisoned the theism undergirding most of America's Founding Fathers and British Common Law in favor of this post-Enlightenment utilitarianism, paving the way for an American pursuit of the same ideological direction that directly led to the tragedy of the triumph of Hitler's National Socialism in the Nazi Germany of the 1930s.

Pastor Mark Dankof


* Super catchy

I am glad to see your fashion designns on The Iranian [Hushi]. Your stuff are cutting edge and truly elegant. The description is good too. It is simple and yet captivating.

Do you have title for your creations so that we can refer to and point our finger on them? Holly Caw, Madonna saw your work? She is a perfect fit for Kolah Makhmali. What a coincident. Have you heard about Googoosh?

The work of make up artist and the use of mask is super catchy. I can trace some of the stuff you did earlier in your recent works. What impresses me the most is that you have maintained your focus and yet have many varieties. I wanted to see more!!

Hushi and Michael, I am truly impressed. Mixing Irani taste and the American's adds extra glamour and weight to your work. Bravo and sad afarin. Carry on and let me know about your next.



* Just horrible

Mr. Hushidar Mortezaie's photo essay in the Iranian on the 2nd of June 2003 is just horrible. Which decent Iranian female would wear those clothes. The female models looked like they had used illegal drugs and are prostitutes.

A conservative view of fashion is needed. Go to any department store and there are many dresses that are pretty. No normal man wants a woman to look like a skank ass whore. Even Richard Gere dressed Julia Roberts up in "Pretty Woman".

Jacob Cohen


* Reasonable and intelligent voice

Dear Ms. Sabety,

Today for the first time I stumbled upon some of your articles on As a young Iranian who has spent most of her life in Exile in Europe and the US, I was starting to give up hope in finding a reasonable and intelligent voice amongst my compatriots with whom I could identify.

I just would like to take this opportunity to encourage and thank you for your courageous and inspiring work. You speak for all the free thinker of the world.

Please keep it up, and thank you.

Hedieh W


* Poetry translations

I speak Persian but unfortunately I can't read in Persian. I really like that you have translated Rumi's poems and I was wondering if you could do the same thing for Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyat, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your great website!



* Can't imagine my feeling!

I wanted to say thank you for featuring this music program [Early clasics], this is the best of the best. I discovered it four days ago and ....... you can't imagine my feeling!

Thank you again and GOOD LUCK.

Mehdi F.


* Ban Iranians who hide their identities

Ms. Tehranchi you have my admiration and truly as we say in Farsi "damet garm". [Pomegranates and black tea, that's me]

Have you noticed that the Iranians who insist in speaking English and pretend to be American are usually fat, homely, very unattractive, and illiterate and have atrocious accents? It never fails.

On the other hand, every Iranian that I know and have met for the past twenty five years in America, who is cultured, highly educated, very attractive and successful is thrilled to speak Farsi and very proud to let others know where he or she is from.

One more important factor I have discovered is that educated, cultured and noteworthy Americans respect those who are proud of their heritage and trust them more.

I work at the headquarters of a company with nearly 400 employees and I am the only foreigner/Iranian there. My colleagues love the fact that evidence of my heritage hangs on my walls, I am constantly involved with Iranian events and think it is great that I speak Farsi to my son who is an honor student and highly accomplished. In his interview for Spelling Bee he had indicated that he was born in "Iran" and he insists that he is Iranian.

I decided long ago to avoid these wannabes were not worth wasting my time. I avoid them and if they insist then I become rude and make fun of their lack of education and ignorance.

We have a mail order bride here that has had every plastic surgery imaginable and has died her hair blonde and with her atrocious accent insists on speaking terrible English. Her son who is born here and does not speak Farsi is a terrible student and she has often asked why is it that some of the kids in the community including mine that can speak Farsi are such god students and also speak other languages (mine holds number one spot for Japanese in the state we live in).

The answer is simple. A child who is taught Farsi (not an easy language) can easily learn other languages and if he or she is complimented on such accomplishment then they would have more self-confidence and drive to succeed.

Let's ban Iranians who hide their identities and seriously embarrass them when you catch them in the act by impressing the non-Iranian presents by showing your pride and your eloquence in speaking English. This proves that unlike the idiots who hide their heritage you have a choice and you command respect. Trust me because I am a pro at this.

Azam Nemati


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