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Friday September 17, 1999 / Shahrivar 26, 1378, No. 809

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A song for the old country

By Soma
September 17, 1999
The Iranian

Came upon this poem yesterday. It was written, in fact, in a night-club off Esteqlal Street, downtown Istanbul in 1997 Don't know what to think of it now. Once finished, you can only read your work from the outside. Such is the case with this one. Nothing to write home about, but I remember being emotionally struck at the time of its composition. And, to my surprise, it does have bearing upon the current predicament.

Violence abound
Life in difficult lanes
The tumult of the hour
What is happening
to my country? ... GO TO FEATURE



By Jamshid Bastani
September 17, 1999
The Iranian

Brooding boredom brews in the balmy batter of the big blue bay.
Soothing sobs that seldom seek their seats in eyes seared with sorrow,
Sneak their way in but seldom stay.
Green grows over groves of grass, ... GO TO FEATURE


Sweet agony

Alireza Davoud-Nejad's "Masaeb Shirin" (Sweet agony) has won the Best Film award from Iran's House of Cinema. Based on this review, it seems like a great film ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Thanks to Pedram Missaghi


Oink oink

Iranian officials are asking senior clerics for permission to hunt wild boar and export its meat, even though the animals are considered haram, or impure, by Muslims ... FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

More Letters

* Small town in England

Chekavak Jallaei writes: Sitting here reading your excellent piece ["I was once an Iranian"] in a small town library in England, has made my eyes swell with tears.

I am partly ashamed to say so, but even though you writing is cool and sufficiently distant (seeming that you have had much time to reflect on these issues) it still resonated with a certain emotion much familiar to me.

However your experience is infinitely more broader and cross-cultural and therefore must be worthy of a larger non-ethnically specific audience. A current affairs periodical me thinks.

Anyway I wrote to regeister my appreciation and admiration

* Rude awakening

N. BaghaYaz writes: While surfing the Net, I came across your website. I just wish to make the following point about "I was once an Iranian":

You consider yourself as an ex-Iranian who is now a naturalized Amercian. Maybe so, as far as your identity papers are concerned, but is this true as far as your adopted country is concerned? How deep are your roots in your adopted country? How much did your parents (not to mention your grand- or great grand-parents) have participated in making your adopted country what it is now?

You may wish, understandably, to close your eyes on these facts but your adopted country is most unlikely to do so. If you don't believe me, read about the story of the Japanese-Americans who were interned after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

In brief, when it comes to the national interests of your adopted country against the interests of your country of origin, you will experience a rude awakening. Would it not be easier if you accepted your true identity and left the question of Iranianness to be debated your second, third and nth generations?

* Literature: Book reading at Asia Society, New York

Please join Persis Karim (co-editor and author), Zara Houshmand, Roxanne Varzi, Laleh Khalili, Mariam Salari for a reading and booksigning of "A World Between: Poems, Short Stories and Essays by Iranian Americans" (George Brazillier, Inc. May 1999) at: New York City's Asia Society (725 Park Avenue at 70th St. NYC), Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1999 6:30 p m. Book signing and reception to follow the reading and discussion portion of the program. For advance purchase of tickets and information, call 212-517-ASIA. Co-sponsored with Center for Modern Iranian Arts.

Books of the Week

* Khaab-e zemstaani (1998) (Sample page)
From the author of the hugely successful Khaateraat-e paraakandeh
By Goli Taraghi

* Messel-e hame-ye asr-haa (1996) (Sample page)
By Zoya Pirzad

* Bichaareh esfandiyaar (2nd edition, 1998) (Sample page)
Late dissident's interpretations of the Shahnameh
By Saidi Sirjani

* Khaaneh-yeh edrisi-haa (1998) (Sample page)
By Ghazaleh Alizadeh

* Injaa tehraan ast (1998) (Sample page)
Documents about Tehran from the past century
By Mansureh Etehadiyeh
461 pages. $30.00

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More news

Austrian president first EU leader to visit Iran

VIENNA, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Austrian President Thomas Klestil will make a state visit to Iran on September 20-21, making him the first head of state from the European Union to visit the country since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The president's office said on Friday that Klestil had accepted an invitation from Iranian President Mohammad Khatami for an official working visit to discuss developing and expanding bilateral relations ... FULL TEXT

Amnesty calls for judicial reform

Sept 16, (Amnesty International ) -- Amnesty International today condemned the death sentences passed against four people arrested in connection with student demonstrations in Iran in July 1999 and called for the immediate halt of trials held in secrecy. "The trial appears to have been conducted in complete secrecy and with no opportunity for a proper appeal procedure. We are calling for immediate commutation of the death sentences, urgent clarification of the names of those sentenced, fair re-trials and the release of all those held for their peaceful participation in the demonstrations," said Amnesty International ... FULL TEXT

Police arrest several suspects in connection with bomb blast

TEHRAN, Sept 17 (AFP) - Iran's security forces have arrested several people in connection with a bomb blast which killed at least two people Thursday at a holy site in the northeastern city of Mashhad, state radio reported Friday ... FULL TEXT

Albright challenges Congress on Russia

WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 (UPI) _ The Clinton administration is urging Congress not to abandon Russia despite frustration over crime, a crumbling economy and the alleged misuse of billions of dollars from the International Monetary Fund. Amid Republican threats to slash the administration's programs for Russia and the former Soviet states by up to a third, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright chastised lawmakers for their ``hostile and dismissive'' attitude toward Russia ... FULL TEXT

Iran says Revolutionary Guards build own helicopter

TEHRAN, Sept 17 (Reuters) - Iran's Revolutionary Guards have taken delivery of a new helicopter built by the elite force's own engineers, state-run Tehran radio reported on Friday. It said the Shahed X-5, a four-seater designed by a development and engineering unit of the Revolutionary Guards, joined the Guards' air force fleet at a ceremony on Thursday. The radio did not say how many helicopters were involved. ... FULL TEXT


Tehran (Hamshahri) -- A brief obituary of Dr. Abdol-Hossein Zarrinkoub, one of Iran's greatest historians... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

In the middle of nowhere

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- You rarely here stories of just ordinary, GOOD people these days. Here's one. A man, a clergyman by chance, has made his mission to bring books to children in the middle of nowhere ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Who's on top, who's not

Sept 17, (Iran Sports Press) -- Latest Azadegan League Table ... FULL TEXT

Soccer results

Sept 17, (Iran Sports Press) -- Today's Azadegan League results ... FULL TEXT


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Googoosh song written by Ardalan Sarfaraz
The Iranian
Sept 17, 1999

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