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Tuesday, February 16, 1999/ Bahman 27, 1377, No. 667

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Fridays with father
Lunching at Carl's Jr. or a Chinese fast-food joint

    By Ashkan Yekrangi
    February 16, 1999
    The Iranian

    Late into my freshman year of high school, my father decided that he and I should spend more quality time with one another. My father, being clever and all, decided him and I would go out to lunch Fridays after school. At first this idea didn't seem too appealing to me, but as time passed, Fridays with my father became one of the very few things I looked forward to.

    Every Friday, instead of eating lunch at school like I normally do, I "fast" until the hour of liberation, three o'clock. As all the students rush out of school, I walk to the crowded bus stop and chat with my friends until my father shows up ... GO TO FEATURE


Iran: Giving voice to freedom
Tehran's intellectuals won't keep quiet

By Christopher Dickey
Newsweek International
February 22, 1999

His father said he was just going out to buy some groceries for dinner. Mom was away for the evening visiting friends. Sohrab, 13, went back to reading his book as the light faded on the north Tehran high-rise apartment blocks. But now it was dark, and Papa wasn't back. Sohrab called his older brother. He called his mother at her friends' place. And still his papa hadn't come back, and couldn't be found.

Nearly a week passed before the body of Sohrab's father, Iranian essayist and poet Mohammed Mokhtari, was found and identified. He had been strangled with a leather strap ... FULL TEXT


Do you feel you belong to a lost generation?

Salam Irani,

Do you ever feel that you belong to a lost generation of Iranians? A generation that left the country young enough to adapt well to a new home and yet too old to be able to completely sell-out? ... That is the reason behind a new e-mail discussion group simply called Generation Extreme. You can subscribe to it at:


and then send your messages to:


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* Went too far

Mehrdad Modjtahedi writes: I never thought that I would ever be writing a letter of complaint to my absolute favorite website. However, I feel that you simply went too far when you used the word "bimbo" to describe the Iranian model Angylina. I am not sure to what extent you were joking, or if you were serious. Nevertheless, you should realize that such snide commenting is not only unneccesary, but at the same time childish. I hate to break it to you that not all Iranians can grow up to be BMW driving doctors and lawyers from west ... FULL TEXT

* Hypocrytical

Reza Khalili writes: I have to admit it is indeed quite hypocritical to name people when in fact one has probably searched their way into a site [Angylina], have viewed a fair amount of it and probably even enjoyed it. I neither condone nor endorse her sight, but I believe that such name-callings do not go in line with the good natured, and often thought-provoking Iranian website and magazine.

* Film: Iranian film festival in Houston

The series offers three powerful feature films from the quality cinema made by veteran directors Mehrjui and Panahi and by newcomer Parviz Shahbazi. It also features a remarkable full-length documentary co-directed by an Iranian anthropologist and a well-known British filmmaker. Together, these films offer affectionate and devastating glimpses of contemporary life in Iran... MORE DETAILS

Book of the Week

Women Without Men
A novella

By Shahrnush Parsipur

(Kamran Talattof Jocelyn Sharlet, translators)

The significance of Parsipur's work transcends the realm of literary activities. Her works were among the first feminist-conscious enunciations that appeal in the postrevolutionary period in response to limitations imposed on women by the state ideology... The following stories [reflect] the role that the rise of feminist-consciousness may play in the course of cultural change in Iran." -- Introductuon

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Amir-Entezam trial opens in his absence

TEHRAN, Feb 16 (Reuters) - An Iranian court on Tuesday began hearing defamation charges against a former deputy prime minister in his absence despite protests from his lawyers, journalists said. The lawyers said they would seek a new trial for Abbas Amir-Entezam. The defence attorneys protested that Amir-Entezam had been forced to remain in jail and not allowed to attend the court session, they added ... FULL TEXT

Japan to restructure $500Mn of Iranian debt

TEHRAN, Feb 14 (AFP) - Iran now expects to earn just nine billion dollars from oil exports for 1998-1999, a massive fivebillion dollar shortfall on the 14 billion dollars originallyprojected, officials announced on Sunday. The collapse in the world oil price over the past six months meant that Iran was now earning 25 percent less from oil exportsthan it was at the time of the Islamic Revolution 20 years ago, thedirector of the state Planning and Budget Organization, Mohammad-AliNajafi, told the official news agency IRNA ... FULL TEXT

Iran official says Israel behind dissident deaths

TEHRAN, Feb 16 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian official accused arch-foe Israel on Tuesday of masterminding a spate of dissident killings and other violence to destabilise Iran. Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of the powerful Expediency Council, said Israel had also provoked an attack on a bus carrying U.S. businessmen in Tehran in November to disrupt any normalisation in relations between Tehran and Washington ... FULL TEXT

Iran missile for military, not civilian use-Jane's

LONDON, Feb 16 (Reuters) - Iran's new ballistic missile is more likely to be a long-range surface-to-surface weapon than a satellite launcher as Tehran claims, a leading defence analyst said on Tuesday. Clifford Beale, editor of the prestigious Jane's Defence Weekly journal, said U.S. intelligence officials had told him that Iran's new Shehab-4 was largely derived from the obsolete Soviet SS-4 ballistic missile ... FULL TEXT

Iran's young squad showed promise

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iran sent some of its youngest national players to Kuwait and they showed they can handle a tough rival ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

U.S. senator

From: Bijan R. Kian

Senator Boxer & Iran: The "terrorist nation"

In an interview on Larry King Live on February 10, Senator Barbara Boxer referred to Iran as a "terrorist nation." Is the use of the adjective "terrorist" together with "nation" appropriate? Did she really intend to convey that all persons of Iranian origin are terrorists? I think we should ask her. Her email address:

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The dollar now offered at up to 800-820 tomans

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Quote Unquote

Not any more

I was an Islamic leftist, a Revolutionary Guard, and I worked at the Ministry of Islamic Guidance. We wanted to change everything. We wanted to create new kinds of human beings. I can tell you I don't have any desires like that any more.

Akbar Ganji, editor of a political weekly, New Way, that was recently banned by the government
"Iran: Giving Voice to Freedom"
February 22, 1999

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