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June 4, 2004

* Be patient

Dear Raheem or Lance, whichever you are called with, they are both beautiful names as they point to one beautiful mind. [Like I'm from Pluto]

I read you letter over and over, it made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes couple of times. No I wasn’t crying for what you said but I was chopping onion.(I don’t know why when I got to the middle of your letter I remembered I have to chop some onions)

You are funny and loving.

I tell you one thing about us, Iranians/Persians/Purrrrsians, we usually send out confusing messages to our observers. The very time we seem to be divided we are ready to get united. Maybe we rip each other apart for little things but when it comes to a little insult from strangers we all get united and teach them a lesson to remember for years.

I bet if your Iranian cousins that were welcoming you coldly come to the situation that some strangers from another neighborhood in the city in Iran wanted to give you a bad look your cousins would give them a good punch in their nose to remember by. I bet your Iranian cousins love you by their hearts but with different look. You are loved and protected in you family in Iran far beyond what it seems to be.

Iranians are usually reserved. We don’t express ourselves very well instead we let our feelings out in different ways that sometimes might be confusing to people of other countries. In this case you got to feel lucky that half of you is American, because while you have a heart full of emotions you have also a cap to put on your heart when it’s needed.

I look at our people, Iranians, your people and mine, as people who grew up in a tough environment with a tough love. I never seen my mom and dad has have any type of show off that proves they love each other. So if they didn’t love each other how could live together for 35 years? You are confused about your cousins; I’ve been confused about my parents. So if they don’t express their feelings in the way Americans do, don’t get mixed up. They love you and one day comes that you’ll find it out for yourself.

And your mom, Man! I don’t care what people say about women’s rights in Iran and this and that stuff but swear to God Iranian women are more man than Iranian men. Why? Because they have a proven record of bravery, resistance, and fight. So you’ve should never ever felt that you are less loved in Iran because your mom is Iranian and you dad is not. Women of Iran are especially respected, I’ve seen too many men in Iran got ran over by cars in the high way for changing a female stranger’s flat tire. I don’t have the statistics but I bet they are too many cases. Iranian society revolves around family and all families in Iran revolve around women.

The moral of the story is that you got to be patient with your stupid cousins’ act. Give me their names and addresses; next time I go there I’ll give them a good kick in their butt.



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