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Friday July 2 1999 / Tir 11, 1378, No. 761

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The sound of home
Three poems

By Reza Shirazi
July 2, 1999
The Iranian

From "A World Between: Poems Stories and Essays by Iranian-Americans"- a collection of writings by 30 authors and poets edited by Persis M. Karim and Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami (1999, George Braziller Inc., New York). ... GO TO FEATURE


    Drink wine
    Shajarian & Shamlu do Khayyam

    "Rubaiyat-e Khayyam", produced right around the time of the revolution, marked the first time I fell in love with traditional music. This is Mohammad Reza Shajarian at his very best. But there's more to this collection. Ahmad Shamlu's narration of Khayyam captures the very essense of his poetry ... LISTEN HERE



    Iranian Americans Seek Spot On S.F. List
    Bias designation helps in getting city contracts

By Khaled Dawoud
San Francisco Chronicle
Friday, July 2, 1999

A San Francisco supervisors' committee voted yesterday to make the long list of minority groups who get preferences for San Francisco city contracts a little longer by adding Iranian Americans to those eligible for a leg up.

The words affirmative action are never used at City Hall these days, because most such government practices are illegal in California since the passage of Proposition 209 in 1996. And as they did yesterday, the supervisors acted only after a city Human Rights Commission study showed that ethnic Iranians are underrepresented in city contracting and have suffered discrimination ... FULL TEXT


I'm originally Persian

So you want to get to know me better... Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 23 year old male living in London, England. I'm originally Persian....(from Iran)...and I came to England when I was two years old. I don't look Iranian though, infact I look more European, as I have dark blond hair and green/blue eyes. It's a great bonus, because I always catch people out when they start to talk behind my back in Farsi! Not that it happens that often! :-) ... VISIT MR PERSIAN

More Letters

* Word roots

Khodadad Rezakhani writes: About the "Khiyaar Chambar" article, I don't know if the authors of the piece were serious or not, because some of the word roots were pretty ridiculuous. If they were serious in thinking that all those words have Persian roots, then I think I have to make some points.

Some of the words mentioned have Persian roots, but a great many are not Persian, but Indo-Iranian. For instance Chemistry actually comes from Al-chemy which comes from "Al Kimiyaa." Daughter is not actually dokhtar nor father is pedar and so on. They all come from a similar Indo-European root. So, daughter is not a derivative of dokhtar, rather they both are a derivative of dogtir ... FULL TEXT

* Kudos!

A. Shemirani writes: Ms. Jalalipour makes a very astute observation ["After all, I am Iranian"]. Kudos to her parents for providing the environment to raise such a daughter. Kudos to Shima for being such a decent human being. Good luck to Shima, and others like her, in all her future endeavors.

* Music: Iranians in U.S. politics

Society of Iranian Professionals presents: "Iranians in U.S. Politics": Panel discussion consists of prominent California-based Iranian-American Politicians:

* Sara Amir(Green Party) 1998 Candidate for Lt. Governor of California
* Maziar Mafi (Democrat), first Iranian-American candidate running for US Congress
* Hamid Nahaii (Republican), Representative of National Consul of Iranian-American Republicans

Date: Friday July 9th, 1999
Time: 7:30 P.M.

Admission: $7 members, $12 non-members
Location: Ballroom of Faz restaurant. Faz is located on the corner of north Mathilda and 237. For more information please call (408)496-9093

Book of the Week

During the Reign of the Queen of Persian

By Joan Chase

    The novel that is sweeping the country. A beautiful story of 20th-century womanhood, of Gram, the Queen of Persia herself, who rules a house where five daughters and four granddaughters spin out the tragedies and triumphs of rural life in the 1950's in the American midwest ... GO TO BOOK

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Video of the Week

Bashu, the Little Stranger
(Bashu gharibeh-ye kuchak)

Bahram Bayzaie's film about a little boy from the southern Iran whose destiny takes him to the north. "Wondrous 'Bashu, the little stranger' is a pure joy with laughter as well as tears, flawless (Los Angeles Times)". Farsi with English subtitles.

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More news

MKO say launch mortar attacks in Iran

DUBAI, July 2 (Reuters) - Iraq-based Iranian rebels said on Friday they had launched mortar attacks against military and security police sites in western Iran, inflicting heavy casualties and damage. The Mujahideen Khalq armed opposition group, in statements faxed to Reuters in Dubai, said its forces inside Iran attacked the Revolutionary Guards' headquarters in Ahvaz, and militia and intelligence ministry centres in Kermanshah ... FULL TEXT

Iran says kills three MKO after blasts

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said its security forces killed three armed rebels in a clash Friday as they tried to slip back into neighboring Iraq after setting off explosions in Western Iran ... FULL TEXT

Oil market rally solid at 18-month highs

LONDON, July 2 (Reuters) - World oil markets on Friday cruised serenely at heights not seen for 18 months as dealers pondered the prospects of further price gains to come. London August futures for benchmark Brent ended four cents higher on the day at $17.66 a barrel after peaking at $17.76 on Thursday, the highest oil price since December 1997 ... FULL TEXT

Rafsanjani says U.S. overtures 'fortunate'

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani suggested Friday he welcomed recent U.S. overtures to Iran despite past U.S. ``crimes'' against the Islamic republic ... FULL TEXT

Charges against Jews rejected by State Department

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The State Department and the House International Relations Committee criticized Iran on Friday for arresting 13 Iranian Jews on espionage charges. "The charges are unfounded and unacceptable," State Department spokesman James Foley said ... FULL TEXT

French parliament head warns Iran not to hang Jews

PARIS, July 2 (Reuters) - The president of France's National Assembly, Laurent Fabius, warned Iran on Friday that Western governments could break diplomatic ties with Tehran if it executed 13 Jews arrested on charges of spying for Israel ... FULL TEXT

Greece reassures United States on Iranian ties

WASHINGTON, July 2 (Reuters) - Greece has told the United States it has no plans to start defence cooperation with Iran, the U.S. State Department said on Friday ... FULL TEXT

Shamsolemareh open to public

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Shamsolemareh, the famed Qajar palace in Tehran, has been renovated and its doors have been opened to the public for the first times in 135 years ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Five-year plan for film industry

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Seyfollah Dad, deputy guidance minister in charge of cinema affairs, outline the government's five-year plan for the movie industry. He also notes that the government did not pay two thirds of the budgeted funds for films and therefore the private sector should become more active ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Persepolis & Esteqlal reach finals

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Hopes of a match between the two pillars of Iranian soccer in the elimination cup finals has been realized. Persepolis and Esteqlal have beat their rivals in the semi-finals ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Haydari: Sportsman of the Year

Tehran, (Iran daily) - Alireza Haydari has been named Sportsman of the Year for his gold-medal performances in world and Asian wrestling championships ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Fortunately the Americans are beginning to regret having alienated themselves so much from the great Iran.

-- Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
July 2, 1999

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