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Wednesday October 20, 1999 / Mehr 28, 1378, No. 830

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Moon kissed
Searching for the total eclipse

By Mansi Saboori
October 20, 1999
The Iranian

I was one of the lucky few. I don't know if I will be able to see another one in Iran during my lifetime, for the next total eclipse will happen 35 years from now, on March of 2034. I was also lucky to be in a country where the probability of seeing the eclipse was over 90%. I filmed this historical event with a group of Iranian filmmakers and friends. At that time in Tehran, people and the press were mostly engaged in the student demonstrations, unrest, and political ramifications of the events followed by the crackdown. However, I soon found out that so many others who were much too busy with their everyday life struggles, including dealing with the high prices of food, goods, and other necessities, and could not pay much attention to the political crisis ... GO TO FEATURE


Challenging the revolutionary court

Ayatollah Jalaledin Taheri, the Friday Prayers leader of Isfahan has severely attacked the revolutionary court for bringing charges against Abdollah Nuri, publisher of the moderate Khordad newspaper. Taheri, who is also Ayatollah Khamenei's representative in Isfahan, has offered to act as Nuri's lawyer ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


The f'ing moon

This is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. It's from a tape called "Our Dumb Century" by the guys at (there are a lot of funny bits in the entire cassette, but this is the best piece). It makes fun of the first landing on the moon. If you're at work, keep the volume down! (WARNING: riddled with profanity)... LISTEN HERE

Thanks to I.D.A.

More Letters

* Doesn't hold water

Reza Azarmi writes: In his recent article "Disillusioned", Moghadam sails through the uncharted waters of the Iranian social psychology. He has decided, though arbitrarily, that the Iranian work ethic lacks substance, and in need of serious evaluation. He, skillfully, has taken time to take a look at the historic aspects of the Iranian behavior, declaring that centuries of invasions, and living under different rulers has impacted the content of our character, and thus social normalcy...

Moghadam, to an extent is right for his critical views regarding our social behavior, but we need to stop bashing ourselves in the head. We need to embark on a new identity. As Americans, we are here to work hard, live,and enjoy life. Yes, as an Iranian American we will help our people to get to their highest human potential. We have no choice. I am sorounded by great numbers of diverse ethnicities. I see that they elevate their people to important jobs in their organization. Why not us? ... FULL TEXT

* Tasteless defense of Islam

Saeed Derhami writes: Your letter "Moslem first" is based on so many fallacies which I don't know how and why one wanted to bother to comment. All your thoughts regarding Arabic language and its distinguished miraculous features are just as nonsense, as is your bad reading of the Quran. The Quran has never mentioned any superiority of Arabic or any other languages to reveal the message of God. In fact the Quran says God could have revealed messages in any other language as good and effective as Arabic. The only reason the Quran was revealed and then written in Arabic was that Mohammad was an Arab...

Your tasteless defense of Islam is worse than Communists attacking religions as a source of all human misery. Islam or any other religion have been indispensable for the quality of life we have today. But they are not without their tradeoffs; mankind paid dearly for it. Again all humans paid a great price for religions -- no doubt about that; a point often keep being ignored or covered under the carpet by over zealous religious agents like you. How many people lost their rights, belongings and lives in the name of religion? ... FULL TEXT

* Politics: Persian Gulf conference - Tehran

The Center for Persian Gulf Studies of the Institute for Political & International Studies affiliated with the Iranian Foreign Ministry is convening its tenth international conference entitled "The Persian Gulf: Towards the 2lst Century" on January 24-25, 2000 in Tehran. Any scholar interested in participating in this conference, contact Mr. Mohsenin at the Secretariat at Shahid Bahonar Avenue, Shahid Aghai Street, Tehran, Iran P.O. Box: 19395/1793, Tehran, I.R. Iran Email: Fax: +98-21-2710964 Phone: +98-21-2571010 through 2571014


Books of the Week

* Parishaadokht-e she'r (1998)
A tribute to Forough Farrokhzad
By M. Azad

* Jaa-ye khaali-ye solouch (1998)
A novel
By Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

* Aashofteh-haalaan-e bidaar bakht (1998)
A novel
By Gholamhossein Saedi

* Mossadegh: Saal-haaye mobaarezeh va moqaavemat, Vol 1 & 2 (1997)
A detailed account of Mossadegh's political struggles
By Gholamreza Nejati

* Daastaan-haaye masnavi (1995)
Stories from Rumi's Masnawi
By Yazdanbakhsh Qahraman

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Video of the Week

Beh yaad-e Iran

These 2 VHS tapes are the most recent tapes about Iran. They are 2 hours in length and each tape contains rare video clips from inside Iranian cities. Over the years we have offered several videos about Iran, but these two tapes are by far the best we have ever had. We are certain you and your family and friends will enjoy these two tapes in its entirety.

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More news

Iran court hears prominent blasphemy case

TEHRAN, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Iran's judiciary on Wednesday bore down on four students and a professor charged with insults against one of Shi'ite Islam's holiest figures, assembling a special panel of Supreme Court judges and hinting it may hand down the death penalty. Lined up along one wall of the crammed, top-floor courtroom were six senior clerics from the Supreme Court acting as advisers to Judge Saeed Mortezavi, who under Iranian law doubles as prosecutor ... FULL TEXT

Iran appeals court to rule next week on former Tehran mayor

TEHRAN, Oct 20 (AFP) - Former Tehran mayor Gholamhossein Karbaschi, a close ally of President Mohammad Khatami jailed since last May on corruption charges, will get a ruling on his appeal next week, judicial officials said Wednesday. "Tehran's court of appeal will announce its ruling on the conviction of former mayor Karbaschi on October 30," an advisor to judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi-Shahrudi told the official IRNA news agency ... FULL TEXT

Cohen In UAE for Iraq-Iran talks with allies

DUBAI (Reuters) - Defense Secretary William Cohen arrived in the United Arab Emirates Wednesday for talks about Iraq with leaders of the Gulf state keen to see Baghdad's return to the Arab fold. Cohen stopped first in Abu Dhabi to meet UAE President Sheikh Zaid bin Sultan al-Nahayan and then met defense chiefs in Dubai ... FULL TEXT

Iran charges US with wanting to damage relations among regional countries

TEHRAN, Oct 19 (AFP) - Iran's foreign ministry on Tuesday accused US Defense Secretary William Cohen of seeking to spoil relations among regional states by implicating Tehran in the 1996 Saudi bombing of a US barrack. Cohen wants to "exploit the differences between regional countries, and secure US interests and its arms sales," said ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi cited by the official IRNA news agency ... FULL TEXT

3 freed Portuguese still in Zahedan, and in good health: embassy

TEHRAN, Oct 20 (AFP) - Three freed Portuguese journalists held hostage for 22 days by drug traffickers in southeastern Iran are in good health in the provincial capital of Zahedan, Portugal's embassy in Tehran said Wednesday. "The three men are safe and in a good condition," an embassy staff member told AFP. "The ambasssador, Arsenio Jose Manuel Da Costa, is currently in Zahedan visiting them," the embassy said. "He will bring them back to Tehran, but it is not clear when." ... FULL TEXT

Iran proposes first international bonds since revolution

TEHRAN, Oct 20 (AFP) - Cash-strapped Iran will issue foreign currency bonds for the first time since the Islamic revolution 20 years ago, the deputy director of the central bank said Wednesday. "The bond offering will be a good way to raise needed hard currency," Mohammad Jafar Mojarad said, cited by the official IRNA news agency ... FULL TEXT

Japan's PM Obuchi welcomes growing investment in Iran

TOKYO, Oct 19 (AFP) - Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi said Tuesday he would welcome an increase in Japanese investment in Iran as a way to strengthen bilateral relations. Obuchi made the remarks when he met senior Iranian parliamentary leader Hasan Rouhani, who arrived here Saturday on a six-day visit, a foreign ministry official said ... FULL TEXT

Baizaie's latest

Tehran (Cinema) - Bahram Baizaie will start filming his new film "Sagkoshi" in a month ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Cinema is alive

Tehran (Cinema) - "Cinema is alive" are the words on a banner hanging on the burnt remains of Cinema Azadi (Shar-e Farang) in Tehran. Box office sales are high despite the refusal of the conservative-dominated state TV to air teasers for new films ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Spotlight: Rahbari-Fard

Tehran (Hamshahri) - If Hadi Tabatabaie hadn't been so damn good in saving several goals in the game against Denmark, the brightest star of the match would have been Behruz Rahbari-Fard who did great on the defensive line ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Azadegan league table

Oct 20, (Iran Sports Press) - Persepolis, Sepahan and Pas are the top three teams of the Azadegan league. See the full standings ... FULL TEXT


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