April 2005
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Fame, fortune and profit

Googoosh, Aghdashloo, Behrooz Vosooghi all fit in the same mold. They are all in the persuit of  fame, fortune and profit. In the 80's,  Behrooz Vosooghi acted as a Middle Eastern terrorist, named "Abdul" in the movie called  "terror in Beverly hills". This was a low budget movie that depicted Middle Easterners as horrible, irrational, brutal and fanatical people. He accepted the humiliation of acting an antagonistic role, hoping for success in Hollywood that he never achieved.

Now once again, the American dream of success in Hollywood has tempted another iranian . This time, Aghdashloo is making herself a source of embarassment for the entire persian community. Is she unaware of what we  iranians of the diaspora go through on a daily basis? Is there not enough pontification about middle eastern people already? How can one be so insensitive to her own people?

Iranians have always loved Googoosh. The only time ever in her life, she addressed them and talked to them,  was when she was cheated out of her money by a charlatan. A totally personal problem that had nothing to do with us.'

The only thing that these folks respect is money, fame and personal success. If tomorrow a director comes along and says, he is looking for an actor who can portray iranian as a dog. You will hear all three bark, bark, bark and bark.

Javad Dehaghani



I usually read your site to get some news from all sources. During the last two months, I have seen the lompanism in your news. it seems that your mind is occupied with Shohreh Aghdashloo. Where is your effort to increase our knowledge about the situation. Maybe you are too frightened by the political situation in your country or at home . I am so disappointed.



God? Bible? You need help.

In response to Cid Davoodi's "Say no to same-sex marriage":

The fallacy of your rubbish is the fact that you think sex is about Eve and apples and Adam. Sex is a natural thing and people who are attracted to the same sex/gender are natural. Homosexuals and gay people have as much choice about their sexuality as you have.Did you learn to become a heterosexual breast/vagina loving guy or did you just find yourself attracted to that particular group of people who have those organs?

As for your religious rubbish, that is another thing. You write:

<< After legalizing same-sex marriage, we will be completely removing the meaning from the word " family". Marriage, from the dawn of time, whether one believes in religion or simply denies god, has been a religious coming together of a man and a woman. No matter what the case, marriage has been and always will remain a religious sanction. >>

from the dawn of time? You mean when we were apes and marked our territory using our own turd? Did they use pieces of turd during the ëholyí ceremonies of marriage that they held? That is the down of time or you mean? before us when the fish got married?! When is this dawn of time you are referring to? >>> Full text



Confront your fears

In response to Cid Davoodi's "Say no to same-sex marriage":

I am not gonna get hard on your little doodle's ass here, it is way too easy and I can certainly see why it was refused for publication. However, at the risk of crossing Jordan and Ciddy Cid, let me just say how disappointing it is to have such discussions with teenagers when I thought I'd be having them with my grandfather!!

Personally I don't give a rat's ass about marriage of any sort and with 50% divorce ratio, I and one half of the nation can't really see the sanctity of this questionable ritual. As far as the definition of marriage is concerned, try this: marriage is the legalized, materialized and totally man made version of love for those who either doubt it or wanna cash in on it.

And while I am deeply touched by the quote from Genesis, I am sure that in 2500 different versions of bible, there should be at least one that has something positive to say about same sex marriage.

Democracy practiced in Canada (although alien to us Iranians both socially and mentally) means equal rights for everyone and THAT is a moral value, not to be confused with phobia of any kind. Suggestion: confront your fears head on, accept them and deal with them accordingly rather than projecting and blaming them on others.

Here is an idea, why don't you and your buddy find another more relevant subject for your school project to work on, like say, air pollution, poverty in educational standards in today's school system or dumb ass yoyo hip hop music and leave more personal matters to individuals to deal with.

And while I am handing out tips, here is another one, instead of writing to your Dad, pay a visit to the homeland, with your attitude towards minorities, you are sure to find a key position in policy making that is if you fail to find a key position in like minded Bush administration in Jesus Land.

And oh, nice try with that "freedom" of speech schpeel. How about practicing it! And since you are so advanced in religion, check out this link, you might be able to come out with some practical answers to the religious riddles in it.



Homosexuality is not a 'choice'

In response to Cid Davoodi's "Say no to same-sex marriage":

I'm in disbelief at the letter of my young Iranian compatriot. I'm sorry for the level of ignorance. I'm afraid it is that sort of mentality that led and kept our Iran to the blackness of the past 26 years.

In Brief:

1) The same Bible you quote also has spoken on the allowance for slavery: Leviticus 25:44, on not being allowed to contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanness Lev.15: 19-24; on ridiculous dietery laws; it allows for stoning as a just form of punishment, etc. etc. etc... YES, those are all morals along the same lines as the 'morals' you preach.

You'd pretty soon be living under Taliban-like society if you really wanted to be true to any of that, not the luxury of a free, thriving, and democratic nation like Canada.

2) Instead of your own experiences regarding whether or not homosexuality is a 'choice' or not, how about consulting the psychological journals and studies that have published over and over that homosexuality is not a 'choice' and that it is not "reversible". Do you really think anyone would choose to be gay and be subjected to your sort of common bigotry on a regular basis?

3) There is NO documented evidence of any individual being able to make a change in their sexuality. You are refering to unscientific, religious bigotry posing as science. Anyone can change behavior, by choice, but not their true nature. To think that there is such a thing as an "ex-homosexual" is like believing that if you put enough make-up on a black man to make him look white on a daily basis for long enough, that he will actually be a white man pretty soon (and that that is a good thing).

5) Gay marriage is inherently benign to society and to others in that form of relationship unlike polygamy and incest (which you seem to forget are actually religiously sanctioned in your culture).

6) You could justify all sorts of things for people you have no right to judge based on your personal religious beliefs. Have you heard of the concept of 'separation of church and state'?? Or would you like to be judged personally by all of the laws of the old testament? Do you think you'd come out alive after ten or fifteen pages of the old testament laws?

7) You HAVE composed a hateful, bigoted, and insensitive letter and I hope you will try to learn from reason, scientific fact, and the principles which have upheld a free society which has granted you a home.

Benjamin B
A fellow Iranian


Abdollah Habibi contact Aaron Alexander Izadi-Moghadam

Dear Hamid,

I have some very good info to go on but still have yet to find my father. I have never met him and would like to after over thirty years of being alive. His name is Abdollah Habibi, he was a student at Lincoln University in Jeferson City Missouri in the early seventies particullarly in 1973.

He lived in Jefferson City and Prior to that in Keokuk, Iowa. The address in Jefferson City was 215 # B Pine Street Jefferson City, Missouri 65101 and the one in IA was 317 Franklin #6, Keokuk Iowa, 52632.

I am pretty sure that when he lived in Iowa he had a roommate or friend that recieved mail at the same address by the name of Reza Yazdi. He and my mother met and I was born in December of 1973.

For 31 years I have wondered about him and since the rest of my family has passed on I am now left with tons of unanswered and unasked questions. I really just want to konw more about where I came from. I am not looking for anything too major other than the opportunity to figure out just a little about myself.

If anyone could assist me with this I would really appreciate it. I am very eager to find him now. My birth name was Aaron Alexander Izadi-Moghadam born December 27, 1973 at St. Mary's Hospital in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Thank you,



Give the people of Iran time

In response to Hamid Bakhsheshi's "Who is doing whom?":

Dear Hamid,

What a well written explanation of Iranian American sentiment towards the Bush administration's misdirected attempts to hide their desire to proselytize and sodomize our distant relatives all over. A bunch of people who resemble Hitler's henchmen surround GW and fill his head with false dreams. Just like the French Resistance and the Viet Cong, Iranians will never tolerate what the Iraqis and Afghanis tolerate in American Invasion.

Maybe if they had gone to Iran first before Iraq, they would have had the streets full of people with open arms greeting them, but now that the whole world has seen first hand what Americans did in Iraq and the fact that there were no WMDs, Iran will be just like it was when it was invaded by Iraq 25 years ago. I remember the night when my aunt called to tell me my favorite cousin had just died defending Iran from the Iraqi invaders. It was my first night in college in a university famous for producing more American soldiers than all the service academies combined.

My cousin was my age and he had come home at the end of the day to tell his mother that he and the other boys in his class were going to go stop a column of tanks they had just heard were headed into Iran. They drove and walked all night so by the cover of darkness, they could line up and get as many of the tanks from as close a range as possible >>> Full text

Wally Razavi


Liberty Gulf? Never!

In response to April Fools feature "Liberty Gulf":

Persian Gulf will never be called Liberty Gulf. What a fr....ing insult to not just us Iranian Americans but to the world and the rich histories of proud people everywhere. President Bush is showing his typical arrogance and ignorance. Stupid people surrounding him with evangelistic aspirations and intent on first proselytizing the people of the world will first invade and then sodomize our people while they declare that they are giving us Liberty and Freedom.

They, in fact are doing the exact opposite right here in the US of A. Just look at what the laws of the land were 30 years ago and what they are today. What is more scary is that just like Hitler's henchmen, Mr. Bush's advisors and confidants fill his head with dreams of grandeur and righteousness while they bombard the people of the USA with hatred and the same propoganda that the Third Reich used.

Are we so blind to not recognize how they rally popular support before each Anschlutz and invasion and so called democracy? It is no doubt that we should fear that history is repeating itself.

I am frightened to share my name so keep me anonymou. Call me Iranian American Redneck from Texas.


I write this "crap" because

In response to Korn Cob's letter "Making us look like hairy pedophiles":

Dear deluded and irate...

Firstly let me apologise for your inability to grasp the subtleties of the English language. I assume that you are implying that you are a real Iranian as opposed to a fake Iranian which both my characters and I must be. Perhaps if I explain the concept of satire and fiction to you, it will help placate your anger. Maybe you see too much of yourself in the story ["Persian romance"] and this is why you seem to be filled with so much anger.

I am not making the assertion that all Iranians are pedophiles, though perhaps this brings up painful childhood memories for you. If that is the case then I am sincerely sorry. As for not being hairy, this seems does seem unlikely, as the venom of your words would suggest large amounts of testosterone pumping through your veins, which would in turn lead to copious amounts of hair.

The reason why I write this "crap" in English is because it is my first language and one which I am quite proficient in. It is written with a second generation Iranian audience in mind and so far I have received fairly positive feedback. I have also just taken a long hard look at myself as you requested and I must confess to have slightly narcissistic feelings. I have also searched within the far recesses of my mind and with the help of some Freudian psychoanalysis I have discovered that my imaginative streak comes from my imagination.

Committing suicide seems like quite an extreme option and a stereotype, just because I am Iranian doesn't mean that I want to kill myself. That would be a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. Everyone should have the ability to criticise their culture as well as praise it. Some people do lack a sense of humour and self deprecation, though clearly you are not one of those people.

It does concern me that you feel so strongly about a piece of satire and if you feel the need to discuss this further, my inbox is always open. I must say it is quite refreshing to receive some negative feedback, previously it had all been very positive. As you are the first person to send me hate mail, you have a special place in my heart so please feel free to stalk, harass or share your hatred with the general public.

At the very least you could have put your name on the email or sent a letter of complaint to be published on the website. You should not be ashamed of your opinion, as everyone is entitled to one. If you really find my writing distasteful I would suggest that you do not read it, as I plan to write a lot more and I would hate for you to get even more upset. The combination of high blood pressure and large amounts of salt present in the Iranian diet could be quite hazardous to your health. So please try to take these things with a little pinch of salt...

Yours virtually,

Payam Ghamsari

P.S. what does fucktard mean, is it a word you made up?


Making us look like hairy pedophiles

In response to Payam Ghamsari's "Persian romance":

I don't think any real Iranians can relate to this story of yours. I certainly don't know anyone like that and if you do maybe you should change your friends or hide from your relatives...

And as for writing this crap in English so that anyone can read it including non-Iranians, I think is very stupid and irresponsible as you make Iranians out to be hairy pedophiles who lust after Western women?????

I think you should take a real good look at yourself and see where this imaginative streak comes from and then maybe consult a psychiatrist or better still just put everyone out of their misery and commit suicide you dumb ass Iranian bashing fucktard.

Korn Cob


Starting my day with you


I just wanted to say that I am a big fan of your web site. I start my day with iranian.com. Thank you for all your hard work!



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