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June 28 - July 2, 1999 / Tir 7-11, 1378


* Language
- Word roots
- Kudos!


* Bayzaie:
- Bayzaie deserves better
- Good vs. Evil
- Funny!

- Common root
- Iranian Golden Throat
- No Monica

* Jews:
- Sincerest apologies

- Az cheh guri... ?

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July 2, 1999

* Word roots

About the "Khiyaar Chambar" article, I don't know if the authors of the piece were serious or not, because some of the word roots were pretty ridiculuous. If they were serious in thinking that all those words have Persian roots, then I think I have to make some points.

Some of the words mentioned have Persian roots, but a great many are not Persian, but Indo-Iranian. For instance Chemistry actually comes from Al-chemy which comes from "Al Kimiyaa." Daughter is not actually dokhtar nor father is pedar and so on. They all come from a similar Indo-European root. So, daughter is not a derivative of dokhtar, rather they both are a derivative of dogtir ... FULL TEXT

Khodadad Rezakhani

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* Kudos!

Ms. Jalalipour makes a very astute observation ["After all, I am Iranian"]. Kudos to her parents for providing the environment to raise such a daughter. Kudos to Shima for being such a decent human being. Good luck to Shima, and others like her, in all her future endeavors.

A. Shemirani

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July 1, 1999

* Sincerest apologies

A recent letter that I had sent to The Iranian Times in which I had wrongly made derogatory remarks about Iranians elicited quite a few furious responses both sent to me personally and posted to The Iranian Times letters section.

I feel deeply sorry that I had caused distress for so many individuals whom, from what I can tell -- from the letters I received -- did not deserve those remarks.

My comments about Iranians in general were definitely uncalled for. I beg of all whom I may have offended to please accept my sincerest apologies.

Sholom Din

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* Bayzaie deserves better

It was so great to have an article about Bahram Bayzaie in The Iranian ["The drifter"]. Iranian modern art owes a lot to this writer, stage theater director and filmmaker.

However I don't have the same feeling about the article. The article seems to be more about the writer's emotional responses to Bayzaie's movies and his geographic locations while watching the movies than about Bayzaie.

One of the characteristics of Bayzaie's films is the lack of exaggerated emotional expressions and sentimentalism even when he is dealing with subjects such as love and death. It is very reasonable to consider the same fundamentals when writing about Bayzaie.

Also I wish there were more explanations to back up the writer's interpretations. As an example I can't understand what " Shaayad Vaghti Deegar" has to do with life and death, which is supposed to be the main theme for the other movie "Mosaaferaan". Bayzaie deserves more than that.

Pedraam Parsian

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June 30, 1999

* Funny!

Funny, funny ["Khiyaar Chambar"]! I loved it, especially the psychology behind the repartee. Ethymologically! I don't know -- has the daughter heard of the Indo-European theory of languages? Even better, coincidence? I love your style of writing and your humor.

Reza Ordoubadian
Professor of English

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* Good vs. Evil

Understandably, we cannot expect Mr. Khatami to talk the talk and walk the walk for us. We are going to have to find a way to emphasize personal responsibility for all our people to contribute to a better tomorrow for our beloved country. We must take a stand and voice our opinion as loudly as we can, chanting for a free society. Only then, the Good shall triumph over Evil and the serenity of freedom and liberty will cover us ... FULL TEXT

Sia M.

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June 29, 1999

* Common root

I enjoyed the great humor and true points of view in the article "Khiyaar Chambar".

Just to help the writer find the rest of the 100 words, here are some other examples like "bad" for 'bad", "no" for "new", "nah" for "no" and "behtar" for "better" and what about "abroo" for "eyebrow"?

However, the reality is, most of these similarities are due to a common root rather than words being adopted from this to that language. A good example is the verb "ast" (or hast) in Farsi which is "ist" in German, "est" in French, "es" in Spanish and "is" in English.

Indeed from linguistic point of view, there are seven or eight main branches of Indo-European languages where Persian is one of the main branches and English is a sub-branch of German.

Arman Sepehri

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* Az cheh guri... ?

Regarding your article "I must be a Jew" ... What a bunch of nonsense! az cheh guri did you guys crawl out of? The title of your article should have been "I MUST BE AN IDIOT".

B. Mortazavi

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June 28, 1999

* Iranian Golden Throat

The Sunday dinner (khoreshe-e Bodemjoon) tasted doubly nice with the divine voice of the Iranian GOLDEN THROAT, the one and only, DELKASH. Thank you for a lovely reportage.

What has amazed me over the years is that Delkash was the FIRST singer to perform a piece in KHARABATI amongst all the singers male or female - she sang the famous "Sagash raa" [sag as in DOG!]. But, nobody has ever dared to either mention it or reproduce it. "Sagash raa" is definitely a milestone in the entirety of Iranian music - for those who understand of course!

I do second to the fact that there are too many "LAGOORIs" around at the moment singing lots of "Naneh Man Gharibam" who are cashing in on the recent events. But you are forgetting that some of us left Home well before any revolutions; the majority of whom still inhale and exhale the good old Persian culture and try to keep it alive by making our children appreciate Delkash, Elaheh, and Marzieh etc despite the fact they don't understand a word of Iranian literature or culture.

I give any thing to hear a piece of KHARABATI by Delkash, Iraj, or the chap who used to play Sarcar Ostovar in SAMAD sitcoms. Are you up to this challenge?

It would be nice to see a track from Davood Maghami, Ali Nazari and other kucheh baazaari singers. Did you know that they (apparently) had more followers than Mahasty an so on? However, I know that it was socio-politically correct to deny their existence - [what a bunch of hypocrite WE used to be!!!] by pretending that we liked FARHAD, but clapped with SUSAN!

Rise to the challenge an send me "Sagash raa" and I will be indebted to you for the rest of my life - ie the true meaning of ''Mokhles", "Chaaker" or more upmarket "Eraadatmand"

Saeid Saba

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* No Monica

I enjoyed your site very much, which is why I urge you to remove Monika Lewinski's picture ["Monica & Bill"]. A site like yours should not be spoiled by the picture of a famous American slut. Her picture is hanging in the Oval Office. That is enough.


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