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Tuesday December 5, 2000 / Azar 15, 1379, No. 1119


Sehaty Foreign Exchange


By Mohandes
December 5, 2000
The Iranian


Native Americans on canvas

Paintings by Hooshang
December 5, 2000
The Iranian

"Born in Persia, Hooshang earned his BFA at Tehran University. He lived in Spain for eight years, then came to the United States to visit his brother. Today Hooshang is a U.S. citizen living in Louisiana, where he creates his paintings in a studio full of light and color." >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

Raising the fortress of freedom


Ganji Sues Larijani

BBC Persian Service

Akbar Ganji, a jailed pro-reform journalist, has lodged a complaint against Javad Larijani, a well known conservative figure. He has accused Larijani of spreading false accusations concerning Mr Ganji's past activities. Daryoush Homai talks to Gholam Ali Riahi, Ganji's lawyer >>> LISTEN HERE

A Few Tanks for Iran

By Michael O'Hanlon
The Washington Post
December 5, 2000

Early in November, Moscow informed Washington that it intended to withdraw from a 1995 U.S.-Russian agreement limiting sales of advanced conventional weapons to Iran. Under the terms of that accord, Russia had promised to stop exporting arms to Iran by the end of last year. In exchange, Washington agreed not to impose sanctions on Russia for its existing arms contracts with Iran. Now Moscow says that because the 1995 agreement was supposed to be secret, but has recently become public in the United States,Russia will no longer be bound by its terms >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian ``Protest'' loses the plot

By Robert Koehler

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Daring in its desire to inject political and social commentary into a conventional melodrama, yet aesthetically far behind the work of younger, more rigorous Iranian filmmakers, vet helmer Massoud Kimiayi's ``Protest'' fails to connect its vast array of dramatic dots >>> FULL TEXT

Al's peace offer

My mom quoting some comedian: Al Gore says to George Bush: "I give up. You won the election. I'll kiss your elephant. You kiss my ass."

More Letters

* Crazy chauvinist weirdo

Mojgan writes: Thank you so much for giving this crazy chauvinist weirdo a lesson ["Grow up, for God's sake"]. All this guy needs is attention and unfortunately he's getting it by posting such disgusting articles on this web site ["Real Iranian girls?"]. (I have no idea where the heck this freak comes from, but I'm sure he's from a very screwed up family) >>> FULL TEXT

* How does she know?

Aannuu Chaudry writes: I think it is sad that some people consider their views representative of all women. The comments ["Grow up, for God's sake"] made by Mojdeh about her impressions of all girls in Iran are so prejudicial and disqusting!

She is doing exactly what she accused men of, and degrading herself at the same time. She needs to go to psychological counselling or something, I mean what girl really likes "anal sex"? And how does she know?

* Nothing before Googoosh

Ebrahim Majidi writes: I just wanted to tell you the reason why Googoosh, our queen of hearts, is not talking about Ghanbari ["We forget"] and the like: I am old enough to remember that people like Ghanbari gained all they have -- fame and experience -- just by working with Googoosh >>> FULL TEXT

* Knack for writing

Dna G. McIntyre writes: I liked your piece on Persia, Iowa. You have a definite knack for writing, and a sense of humanity, and humor. I don't know what line of work you are in. But I think you should try journalism.

I look forward to reading your column in some newspaper. I have no doubt you'll make it.

* Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Adam

Cusex writes: Homosexuals have a choice to be gay or not. Aids is a virus that originated from homosexuals, we have the freedom as Americans to choose to be gay or not, but it is takeing away others freedom... As you read in the Bible, God created Adam and Eve to marry. If he intended us to marry the same sex, he would have made two people of the same sex >>> FULL TEXT

Business: Work for consulting firm in Iran

Atieh Bahar Consulting, Iran's leading strategic consulting firm is looking for a few young, dynamic persons to join its growing team. Three positions are currently open in the firm: 2 consultants and 1 executive secretary. The consultant positions require the following qualifications >>> DETAILS HERE




The Messenger Within
Discovering Love and Wholeness Through Meditation
By Soraya Susan Behbehani



History of Persian folk songs by Samira Bahrami

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Gentle hearts, who scatter seeds of loyalty

    And rain pure goodness down on this black earth:

    You've heard, no matter where, the state I'm in;

    Don't separate me from my love again.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

Copyright © Abadan Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated or distributed in any form

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More news

Khatami seeks grass-roots solidarity against conservative onslaught

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - Embattled reformist Iranian President Mohammad Khatami returns to his grass-roots support among the young Wednesday as he mulls standing for re-election in the face of fierce conservative opposition. Khatami will address students and hold a question-and-answer session at the reformist stronghold of Tehran University on the annual Students Day, his office said >>> FULL TEXT

Conoco sees quick change in Iran sanctions policy

HOUSTON, Dec 5 (Reuters) - Conoco Inc.(NYSE:COCa - news)(NYSE:COCb - news) Chief Executive Archie Dunham said on Tuesday he expects the United States to drop unilateral economic sanctions against Iran within the next 12 months, regardless of who becomes president. ``I really believe that the policy will change in the next 12 months,'' Dunham told investment analysts in Houston >>> FULL TEXT

Lifting of US oil sanctions against Iran "inevitable": Iran

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - Iran's Deputy Oil Minister Hossein Kazempour-Ardebili said here on Tuesday a lifting of US oil sanctions against Iran was "inevitable." "The lifting of sanctions is from now on inevitable, because the democrats, like the republicans, know that they (the sanctions) are of no use," he said during a news conference >>> FULL TEXT

US to urge Moscow to reverse resumption of military cooperation with Iran

MOSCOW, Dec 5 (AFP) - The United States will urge Moscow to reverse its decision to resume military cooperation with Iran at a meeting of US-Russian experts in Moscow Wednesday, a US embassy official said Tuesday. Asked by AFP if the US delegation would press Russia to stand by a bilateral accord banning arms sales to Iran, the official replied: "Yes >>> FULL TEXT

Senior Iraqi foreign ministry official arrives in Tehran

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - Iraq's under-secretary for foreign affairs, Riad al-Qaissi, arrived in Iran late Tuesday for an official six-day visit, the IRNA news agency reported. Qaissi, who arrived overland, said in the western town of Korrmanshar that this visit was aimed at "improving relations between the two countries on the human level and resolving the issues of prisoners of war," which has still not been settled 12 years after a war between the two countries ended >>> FULL TEXT

Tehran rejects UN human rights resolution

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - Iran energetically rejected Tuesday a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly a day earlier expressing "deep concerns" about press freedom in Iran, the official IRNA news agency reported. "This resolution, voted by a small majority of the UN General Assembly, is too categorical and does not correspond to the reality of Iranian society", IRNA quoted foreign ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Assefi >>> FULL TEXT

Iran drops plan to manufacture Islamic rival for Barbie

TEHRAN, Dec 5 (AFP) - A plan to protect Iranian youth from the "negative influence" of the popular US Barbie and Ken dolls, by replacing them with home-made "Islamic" substitutes, was abandoned, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday. "Four years after the promise to commercialise the dolls -- Sara and Dara -- they still have not been produced," said Majid Qaderi, the director-general of the state-run educational center for youth >>> FULL TEXT

Farmanara's film a favorite in Chicago

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Audiences at the Gene Siskel Center in Chicago have picked Bahman Farmanara's "The Smell Of Camphor, The Fragrance Of Jasmine" as their favorite film >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Karimi's first film

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Ali Karimi's first film "Az kenaar-e ham meegozareem" (We pass each other) is at the editing stage >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Literature of war

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- A very interesting analysis of Iranian war novels >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Civilization Cup

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Italy, China, and Egypt have agreed to take part of the Civilization Cup matches in Terhan >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Majidi wows UAE

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Farhad Majidi has been named the player of the week in the UAE >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Public funds for Red & Blue

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Tehran municipality is giving 400 million tomans to Persepolis and Esteqlal. Why? >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Islamic dissent in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Since the establishment of the Islamic Republic, a large sections of the clergy have questioned some of the basic tenets of the theocratic government and also opposed to its policies. In the first of his four reports Sadeq Saba looks at the opposition of the senior clerics to the creation of the new Islamic order in Iran >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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I really believe that the policy will change in the next 12 months ... I'm optimistic, regardless of whether it's a Bush administration or a Gore administration, that we're going to have a change in our unilateral sanctions policy.

-- Archie Dunham, Conoco CEO
December 5, 2000

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