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Thursday August 31, 2000 / Shahrivar 10, 1379, No. 1055


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Tip-toeing toward reform
... against a powerful conservative minority

By Mehdi Ardalan
August 31, 2000
The Iranian

Khamenei's alliance with conservatives in shelving the press reform bill may have taught the reformists a lesson: be content with smaller steps. But by concentrating on lesser issues, the reformers would appear to be moving away from the people's main demands. It could even make the reformers as unpopular as the conservatives. To prevent this, reformist leaders, including Khatami himself, have preached patience but kept up the protest.

By refusing to prescribe a violent revolt, the reform movement seems to be contemplating new tactics aimed at advancing its agenda through the quagmire that is Iran's political structure. The difficult challenge is to take full advantage the president and parliament's popularity and at the same time try to control public anger and frustration >>> GO TO FEATURE


By dAyi Hamid
August 30, 2000
The Iranian >>> GO TO FEATURE


More Violence in Khoramabad

BBC Persian Service

There are reports of further disturbances in Khoramabad. Several people are reported to have been arrested after the latest unrest. In the meantime high-level government and judiciary investigative teams have travelled to Khoramabad in an attempt to establish who is responsible for the violence. Sima Bahrami has sopken to two political analysts on this issue >>> LISTEN HERE

Iranian, U.S. lawmakers meet for the first time in 20 years

BY: Barbara Slavin
August 31, 2000

Iranian and U.S. lawmakers met for the first time in 20 years Wednesday night at a reception in New York City that could further ease tensions between the former allies and lead to a return visit by U.S. congressmen to Iran.

Also attending the reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art were top figures in the U.S. Jewish community. Iran's Islamic government has been hostile to Israel. In July, it convicted 10 Jews of spying for Israel >>> FULL TEXT

Sharon Stone upstaged by Iran's star in a chador

By Hugh Davies in Venice
The Telegraph
August 31, 2000

THE Venice Film Festival opened last night with the principal guests, Sharon Stone and Clint Eastwood, almost upstaged by a young woman from Iran. Appearing on the Lido Esplanade, Samira Makhmalbaf, at the age of 20 Teheran's youngest film director, had the paparazzi eating out of her hands as she posed in a black chador-like garb and simple sandals >>> FULL TEXT

Online matching

The Fairfax Journal
August 31, 2000

Saied Ghaffari, 16, and his mother sat on the couch one night last year, talking and sharing ideas as usual, when the conversation turned to a news article about a 20-year-old Fremont man who made $12 million when an investor bought his Web site reviewing video games.

The idea hit home for Saied's mother, Davar Ardalan, who looked at her son, a rising junior at Oakton High School and an avid computer user >>> FULL TEXT

    Boxing ring

    Daftar Tahkin-e Vahdat: Open letter following Khorramabad inrest >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

    Kargar Sosiaalist: Why Rah-e Kargar's views about Iran's political situation is wrong >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT



dAyi Hamid on the birth oh his second child:

Rebecca popped out at 08:04 this morning. 3670g, 49cm, and "sor o mor o gondeh". I haven't slept since Monday. I'm going to bed now.

dAyi Hamid


There are no pictures of Rebecca yet. But here are some cute pictures of dAyi Hamid's first child, Roxanna.

More Letters

* Malaagheh

Abbas M. Zadeh writes: Well I just finished reading your so-called review of the Googoosh concert in New York and I must say I am quite dismayed by what I have read ["Baptized in tears"]. No wonder critics are hated even more than what they criticize. Where do you get off judging all the aspects of Googoosh's show?

The only aspect that you were right about was our oneness - being one people from one place and that is IRAN! Too bad that you decided to leave that as an unimportant thing in the last paragraph of your so called: "MAGHAALEH". Well to me, it was more of a "MALAAGHEH"! If you get my meaning!>>> FULL TEXT

* American missionaries in Iran

Myrtle (Browning) Fulton writes: Comments on Blood & Oil: Memoirs of a Persian prince by Manucher and Roxane Farmanfarmaian: Dear Ms. Farmanfarmaian, I just finished reading the book "Blood & Oil" and I found it fascinating! I had been giving credit to your father for the bulk of the writing, but in the Web heading with your name I see that you should get the credit for most of the writing. Congratulations!

Part of the reason I found the book so fascinating is that I grew up in Persia/Iran. About the time your father was sent to England for school, I was born to Presbyterian missionary parents in Rezaiyeh (Urumia) in Azerbaijan. Except for furlough years (basically 1928 and school year 1937-1938) I lived in Iran. I can picture many of the places that are mentioned, though I saw them from quite a different perspective than your father. My parents were stationed first in Rezaiyeh, second in Tehran 1934-37 and finally in Resht (Rasht) where my father died and is buried in the Armenian cemetery. One sister died and is buried at Seir just outside Rezaiyeh. My mother retired in 1957 and died in 1974. But there are many memories. I left in 1944 after D-Day opened up a way to get back to the USA via the Atlantic >>> FULL TEXT

Theater: Sex & suspense: play in Berkeley

Darvag, the Berkeley-based Iranian theatre company, pushes the limits with a bilingual production of Mario Fratti's VICTIM, with the same cast playing alternate nights in English and Persian. Opening September 1, through September 17, with performances in English on Fridays, and in Persian on Saturdays and Sundays >>> DETAILS HERE




An English-Persian Dictionary
By Dariush Gilani


Faraaz o neshib-e aqlaaniyat
By Mohammad Saeed Bahram-pour

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

The day my heart and love begin to fight

My barefoot soul will run from their sight.

Keep your sanity: steer clear of me.

You're insane if you think me wise.
-- Rumi
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More news

Five arrested as unrest in Khorramabad flares again: paper

TEHRAN, Aug 31 (AFP) - Riots erupted for the seventh straight night in the western Iranian city of Khoramabad as demonstrators smashed bank windows and hurled Molotov cocktails, press reports said Thursday. The Kayhan paper said five people were arrested in the latest troubles in the city, which has been on edge since two leading critics arrived last Thursday to address a pro-reform student conference >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says unrest in provinces over as investigation begins

TEHRAN, Aug 31 (AFP) - Iran's Supreme National Security Council, which is chaired by President Mohammad Khatami, on Thursday sent an investigative team to the riot-torn western city of Khoramabad, state radio said. The announcement came as Intelligence Minister Ali Yunesi was quoted in the press saying that the unrest which erupted in the city last week, leaving one dead and dozens injured, was now firmly under control >>> FULL TEXT

US, Iranian Lawmakers Meet in N.Y.

NEW YORK (AP) - For the first time since the Islamic revolution two decades ago, a group of American and Iranian lawmakers met and discussed U.S. sanctions against Tehran, the treatment of Iranian Jews and other issues dividing the two countries, participants said Thursday. Lawmakers from both Iran and the United States stressed that the 20-minute discussion Wednesday night at a museum reception was an unofficial ``bumping into'' - not a formal, sit-down meeting - although both sides knew the other would be attending >>> FULL TEXT

Court orders whipping, then death for murder of Islamic fighter

TEHRAN, Aug 31 (AFP) - An Iranian man will be put to death next week for murdering a member of the country's volunteer Basiji Islamic militia during a botched kidnapping, a newspaper reported Thursday. Hamid Heydari was also sentenced to be whipped before being executed after he stabbed Basiji fighter Timor Hassan-Zadeh to death last month in the city of Rey, the Jame-Jam paper said >>> FULL TEXT

US oil holds above $33 despite promise of Saudi supply

NEW YORK, Aug 31 (Reuters) - U.S. oil held strong above $33 a barrel Thursday as traders shrugged off signals from OPEC delegates that kingpin Saudi Arabia was ready to increase output unilaterally if necessary to lower crude prices. October crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) settled at $33.12 a barrel, down just 20 cents after trading as high as $33.70 in intraday activity.>>> FULL TEXT

"Bad" film becomes huge hit

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Siroos Alvand's latest film "Dast-haaye aaloodeh" (Stained Hands) has quickly become a huge box office hit, thanks to its youth appeal. But the film's characters have no substance >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Youth short films fest: Hundreds enter

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- There have been more than 1,100 entries in the youth short films festival. Percentage of those produced by the private sector has increased >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

3000-year-old temple gets attention

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Clay scripts at Choghazanbil, a temple built around 1250 B.C., have received "identity papers" (organized, categorized?) in a joint effort by Iranian archaeological centers >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Austria vs. Iran

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Who should the Iranian national soccer team fear most in Friday's friendly against Austria? >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Persepolis Coaching controversy

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Ali Parvin still insists that he does not need a foreign coach as an assistant. But the club thinks otherwise >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Lebanon looking better and better

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- The Lebanese national soccer team, which is in the same group as Iran in the Asian championships, looks more and more like a serious contender >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Arrested Journalists Fate

Several pro-reform journalists were arrested almost one month ago in Tehran. There has not been much reports about their situation and it is not clear when their trials are going to be held. Saeed Yekta has got more details >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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"Change the World" is the masthead motto of this energetic New York-based monthly zine., which celebrated its first birthday this past spring, is hosting a series of Planet Girl concert events this summer, and plans to launch its first CD as an independent label for female rockers.

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This must have been cleared at the highest levels in Tehran.

-- Geoffrey Kemp, Middle East expert at the Nixon Center on meeting between Iranian and U.S. lawmakers in New York
USA Today
August 31, 2000

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