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Friday September 24, 1999 / Mehr 2, 1378, No. 814

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    Play it again, Lily
    Lily Afshar has the touch

    The Iranian
    September 24, 1998

    Guitarist Lily Afshar, hailed by the Washington Post as "remarkable, impeccable," is head of the guitar program at the University of Memphis. Chosen as Artistic Ambassador to Africa for the United States Information Agency, her numerous awards include three consecutive annual "Premier Guitarist" awards from the Memphis Chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

    Her latest CD, "Jug of Wine and Thou", is absolutely delightful. The effects of her delicate strokes of the guitar can only be described as heavenly. Among the 19 tracks are five popular Persian ballads which indeed create the perfect mood for a jug of wine and thou.

    If you are in Washington DC on October 10, don't miss her concert at the United Church on G Street.

    Tracks from "Jug of Wine and Thou" CD (RealAudio):

    * Jaan-e Maryam
    * Leila Leila
    * Gol-e gandom

    * Aire de Joropo
    * Asturias / Leyenda


Is Khatami winning?

Foreign Report

OUR Iranian sources insist that in the power struggle now under way in Iran, President Muhammad Khatami is winning. And hardline anti-western Islamic extremists, led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the

'spiritual guide' of the nation, are losing. The strength of Khatami lies in his commitment to make Iranian society free and non-violent, where the rule of law is respected. Will he achieve his goal? ... FULL TEXT



Colin D. Burt writes:

Dear People,

The one true spiritual path does not yet have a name and, when it eventually does, it will be referred to as a common (lower case) noun, not proper. It will not be called a religion (from the Latin RELEGARE, meaning "to bind back" or "fasten"), as that implies slavery. Let freedom ring!

More Letters

* Homophobia?!

Nariman Neishabouri writes: Yet another typical article regurgitating the same old tired leftist rhetoric about gay rights ["Acceptance"]. In this and in all the other cases, it is never quite clear what exactly the author WANTS from the Iranian community at large. He rails against this so-called "homophobia" and heterosexism among Iranians but on the other hand he never defines exactly what "homophobia" refers to, and what Iranians should do instead.

I mean, what IS homophobia anyway? Does it refer to gay bashing and violence towards gays and lesbians? If so then Iranians are definitely not guilty of this. Does it refer to a general aversion to the idea of gay sex? Well, that is of course natural when one is heterosexual, just like the idea of sex with animals is repulsive to the average heterosexual ... FULL TEXT

* Don't take it personally

Banafsheh Zand writes: Why can't some poor slob ever write a story, an item, an article that is a "sharhe haal" without getting shafted by the readers of this web site? I don't get it. Okay, so all you people who disagree with Alemi's "I was once an Iranian", disagree with him. I don't see the guy telling you that YOU TOO, god forbid, have "sold out."

Who's threatening the lot of you or telling you to be un-Iranian? Can't anyone take it NOT PERSONALLY? He's describing HIS feelings about HIS life and times. Why does everything ALWAYS have to be about EVERYONE. Why do we all think that things are either black or white? Isn't there a happy medium, a gray area, a balance to strike in this life? Our culture centricity will be our ultimate downfall...mark my words.

* Film: Iranian film fest, Chicago

The Film Center of Chicago celebrates the tenth anniversary of its Festival of Films from Iran with an exciting lineup which will screen on Saturdays and Sundays between October 2 and 31. The Festival includes seven new fiction features, the U.S. premiere of Dariush Mehrjui's long-banned THE LADY (BANU), a program of archival treasures by Kamran Shirdel, and a slate of fascinating new documentaries. Additional programs include the documentary FRIENDLY PERSUASION which contextualizes the phenomenon of post-Revolutionary Iranian cinema, and a special panel discussion on film criticism ... DETAILS HERE

Books of the Week

* Nastaran-haaye surati (1998)
By Reza Julaie

* Sharq-e banafsheh (1998)
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

* Del daadeh-gi (1998)
Novel in two volumes
By Shahriar Mandani-pour

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Video of the Week

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More news

Khatami OKs peaceful reform

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - In another apparent nod of encouragement for peaceful reforms, Iran's president opened a vast military parade Wednesday by declaring the armed forces would never be used to suppress restrained domestic dissent. ``Day by day our military is getting stronger, but they are not going to be used to crack down on the people and they will only be deployed against the enemies of the country,'' President Mohammed Khatami said before an annual display of Iran's military power, including the public unveiling of the mobile Zelzal missile that some experts believe is capable of reaching most points in the Middle East ... FULL TEXT

U.S. sanctions on Iran energy deals to stay-official

WASHINGTON, Sept 22 (Reuters) - A top State Department official said on Wednesday that U.S. sanctions against large foreign investments in Iran's oil and natural gas sector will remain in place for the foreseeable future. ``I do not foresee a fundamental change in the (U.S.) sanctions policy,'' said Ambassador Elizabeth Jones, principal deputy assistant secretary in the State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, in a speech at a Middle East Economic Digest conference ... FULL TEXT

Jordan defends Hamas detentions

Sept 23, (BBC) - Jordan has defended the arrests on Wednesday of three senior Hamas officials who had been out of the country since a government crackdown on the movement last month. The trio - politbureau chief Khalid Mishal, official spokesman Ibrahim Ghosheh and politbureau member Musa Abu Marzuq - were detained at Amman airport after their plane from Iran landed on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Airport exile reluctant to leave

Sept 23, (BBC) - The man who spent 11 years waiting at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris for his travel documents now appears reluctant to face the outside world once more. But after more than a decade on a plastic bench next to a pizza outlet, the dream of freedom seems to have lost its allure for Mr Nasseri ... FULL TEXT

Reagan bio mixes fiction, history

WASHINGTON (AP) - Ronald Reagan's authorized biography, 14 years in the making, doesn't know what to make of his role in the Iran-Contra scandal that soiled his remarkable imprint on the nation. But it is more surefooted in saying that Reagan, in his final years as president, was practicing ``conservation of mental resources'' and struggling as if by sheer will to stay focused on the things he really cared about ... FULL TEXT

Sting in the tail for OPEC success story

VIENNA, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Riding high on oil's wheel of fortune OPEC finds itself master again of the global energy market. How long can it last? Just a year ago the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries was on its knees. Internal disputes over how to deal with a glut had sent prices crashing below $10 a barrel. Now oil ministers, who on Wednesday endorsed tight export limits, are savouring the prospect of a winter windfall to restore revenues while the West frets that rising energy costs will reignite inflation ... FULL TEXT

Reacrtions to Samad article

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Letters regarding an article on the life of Samad Behrangi. One says he did not drown in a river but was "martyred" by agents of th Shah. Samad's brother also has something to say about that ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

New books

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Kourosh Zaim (with Ali Ardalan) have published the history of the National Front from its birth up to the 1953 coup. Plus news on three other books ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Red v. Blue

Tehran -- Persepolis and Esteqlal battle it out at Azadi stadium on Friday ... REVIEW ... PLAYERS ... GOAL SCORERS

Chess: Win, loss

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Shirin Navabi has defeated a Yugoslav chess master in the world youth chess championships in Armenia. Her team-mate Amir Malahi was defeated by a German ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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The Islamic republic looks to the future as one where religion, freedom and responsibility can co-exist in society.

-- President Khatami
Sept 23, 1999

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Musician of the Week

Lily Afshar

* Jaan-e Maryam
* Leila Leila
* Gol-e gandom
* Aire de Joropo
* Asturias / Leyenda

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