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Wednesday August 16, 2000 / Mordad 26, 1379, No. 1044



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By Esmail Nooriala
August 16, 2000
The Iranian


Majnoon has no pride

By Zara Houshmand
August 16, 2000
The Iranian

Majnoon has no pride;
me, I have no place to hide.
Fingertips on keys
punch holes in boundaries
between two worlds
and the wind whistles through shamelessly,
shamelessly >>> GO TO FEATURE


In Australia

By Laleh Khalili
August 16, 2000
The Iranian


My mother grows lemons and marigolds her exile garden
........and hangs her laundry on sunny clotheslines
My mother drinks her bitterness down with tea
........and finds joy in pistachio green >>> GO TO FEATURE


By Mehdi Moazzen
August 16, 2000
The Iranian


Third coast brunch

By Ali Mohajer
August 16, 2000
The Iranian

Muriel sat watching in the corner,
playing with the paper,
hiding in the pages.
She's a sad one. Always
wearing black or brown >>> GO TO FEATURE


Persian princess insania

By Leyla Momeny
August 16, 2000
The Iranian

I am america-girl:
britannica irania
persian princess insania
lavash skin, aquiline nose,
my heart emerged as a golden oud,
well-mannered and traveled,
have reached the skirts of Isfahan >>> GO TO FEATURE


Wistful Iranians feed on a satellite beam of nostalgia

By Geneive Abdo
The Guardian
August 16, 2000

Every night Ahmad sinks into his armchair and drifts back to 1978. He listens to the songs of Googoosh, Iran's banned and most venerable pop star. He watches old films and remembers a time when romantic love was a public affair. For the next few hours he weeps, out of longing for the time before the Islamic Revolution.

He goes to bed already looking forward to his return from work the next day, when he can escape to the past again >>> FULL TEXT

Energy issues will play bigger role in US election

WASHINGTON, Aug 16 (Reuters) - When Americans enter the voting booths in early November, their choice for president may be influenced by the climbing cost of filling gasoline tanks and heating homes. Energy issues are expected to play a bigger role in this year's presidential campaign than during any election since 1980, when a doubling of oil prices and higher fuel costs helped Ronald Reagan defeat Jimmy Carter >>> FULL TEXT

Beh shomaa cheh?

Looking into the needs and issues facing young giels in Tehran? >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* To educate, or entertain?

Morteza Loghmani writes: I have been an avid reader of your news magazine for last two years. Lately, I have noticed a disturbing trend in your feature stories. Some features are informative, educational and some leave the reader with void and wondering what is the point?

As you know The Iranian has become a medium for the diaspora community across the globe. Has become an entertainment magazine? Or are you dedicated to inform and educate the readers about Iran.

The younger Iranians are at risk of becoming shallow-minded and superficial.

* Women are not men, Persians not Arabs

FK writes: What a beautiful letter written by a young son of this old country. There is obviously nothing wrong with being Arab and I personally have a lot of Arab friends whom I am really happy to get the chance to meet with and I honestly respect them for who and what they are.

However, there is an issue called identity. If you are not an Arab you are not and if you are, you are. This is like being a woman or a man, there is nothing wrong with being one of each but if you are a woman you don't wanna be called Mr. --- and vise versa >>> FULL TEXT

* Persian rugs with American designs?

Hakhamaneshi writes: After reading the article on rug merchants in Tehran, I was deeply saddened to learn how some merchants who obviously are not thinking of anything else except their own profit, are so naively and superficially ruining one of the most precious aspect of Iranian heritage and culture which has been manifested in carpet weaving , by trying to find out what the Americans want or like and changing the carpet industry in Iran by implementing those "American" designs >>> FULL TEXT>>> FULL TEXT

Film: "The Girl in Sneakers" in Seattle

The Girl in Sneakers - (Dokhtary Ba Kafsh-haye Katany) (with English subtitle). An Iranian film based on a true story by Rassul Sadr Ameli featuring Pegah Ahangarani (Winner of the best Actress Prize 23rd Cairo International Film Festival Egypt, 1999), Majid Majidzadah, & Akram Mohammadi will be shown on Sunday, August 20 in Seattle >>> DETAILS HERE




Seven Stages from Shahnameh
by Babak Ghraghouzlou


Baa masooliyat-e sardabir
Anonymous columns in the banned daily Jame'eh
By Morteza Mardiha

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

Curses fall from your lips, and the moon smiles.

Those curses come from rubies forged in fire.

Curse again, your words caress my heart

Like a breeze that stirs the petals of a flower.
-- Rumi
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More news

President urges patience on reforms

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami vowed Wednesday to press on with reforms but warned supporters to be patient and realistic. ``I stand firm ... on my promises. We ought to have a free climate for expression of views ... and not betray people's dreams,'' state IRNA news agency quoted Khatami as saying >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. ship rescues Iran helicopter

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A U.S. ship rescued the two-man crew of an Iranian helicopter that crashed near an oil rig in the Persian Gulf, state-run radio reported Wednesday. The conditions of the pilot and co-pilot, who were believed to be Iranian, were not immediately known >>> FULL TEXT

Khamenei rules out ties with the U.S.

TEHRAN, Aug 16 (AFP) - Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei again ruled out re-opening ties with the United States, the official IRNA news agency reported Wednesday. Khamenei blasted Washington's efforts to secure a Middle East peace deal, which has long been opposed by Tehran, and said the United States was trying to impose its will on the region >>> FULL TEXT

Reformists oust hard-liner

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Reformist lawmakers ousted a hard-line legislator Wednesday and made public a threat by a vigilante group to put a bullet into the ``traitorous heads'' of those seeking change. The two moves showed a new resolve by the reformers in their struggle with conservatives led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has the last say in all state matters >>> FULL TEXT

Radical daily resumes publication in reformist guise

TEHRAN, Aug 16 (AFP) - A radical daily which ceased publication last year reappeared Wednesday expressing support for the reforms of President Mohammad Khatami. Jahan-e-Eslam (World of Islam) said it was now the organ of the Association of Partisan Forces of the Imam (APFI), a group formed in 1997 at the time of Khatami's election >>> FULL TEXT

Judicial official casts doubt on the re-opening of newspapers: paper

TEHRAN, Aug 16 (AFP) - A conservative newspaper, citing an unidentified "high-ranking" official in the judiciary, cast doubt Wednesday on reports that banned papers would be returning to newsstands soon. The official, quoted in the Qods daily, contradicted statements Monday by Iran's number-two judge, Hadi Marvi, that some of the more than 20 newspapers and magazines could be allowed to re-open >>> FULL TEXT

Parliament okays defence lawyers for all court hearings

TEHRAN, Aug 16 (AFP) - Defendants on trial in the courts will be allowed to have a lawyer on hand for all hearings under draft legislation passed by the parliament on Wednesday. The bill, which will be forwarded to a parliamentary committee for further readings, would mark the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution that defendants were granted full rights to a lawyer in court >>> FULL TEXT

OPEC to raise output capacity by 1.1 mln bpd in 2001

NEW YORK, Aug 16 (Reuters) - Oil cartel OPEC's limited spare production capacity, will rise by about 1.1 million barrels per day (bpd) by the end of next year, giving the cartel a little leverage to ease tight supply, according to a Reuters survey on Wednesday. Nine of the eleven strong cartel are pumping at full capacity after a 2.4 million bpd rise in the group's supply quotas this year, and the lack of spare supply has helped to push current prices well above the group's $25 to $28 a barrel target level. Benchmark Brent this week hit 10-year highs of $32.80 >>> FULL TEXT

Bolder artists, art managers

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The 2nd of Khordad reform movement has encouraged many artists to express themselves more freely. And the art establishment, notably Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Arts, has also undergone changes toward bolder projects >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Films enter European fests

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- Iranian films have been accepted at Italian and Spanish film fests >>> FULL TEXT

Young actor: Not just a clown

Tehran (Jam-e Jam) -- Saeed Alikhani is a young actor who has played many roles as a comedic actor. But he says he doesn't want to just clown around, he wants to play serious roles too >>> FULL TEXT

Iran defeat Georgia in friendly

TEHRAN, August 1 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: The Iranian National Team defeated Georgia 2-1 in a friendly match at Azadi Stadium on Wednesday. The head coach of the Iranian team, Jalal Talebi, fielded mostly young and inexperienced players against Georgia to determine their readiness and capablities for possible recruitment to his Asian Cup squad >>> FULL TEXT

A slap in the face for Haghdoost

(Iran Sports Press) -- With video: "Control your temper and always respect the referee's decision", coaches continually stress to their players. However, for one assistant coach on the Zobahan football team the saying goes, "Respect the referee or else I will slap you". Davoud Haghdoost, a young player on Zobahan team who has been recently invited by Jalal Talebi to join the Iranian National Team camp, the match against Zobahan taught him a few lessons, albeit severe, about uttering profanities at the referee >>> FULL TEXT

Draw announced for under-17 Asian championships

VIETNAM, August 15 (Iran Sports Press) -- The draw for the Asian Under 17 Championships was held in host country Vietnam on Tuesday. The groupings for the Championship, which will be held from September 3 to 17, are >>> FULL TEXT


Iran: the biggest jail for journalists in the world says RSF

Reactions to the arrests of reformist journalists inside and outside Iran is continuing. Latest being a statement by Reporter Sans Frontiers titled: ' Iran: the biggest jail for journalist in the world' . Daryoush Homai spoke to Virginie Locussol of RSF: >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Gradual reform

I stand firm ... on my promises. We ought to have a free climate for expression of views ... and not betray people's dreams... But I believe there is no other way to reach our goals than through a calm and gradual process.

-- President Khatami
August 16, 2000

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