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June 28, 2004Top

* Prove you deserved it

In concurrence with Sayeh Saeedi Sirjani and her opinion/article "Khaanom-e Ebadi bass ast!", I would like to add my own comments in the form of an "open letter to Ms. Ebadi" :

Ms. Ebadi,

Since you have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize, as the first Iranian woman Moslem, you have the eyes of the world community upon you.

This is certainly a great honor as well as a heavy burden, and it carries a great deal of responsibility on your part. This prize has also opened up a door for you to openly speak up, without fear, inside Iran. You are now globally recognized and celebrated, and it would be regretful if you were not able to make full use of your position.

You have been traveling in the West and have lectured on Islamic human rights, the compatibility of democracy and Islam, and the struggle to gain more rights for women, children and political dissidents within the laws of the Moslem world.

While you have discussed potential pitfalls and problems of the Islamic law and its human rights while traveling in the West, the real test of your sincerity and willingness to have a positive result in your fight for the rights of women, children, journalists and political dissidents (and freedom of speech) will come if you do so when in Iran.

The agenda you should address once back in Iran are set by the latest reports from the Human Rights Watch, Reporters without Borders, and other international entities who have found much to criticize within Iran's human rights, and no less the Iranian oppressed people themselves:

1) Continued closures of reformist newspapers, with Tehran prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi still in charge of coercive interrogations, threats and physical abuse
2) Shutting down public dissent, by a small group of judges accountable to Ayatollah Khamenei, using vigilantes and security agents
3) Continued child labor without appropriate laws to stop such abuse of minors
4) Prostitution, slavery and girls of all ages sold to neighboring countries for monetary compensation, shameful, disgraceful and anti-human rights for all concerned
5) Political prisoners without adequate representation for their own defense; judicial decisions without fair trials

Ms. Ebadi, if you would address these 5 points once you are back in Iran, and if you could expose those who are responsible for all the injustices to our youth, journalists, political dissidents and the oppressed Iranian people, you would be doing your job. You will not only have won the Noble Peace Prize, you will have proven that you earned it and deserved it.

You have family and friends in Iran who may feel endangered by any such boldness on your part, but the world's eyes are upon the Islamic Republic of Iran on many issues, from human rights to WMD to terrorism, and therefore you will have the world's backing and protection.

There are many Moslem women in the West who are speaking up about the injustices faced by women, children, journalists and political dissidents, but you, who actively works inside a country such as Iran, could make a difference. You should use your voice. You will have the loudspeaker and the podium all to yourself. The world audience is holding its breath !

Shahla Samii


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