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Wednesday, April 7, 1999 / Farvardin 18, 1378, No. 702

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Vertical horizons
"He was no kinder to himself than fate."

Alaleh Kamran
April 7, 1999
The Iranian

The solitude of evening has finally arrived. The staff has left for the evening. The phones are switched over to the answering service. And, for a while, my world has paused. The lights in my office are off. I am staring at the lights that flicker from here to the end of the horizon. Life seems at times suspended here, on the twenty second floor. As the CD changer flips back and forth between Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Leonard Cohen and Kitaro, I come back to reality only to drift away again. I am tired and my soul hurts. Sometimes, I wish I could take an enormous brush and paint the world with peace and calm.

You see, the life of a criminal defense attorney is saturated with unhappy stories and frequently tragic endings. My client was just raped in a California state prison. We both knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. We just hoped it would be later. Fate wasn't kind to him. He was no kinder to himself than fate ... GO TO FEATURE


Rare Googoosh

April 7, 1999
The Iranian

Ali Sabaie handed a tape and said there were a lot of rare Googoosh tracks on it. Rare indeed! Some are from films Googoosh made in the 1960s others are memorable because of their English lyrics. And some are from obscure albums lost to history - but not forever, thanks to Ali Sabaie ... GO TO MUSIC


Khatami's Paris trip on hold

Radio Free Europe, Persian Service
April 5, 1999

President Hojatoleslam Mohammad Khatami was scheduled to go to France in April. On 29 March, however, the Islamic Republic News Agency announced that the visit "cannot take place" because the French government failed to comply with the requirement that "Islamic rules be observed." Apparently, the "dialogue between civilizations" must be conducted according to Iranian demands ... FULL TEXT


I forgot the Seer, ay baabaa

Arash Zolfaghari's Noruz poem:

Be you near or be you far,
in an office or driving a car,

you smell the sweet spring air flow
Samanoo, Senjed, Sabzee polo.

But wait, I forgot the Seer, ay baabaa,
oops, a gold fish in the havaa!

I wish you all a wonderful year:
spend it with those you call dear

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* At a loss

Ramin Tabib writes: Dr. Tehranian's interpretation of the war against Yoguslavia was quite interesting since he himself admitted that no one seems to have an answer to the riddle of why NATO is there ["Why Kosovo?"].

He is not alone, everyone from my own mother who always blamed everything on the whim that "there must be something in it for someone," to even best socialist magazines such as "The Nation" ( are pretty much at a loss as to how to interpret this within the leftist frame of thought. ... FULL TEXT

* Milosovic's bloody trail

Reza Shadmehr writes: In looking at what is happening in Kosovo today, I can't help but remember that President Molosovic is the same man that spearheaded the humanitarian tragedy in Bosnia ["Why Kosovo?"]. In judging his actions, we have the luxury of knowing that it is not his first time to "ethnically cleanse" an entire city. In fact, his pattern of actions have traversed a long and bloody trail ... FULL TEXT

* Lecture: Ali Bazargan in Sunnyvale

This Friday, April 9, Ali Bazargan, the son of the late Prime Minister Mehdi Bazargan will speak about THE MESSAGE OF QUR'AN FOR THE NEW AGE. Mr. Bazargan has written several books including"Freedom in the Qur'an" ... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media
By Yahya R. Kamalipour, Theresa Carilli, George Gerbner (editors)

This book provides rich and detailed accounts of how the media filters racial/ethnic identity through economic or sensationalized perspectives in newspapers, films, television, and radio. By exploring media descriptions of various racial/ethnic groups, Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media provides opportunities to discover, debate, and discuss issues surrounding race/ethnicity and the role of the media in American society.

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More news

Zan newspaper confiscated

April 7, 1999 TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Authorities confiscated copies of an Iranian newspaper Wednesday after the daily defied a ban imposed for printing a cartoon deemed insulting to Islam, its editor said. Court officials, citing the cartoon as well as a letter the paper published from Iran's former empress, Farah Diba, said the moderate Zan newspaper will be banned from publishing until after the case goes to court. A trial date was not released ... FULL TEXT

Banned Iran paper's head slams court, conservatives

TEHRAN, April 7 (Reuters) - A prominent reformist Iranian newspaper editor on Wednesday blasted the banning of her daily by an Islamic court as part of an attack by conservatives on moderate backers of President Mohammad Khatami. Faezeh Hashemi also said the court had exceeded its jurisdiction in ordering an indefinite ban on her daily Zan (Woman) for quoting Iran's former empress and printing a cartoon it deemed anti-Islamic, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported ... FULL TEXT

Moderates under increasing pressure from Islamic conservatives

TEHRAN, April 7 (AFP) - Iran's moderates warned Wednesday that the regime's conservatives are trying to roll back their stunning electoral successes with a new series of crackdowns on leading reformers. "The conservatives want to block moderates supporting the president (Mohammad Khatami) ahead of next year's legislative elections," said Faezeh Hashemi, a leading moderate MP whose newspaper Zan was slapped with an indefinite ban on Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Iraq to ask Iran to hand over refugees - paper

BAGHDAD, April 7 (Reuters) - An Iraqi newspaper said on Wednesday that Iraq would ask Iran to return back thousands of Iraqi refugees who fled the country after the 1991 Gulf War. ``Iraq will ask Iran to hand over refugees on the Iranian side after Iraq has handed all Iranian refugees to Tehran,'' the weekly newspaper al-Ilam (Information) said ... FULL TEXT

UN: Iran and Vietnam win 1999 United Nations population award

6 April 1999 NEW YORK (UNFPA) -- Dr. Seyed Alireza Marandi, former Minister of Health and Medical Education of Iran, and the Vietnam National Committee for Population and Family Planning will share the 1999 United Nations Population Award. The Award is presented annually by the Committee of the United Nations Population Award to individuals and institutions which have made outstanding contributions to increasing the awareness of population problems and to their solutions ... FULL TEXT

Sweden lodges bribery complaint against its Teheran embassy

STOCKHOLM, April 7 (AFP) - Sweden's Foreign Ministry has taken the unusual step of lodging a formal complaint with police here against its embassy in Teheran over allegations of bribery, ministry officials confirmed Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Conference on petrochemical industry

tehran, april 7, irna -- international meetings on investment in iran's petrochemical industry is to be held in tehran from april 19-20 and at imam khomeini port (khuzestan province) on april 21 to introduce opportunities for investment in iranian petrochemical industry. deputy oil minister mohammad-reza nematzadeh told reporters here on wednesday that 160 representatives from economic and banking institutes and engineering and industrial centers from 30 countries in europe, asia, the middle east and the u.s. have applied for visas to attend the session. ... FULL TEXT

Iranian army team in world championships

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - The Iranian army's soccer team will represent Asia in the world championships .... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT

Marathon in Tehran

Tehran, (Iran daily) - The Asian marathon championship run will be held in Tehran Thursday .... FULL PERSIAN IMAGE TEXT


Iran in ABC's "The Century"

ABC television has put a new/documentary series together called 'The Century', highlighting the key events of the 20th century (from an American perspective). Each episode, except the sixth, covers two of the above. The sixth is exclusively about Iran. Please share this with your friends and family ... MORE INFO

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The end

I wonder how far Jimmy's horizon stretches beyond those barbed wires and the grey skies. He told me once, if he laid flat on his back and stared at the sky, he could see the end of the universe. And that is his horizon. I guess in the world of the convicted, the horizon spreads vertically.

Alaleh Kamran
"Vertical horizons"
The Iranian
April 7, 1999

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Rare Googoosh

Ali Sabaie handed a tape and said there were a lot of rare Googoosh tracks on it. Rare indeed!

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