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Friday July 23, 1999 / Mordad 1, 1378, No. 775

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Six Million Dollar Boy
... from hell!

By Siamack Salari
July 23, 1999
The Iranian

I was born in England in 1965. My mother and father (a doctor) have both lived and worked in the UK since 1963.

The snippets which follow concern a short but memorable episode which occurred during my childhood back in 1975, during a long summer holiday to Mashhad. At that time I was a chubby ten year old who was obsessed with the Six Million Dollar Man TV show. My days were spent running everywhere and trying to jump up at branches of trees in very slow motion ... GO TO FEATURE


German soccer clubs find bargains galore in Iran

By Marc Moeller, dpa

July 22, Hamburg (Deutsche Presse-Agentur) - German soccer clubs have discovered Iran as a cheap market for new players. The Gulf country has become fashionable in the Bundesliga since Iran 's strong showing at last year's World Cup finals.

The latest club to go shopping in Teheran is Hamburg SV which has bought national striker Vahid Hashemian for just 750,000 marks (about 400,000 dollars), a bargain-basement price compared to the inflated fees demanded by European clubs ... FULL TEXT


If mice ruled the world


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* Stereo-typing

Pedram Moallemian, director of Canadian Iranian Centre for Liberty & Equality writes: Allow me to express my utmost disappointment in the unfortunate remarks cointained in the poem "History of Iran" which clearly crosses the logical and moral (if not legal) borders of discrimination and negative stereo-typing.

Iranians, one of the primary victims of the same type of prejudice in the west, should choose to become the new flag bearers of equality and the forerunners of an end to such practices. Although it is very common within our culture to abuse and stereo-type other nationalities and cultures, one expects that our intellectuals and media such as the new electronic form of it (The Iranian), stay away from the kind of conduct that in the short and long term will be harmful to our own community.

After all, if we start stereo-typing other cultures and races ("Cuz when Arabs invaded, not too many fought. They handed our country to men who were no wizards. For fine dining experience, they mostly ate lizards.") then we are opening the doors and in fact approving stereo-typing of ourselves by those who consider us "no wizards" or "violent" or "terrorist" or ...

* Last call: The Literariness of Persian Texts

23 July 1999

This is a final call for papers for 'The Literariness of Persian Texts,' a collection of essays in honor of Heshmat Moayyad, scheduled for publication in early 2000 by the world literature annnual 'Literature East & West' (perhaps in collaboration with an acadmeic publisher). Papers need to reach LE&W by early November in order for completion of the editorial and printing process by late January 2000 ... FULL TEXT

Books of the Week

From Aristotle to Zoroaster
An A-To-Z Companion to the Classical World

By Arthur Cotterell

A groundbreaking and authoritative reference tool, From Aristotle to Zoroaster provides the first comprehensive guide to the classical world as a whole. Never before have the key peoples, places, institutions, and events of Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and China been encompassed in a single volume, highlighting the fascinating similarities and differences, tensions and compound effects that laid the foundations of presentday Europe and Asia. Students, experts, and classical history buffs alike will discover a wealth of information in this easy-to-use volume ... GO TO BOOK

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Video of the Week

Aqaay-e Haalu
(The Idiot)

Pre-revolution classic. Starring Ezzatollah Entezami, Ali Nasirian and Fakhri Khorush.

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More news

Student anger in Iran

Friday, July 23, 1999 (BBC) -- Pro-democracy student leaders in Iran have accused the security forces of beating and torturing members who were arrested during last week's protests. They have also accused the forces of maintaining the wave of arrests in the capital Tehran ... FULL TEXT

Rafsanjani says Iran strong after unrest

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's Islamic system emerged from recent unrest as strong and stable as ever, former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said Friday. But he warned that the unrest, among the worst since the 1979 Islamic revolution, could scare away foreign investors ... FULL TEXT

Iran committed to reform: minister

TEHRAN, July 22 (AFP) - Iran 's interior minister insisted Thursday the government would carry out President Mohammad Khatami's reform programme, in a ringing defence of pro-democracy protesters who took to the streets here last week ... FULL TEXT

`Salam' closure illegal, editor says

July 22, (Hamshahri - BBC Worldwide Monitoring) - At a meeting with the staff of the daily `Salam', Hojjat ol-Eslam val-Moslemin Musavi-Kho'iniha, the managing-editor of `Salam', spoke about the closing down of the daily ... FULL TEXT

Journalists protest at colleague's arrest

July 22, daily Iran - BBC Worldwide Monitoring) -- In separate communiques to their colleagues in 'Emrooz' daily, the journalists and correspondents of ' Iran ' and 'Hamshahri' dailies called for the release of Kazem Shokri, a member of that daily's ['Emrooz'] editorial board ... FULL TEXT

Iran: Turk troops tried invasion

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Iran accused Turkey today of trying to send troops into its territories and said Iranian forces drove them back ... FULL TEXT

Conservatives tighten control on government

TEHRAN, July 22 (AFP) - Iran's conservatives tightened their control over the government Thursday after a senior right-winger was named head of one of the most powerful economic and political institutions in the Islamic republic .. FULL TEXT

Iran seeking to export natural gas through Kish

22nd July,( IRNA - BBC Worldwide Monitoring) -- Tehran is preparing to export 4.8m tons of liquefied natural gas and 600,000 tons of methanol from the South Pars gas field to Southeast Asia, said Mohammad-Reza Yazdanpanah, managing director of the Kish FTZ [Free Trade Zone] Organization ... FULL TEXT

Sales of jailed thinker's books soar

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Mohsen Kadivar who's been imprisoned for his criticism of the Islamic Republic will be happy to hear that his books are doing a killing at bookstores. (See bottom of this news item) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

History of Zandiyeh and Afshars

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Dr. Reza Sha'bani has just published his "Taarikh-e mokhtasar-e Iran dar doreh-haaye afshariyeh va zandiyeh" (Brief history of Iran in the Zandiyeh and Afshar period" ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Tabriz theater revival?

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Tabrizis will have a choice of 24 plays to watch this year. This is the highest number of plays brought on stage in Tabriz since 1979 ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

German training camp

Tehran, (Iran Daily) - News briefs from Iranian soccer players in Germany who are training for the opening of the Azadegan League AND putting their skills on display for their German hosts ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Women's Taekwando

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Islamshahr's women Taekwando team won the fourth annual compeitions held between teams from greater Tehran. Here are the results ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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To feel you have to tell an Iranian student that we believe in free speech is simply not true.

-- Richard Murphy, former U.S. assistant secretary of state
Associated Press
July 23, 1999

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