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June 28, 2004


* Prove you deserved it

In concurrence with Sayeh Saeedi Sirjani and her opinion/article "Khaanom-e Ebadi bass ast!", I would like to add my own comments in the form of an "open letter to Ms. Ebadi" :

Ms. Ebadi,

Since you have been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize, as the first Iranian woman Moslem, you have the eyes of the world community upon you.

This is certainly a great honor as well as a heavy burden, and it carries a great deal of responsibility on your part. This prize has also opened up a door for you to openly speak up, without fear, inside Iran. You are now globally recognized and celebrated, and it would be regretful if you were not able to make full use of your position >>> Full text

Shahla Samii


* White House organized crime

I agree with Maziar that everyone should see this movie [Republicans must see]. The movie was not an eye-opener for me, since I was well aware of the facts and more. The movie just validated all of my stories that I have been saying all along, only to berated by the ignorant people. I feel that finally someone has made a movie showing to the naive people that the organized crime is in the white house.

Democracy, is the last thing that these guys want. As bush himself said: "Dictatorship is a bad thing, unless I am the dictator!" If anything, unfortunately this regime in the white house has made me less critical of those thieves and dictators in Iran, since I see that both regimes are fundamentally the same, and the difference being that bush's Mafia crime family is still restricted by some laws in this country, but desires the same power as those dictators in Iran. Israel who was behind this from the start is laughing its way to the bank, after all they were behind the IRAN- Eragh war.

Well, remember what bush said more than a year ago: "This is a crusade!"

God help us!

Goldust Jon


* Inviting dogs

While I fully support the view on Shirin Ebadi that her "mission" is to prolong the reign of the Islamic state, albeit in her own way, I wished to make an observation on Ms Sayeh Saeedi Sirjani [Khaanom-e Ebadi bass ast!].

Less than a year ago, in an interview with Fariba Amini on this website, Sayeh Sirjani made the following statement:

"Let me clarify one point, that I personally do not consider the revolution of 1979 as a mistake.....There were tremendous emotions and sacrifices in those days against the monarchy and now against the Velayat-e Faqih. Since I, as an Iranian, have lived through both, I cannot bring myself to vote for any of the two."

Earlier in the same interview, in a series of comparative remarks, Ms Sirjani makes no secret of her views on a former state that not only caused no harm to her famous father but gave him full freedom to write and voice his opinion >>> Full text



* Imagine simply an earthquake

Dear Mr. Derakhshan, [This is my fate they are talking about]

I read your commentary on the fact that the Iranians should have a say as to the future of Nuclear plants or weaponry in Iran. As much as Nuclear technology offers an alternative to the energy supplies in oil (that is why the Shah launched with the French the Eurodif project in which Imperial Iran had shares) it appears to me that one thing our dear leaders haven't even thought of is that Nuclear technology can be devestating to Iran.

Imagine simply an earthquake that would shake the Bushehr Nuclear plants in the future a quake as important as the one that destroyed Bam. I don't know if anyone has seen the film with Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda: The Chinese syndrom.

I think Iranians truly have to think on the devastating consenquences of having a Nuclear Technology in any case. I'm afraid our incompetent leaders are not even concerned by this issue and simply want to transform Iran into a nuclear military power.



* Tim Rifat is clarifying everything

The story "This is my fate they are talking about" does not clarify why those 8 not sailors went into Iranian territory and why "Last month they aggressively shut down the International Airport on the same day it was opened". According to a British Correspondent and someone who has insider information from the British Intelligence, Tim Rifat B.S. is clarifying everything which can cause shocks in some instances.

Please listen to what he has to say because he is not from nowhere and when says why the Khomeini International Airport was closed you would be shocked to hear that. This is link is in form of windows or real one media player, and if you can reflect his true ideas and do some research about them you will agree with me that there is more into this that just deciding some people's fate. Just listen to it and reply to me if you see the point.

Go here and click on:
Tuesday - June 22, 2004
Hour 2 - Tim Rifat - Iran Analysis

Also please check out this old one as well:
Wednesday - June 9, 2004
Hour 3- Tim Rifat - 21st Century Resource Swindle

Just to say you won't believe his words just use the link below to ask him questions.
If I were you I would’ve contacted this person as well his email:

Hamid Zamani


* My religion's wonderful teachings

What's actually wrong with that? [Sex: Eslam-e naab-e Mohammadi] A true religion should communicate everything that is directly and legitimately related to the people's every day life. If a religion is ought to teach only how to worship the God, I suppose soon it becomes tiresome and monotonous. I thank my religion for these wonderful teachings that makes it more exiting so we all can benefit from it.

I have followed all the recommendations published in "Resaleh" that are directly impact the quality of ones personal life and have achieved tremendous contentment. In fact, I don't believe any person, male or female, who reads these "particular teachings" and not to enjoy it.

God knows how much effort the correspondent of this article went trough to discover this page and mail it to so she can share the exhilaration with others.

Thank you and keep up the good work.



* Just as brave

Sayeh Saeedi Sirjani is just as brave as her wonderful father [Khaanom-e Ebadi bass ast!]. I wish her all the best and enrgy to continue her effort. She reflects what is on any Patriotic Iranian's mind.

F Rafat


* Sharp and smart

What a gifted photographer [Sharp focus]. I loved Ehsan Shahinsefat photos they are sharp and smart.



* Very kind

Ba salaam va ehteraam,

Az samim-e ghalb zahamaate shomaa raa arj nahaadeh va garmtarin ehsaasaat-e mohtaramaaneh khod raa taghdeem-e aastaan-e shomaa mikonam.

Pirouz va sarfaraaz baashid.

Paris - France


* Because we believe in Jesus

There is a reason why the Western world is wealthier, more powerful and has a lot better standard of living. The reason is we believe in Jesus Christ, he is the son of GOD.

The Western world is mostly Christian and this is the reason why the middle east is in so much trouble (they don't believe in Christ), and why America ALWAYS prevails.

Until the Muslims and Isralies realize that Jesus is the son of God they will never have peace.

Think about it!!!!!!

LONG live the USA

M Lobo


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