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Tuesday November 2, 1999 / Aban 11, 1378, No. 839

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True awakening
Going back to Iran was the best thing I had done in my life

By Kaveh Sartipi
November 2, 1999
The Iranian

"If you were to pay me a million dollars, I would not go back." This was what an Iranian co-worker said when she found out I was going to Iran for a month this past summer. I could not understand why. I kept telling her, this is your homeland, where you were born. Why would you not want to go?

Although, I must say, that when my parents first told me that they were putting in an application to get my Iranian passport, I was thinking the same thing. Why would I want to go back?

Well, that was then. I have since gone to Iran and I can say that it was the best time of my life ... GO TO FEATURE


Political Winds May Be Blowing for Reformists
Iran's hard-liners appear destined to lose their grip on power in parliamentary elections next year. Khatami advisor is favored to lead the moderates.

Los Angeles Times
October 30, 1999

TEHRAN-- The emotion Tuesday at Iran's Tehran University would suggest the closing days of a heated political campaign. It recalled the tidal wave of adulation two years ago when a little-known reformist candidate named Mohammad Khatami swept aside his hard-line opponent to win the country's presidency.

The object of the applause this time was Abdollah Nouri, a key Khatami advisor ... Judging from the reception he is already receiving, it is no wonder that Iran's conservatives are frightened by what the next election might bring ... FULL TEXT



My name is Sergey. I live in Russia in St Peterburg. I have Iranian friend. His name is Mehrdad Roham. He is the student of Technical University. I think it will be a big surprise for him to get some messages from Iranian people. Our email We are waiting.

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* When will we learn?

Shirin Razavi writes: Last Saturday, October 30, we went to a concert in Burlingame, California. The two entertainers, Ebi and Bijan Mortazavi were great, and put in a lot of effort, love and dedication to please the audience. What I don't understand is why don't the organizers choose a more appropriate venue?...

The other problem was that after half an hour, when Ebi got real hot and into it, people started getting up, and before long you had all but like 10 tables (out of maybe 150 tables) standing up, and blocking everyone else, and sure enough a fight started. I heard a security person say "I knew something was going to happen."

It is so ridicules that after being in this country for over 20 years our people have not learned to do things the right way. I truly believe Iranians are extremely humble, and then there are those few who take advantage of that and just do things that are beneficial to themselves, and others don't count. What a shame ... FULL TEXT

* Francis Bacon

Nargess Shahmanesh writes: Pictures of Halloween Iranian style in Washington DC ["Halloween 1999"] were so much like Francis Bacon's paintings. Very interesting visually.

* Rights: Anniversary of the chain murders - Virigina

To commemorate the first anniversary of the murder of prominent Iranians Parvaneh Forouhar-Eskandari, Dariush Forouhar, Mohammad Mokhtari, Majid Sharif, Mohammad Jafaar Pouyandeh and Pirouz Davani (missing and presumed dead), a gathering will be held on Friday, November 19, 1999 7:30 p.m. at George Marshall High School located at 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Virginia. Speakers are:

- Mr. Arash Forouhar, the son of Parvaneh & Dariush Forouhar
- Dr. Karim Lahiji, President of League for Defense of Human Rights in Iran and attorney for the Forouhar family.


Books of the Week

* Moraba-ye shirin (1998)
By Houshang Moradi Kermani
92 pages.

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More news

Shamsolvaezin, editor of Neshat, arrested

TEHRAN, Nov 2 (AFP) - Iran's press court finally arrested veteran reformist newspaper editor Mashallah Shamsolvaezin Tuesday on a warrant issued more than two weeks ago and jailed him pending trial on November 8, his lawyer said ... FULL TEXT

Press court jails students for "blasphemous" play: radio

TEHRAN, Nov 2 (AFP) - Iran's press court handed down three year jail sentences to two students charged with publishing an allegedly blasphemous play in a university magazine Tuesday, Iranian radio said. A third student was given a suspended sentence and a university professor was pardoned, the radio said ... FULL TEXT

UN says freedoms of press & expression decreasing in Iran

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 1 (AFP) - Freedoms of the press, expression and association are on the decline in Iran since the repression in July of student protests against the current regime, the United Nations said in a report released Monday ... FULL TEXT

Students protest against mounting press clampdown

TEHRAN, Nov 2 (AFP) - Some 600 students demonstrated in the provinces against the mounting clampdown by the conservative courts on Iran's fledgling reformist press, the government-run Iran paper reported Tuesday ... FULL TEXT

Students assess 20 years since embassy seizure

TEHRAN, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Members of Iran's biggest student movement gathered on Tuesday, 20 years after their forerunners seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran, to review two decades of activism that has seen the movement shed its militant image ... FULL TEXT

Khatami invited for landmark visit to Japan hot on heels of France trip

TEHRAN, Oct 31 (AFP) - Japan renewed an invitation for Iran's reformist President Mohammad Khatami to visit Sunday hot on the heels of his landmark trip to France, the official IRNA news agency reported ... FULL TEXT

Germany in Iran trade talks despite businessman's continued detention

TEHRAN, Oct 31 (AFP) - A German business delegation concluded two days of talks here Sunday on boosting trade with Iran despite the cloud over relations posed by the continued detention of businessman Helmut Hofer ... FULL TEXT

Shajarian: Picasso award

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Mohammad Reza Shajarian has received the prestigious Picasso award from UNESCO in recognition of his contributions to music ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Selected Jamalzadeh

Tehran (Hamshahri) - A wide selection of the late Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh's works -- put together by Ali Dehbashi -- has been published ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Karate: 5th

Tehran (Iran daily) - Iran's youth karate team snatched two gold and three bronze medals to stand in fifth place overall at the world championships ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mousavi: wanted

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Ali Mousavi's good showing at his German club has caught the eye of Italian teams ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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