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Wednesday, April 28, 1999 / Ordibehesht 8, 1378, No. 716

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Splash to the past
Swimming and other photos from Abdan

April 28, 1999
The Iranian

Going to the swimming pool was one of the most exciting parts of life in Abadan -- that's before the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war. Oil company kids would play at Seh Goosh and Braim pools for much of the summer under the scorching hot sun.

These latest photos of Abadan include three photos (two old ones and one recent) which will bring back a lot of memories, mostly happy ones ... GO TO FEATURE


U.S. moves to permit food sales to Iran, Libya

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States, in a major shift, will ease its sanctions policy to permit food and medicine sales to Iran, Libya and Sudan so these items are not used as a foreign policy ``weapon'', officials said Wednesday.

The decision -- long sought by farm state members of Congress and businesses -- would permit case-by-case consideration of food and medicine sales to Iran, Libya and Sudan rather than banning them outright, officials said ... FULL TEXT


Persian cats are tough!

HONG KONG, April 28 (Reuters) - A Hong Kong burglar took to his heels after being attacked by a cat, local newspapers reported on Wednesday.

Mimi, a Persian cat, leapt on the intruder from a shelf when she apparently saw the man wrestling with her owner, Sham Man-ling, after she returned home on Tuesday.

Sham, whose right hand was slightly injured in the incident, later told police Mimi scratched the face and head of the burglar who fled with jewellery worth about HK$50,000 (US$6,452).

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

More Letters

* Immature and insecure

Aref Erfani writes: Nothing makes any Iranian girl in the West or in Iran or a Western girl better or worse than the others, as a wife or otherwise ["Real Iranian girls?"]. It is the individual that makes a difference. And with each individual comes a background and a set of life experiences which have served to form that person and makes them unique in their own way ... FULL TEXT

* Beyond the curtain

Gita Elmi writes: Mr. Raafat ["Real Iranian girls?"] should stop being so arrogant and understand that he needs to grow up (hopefully a lot), to re-evaluate his prehistoric thinking and ideas, to see beyond the pardeyeh bekaarat if he is going to share the rest of his life with a woman. Virginity can be faked, but love and understanding cannot ... FULL TEXT

* Conference: U.S.-Iranian Agricultural Markets

The Iranian Trade Association has organized an outstanding cast of leaders to address the issues of: "US-Iranian Agricultural Markets: The Law of Supply & Demand". This conference will be held on April 30th, 1999, 8:00am to 12:00pm at the Hyatt in Washington DC ... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

    The Hand of Poetry
    Five Mystic Poets of Persia : Translations from the Poems of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz

    In 13th century Persia, spiritual teaching was given in the guise of poetry. From this vast treasury, Coleman Barks has selected a broad assortment of poems form the works of Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi, and Hafiz. These are combined with the lectures originally given by Inayat Khan in San Fransisco during 1923, which discuss the signifigance of the poets for our lives. The book is quite possibly the best anthology of Persian Sufi Poets currently available ... GO TO BOOK

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Karbaschi summoned to serve prison term

tehran, april 29, irna - a reliable source said wednesday that the arrest warrant has been issued for the former tehran mayor gholam hussein karbaschi. the source added that according to the summon delivered in person, karbaschi has to present himself to the special judiciary complex within seven days ... FULL TEXT

Interior ministry vows to back Tehran reformers

TEHRAN, April 28 (AFP) - The tug-of-war between Iran's rival factions reached a new peak Wednesday as the reformist-led interior ministry vowed to ignore a move by parliamentary conservatives to disqualify five leading moderates in the capital ... FULL TEXT

U.S. grain shipments seen heading to Iran by midsummer

TEHRAN, April 25 (Reuters) - Qatar's foreign minister arrived in Tehran on Sunday for two days of talks with President Mohammad Khatami and other Iranian officials. ... FULL TEXT

Mobil welcomes eased U.S. sanctions on Iran

WASHINGTON, April 28 (Reuters) - Mobil Corp. (MOB.N), which is seeking U.S. approval to enter into oil swaps with Iran, said on Wednesday it welcomed the Clinton administration's move to ease sanctions and allow U.S. food and medicine exports to Iran, Libya and Sudan ... FULL TEXT

MKO accuses Iran of killing opponents

BAGHDAD, April 28 (Reuters) - An Iranian armed exile group based in Iraq on Wednesday accused the Tehran government of killing a father and son who were linked to the Iranian opposition ... FULL TEXT

Iranians aim for historic Asian treble

April 28, REUTERS, Tehran - Iran champions Esteghlal, aiming to become the first side to win the Asian Club Championship for a third time, will be at full strength for their semi-final against China's Dalian Wanda today ... FULL TEXT

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Updated April 28

The dollar now offered at 802-815 tomans in the U.S. and 818 tomans in Iran

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Monarchist "army": Is it an actual army with actual soldiers or does it only exist in cyberspace?

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Quote Unquote

Starving Iranians?

Trade sanctions aim for the dictators and generals, but hurt American farmers and ranchers, who work all season to sell food to starving people.

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest, a Texas Republican
"U.S. farm lobby scores big with end of Iran ban"
April 28, 1999

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Iran's new missile

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Farid Farjad

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