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Just like that
How the Mossadegh government was overthrown

By Mark Gasiorowski
Jully 7, 2000
The Iranian

I have had a thorough look through the CIA history of the 1953 coup in Iran (codenamed TPAJAX) that was recently released on the New York Times' internet site. I have also gone through the version giving many of the blanked-out names th at is available on the internet site. The following are what seem to be the most important points made in the history >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iran tries peaceful revolution

By Scott Peterson
The Christian Science Monitor
July 7, 2000

TEHRAN, IRAN Violence often defines pivotal moments in the Middle East, and events marking their memory have a history of turning violent, too. But Iranian students - the same group that one year ago became embroiled in the worst street violence in 20 years - are turning to flower power. "," declares student leader , describing anniversary plans for Saturday for a mass distribution of blooms >>> FULL TEXT

Justice that is politically judged

The Economist
July 08, 2000

Tehran -- BEFORE their trial started, a voluble outside world had declared the 13 Iranian Jews accused of spying for Israel to be innocent. So when, on July 1st, the Revolutionary Court sentenced ten of the accused to prison terms of four to 13 years, the charge of a "kangaroo process" was predictable >>> FULL TEXT

Creativity Refuses to Wilt in Iran

Los Angeles Times
July 7, 2000

In a society bursting with new ideas despite religious restrictions, filmmaker Samira Makhmalbaf is a post-revolution symbol of a country where culture is helping raise the national consciousness >>> FULL TEXT

San Francisco Opera Leader Recalls


July 5, 2000, SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Lotfi Mansouri is fond of saying that he saved countless lives over the years by making opera his profession. Now, sadly, the world of opera is about to lose what the world of medicine was spared. At age 71, Mansouri is just one year away from retiring as general director of the San Francisco Opera >>> FULL TEXT

Chaos theory

By Ali Nikseresht

(Iran News) -- For the past few weeks there has been talk of a paper, authored by Dr. Patrick Clawson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. This paper has become known rather amusingly, as the "Chaos Theory" paper, among Washington DC academic/political circles.

Briefly put, the paper advocates promoting chaos in Iran to further US interests. The implementation of such a strategy effectively implies actively undermining President Khatami and the reform movement >>> FULL TEXT

Congress passes Americans With No Abilities Act

Washington, DC (THE ONION) -- Tuesday Congress approved the Americans With No Abilities Act, sweeping new legislation that provides benefits and protection for more than 135 million talentless Americans >>> FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Why is it disturbing?

Poopak Taati writes: I don't dispute that Jews can be spies ["Let's face it"]. Jews, as well as Moslems and Christians have spied in Iranian history at times and spying is never justifiable. But, what is disturbing about the trial of Jews in Iran is whether they can get a fair hearing >>> FULL TEXT

* Loyalty to one's breed

Amir Khosrow Dafari , writes: Mr. Moallemian comes across as a politician desperate for votes ["Let's face it"]. His categorical support for the now-convicted spies in Iran can not be interpreted otherwise >>> FULL TEXT

* Refugees, unemployment, crime and prostitution

Cyrus Raafat writes: In the recent accusative and truly narrow-minded views expressed about Afghan refugees, geopolitics and demographic realities that are all tied into the economic and political interests of Iran, are being ignored >>> FULL TEXT

* Please, please, please

F. Kaviani writes: Please, please, please give me a break ["Joan of Arc"]. Let's look at everything the way they are. I like Googoosh, her music and also those great days that Googoosh type of music was a part of that. I also strongly believe everyone's personal life is abolutely his or her own business. But >>> FULL TEXT

Academic: Positions at University of California, Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara, invites application for a .50 position as Assistant Director of the Center for Middle East Studies beginning August 15, 2000 >>> DETAILS HERE




The Making of Exile Cultures : Iranian Television in Los Angeles
by Hamid Naficy


Farhang-e sinamaa-ye iraan
Iranian cinema directory by Jamal Omid

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

Remembering your scent, wherever I saw a flower,

I smelled it and tears began to pour.

Wherever I saw a cypress in the meadow,

I kissed its feet in memory of you.
-- Rumi
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More news

Iranians protest at German consulate

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Iranian opposition activists took control of part of the German consulate here for five hours Friday to protest a planned visit to Germany by Iran's president, police said. Ten unarmed Iranians moved into the consulate's visitors room and demanded that the visit by President Mohammad Khatami, scheduled for next week, be called off >>> FULL TEXT

Students mark dormitory raid

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Students said Friday they will hand out flowers in Tehran's streets and light candles to commemorate last year's bloody raid on a university dormitory - a peaceful plan praised by a key hard-line politician. ``I appreciate that the student groups have decided to commemorate the anniversary in this way, which does not create any controversy,'' former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani said during a Friday prayer sermon at Tehran University >>> FULL TEXT

Opposition gears up to protest against Khatami visit

BERLIN, July 7 (AFP) - Iranian opponents of President Mohammad Khatami are gearing up to mount a protest demonstration of 25,000 participants for when he arrives in Berlin Monday, Iranian opposition leaders in exile said Friday. Although top security measures will be in force to protect the Iranian leader during his controversial three-day visit to Germany, the chancellor's office said Friday the authorities could not prevent peaceful protests >>> FULL TEXT

German government says Khatami trip still on despite planned protests

BERLIN, July 5 (AFP) - The German government insisted Friday that Iranian President Mohammed Khatami's July 10-12 visit to Germany would go ahead, despite protests by Iranian exiles and German deputies. "We do not have any indication of a cancellation or a postponement of the visit of President Khatami," German government spokesman, Uwe-Karsten Heye, told AFP after a daily paper reported Khatami was having second thoughts >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami: fighter for "Islamic democracy"

TEHRAN, July 7 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammed Khatami, who begins an important visit to Germany on Monday, is apparently as popular today as he was when he was elected three years ago. But his mission to open up the Islamic republic has been set back time and again by the regime's conservatives >>> FULL TEXT

Soroush and Kadivar win human rights grants

(New York) July 4, 2000 -- Human Rights Watch today announced a diverse group of writers from 22 countries to receive grants recognizing their courage in the face of political persecution >>> FULL TEXT

Iran and Germany aim to strengthen their economic ties

TEHRAN, July 7 (AFP) - Germany, which Iranian President Mohammad Khatami visits from Monday, wants to remain Tehran's leading supplier of goods, reversing the decline in trade and strengthening industrial ties. Trade has been on the downtrend since 1993, after relations soured somewhat when a German court accused the Iranian leadership of direct involvement in the murder of Iranian Kurdish dissidents in Germany >>> FULL TEXT

Kimiaie: High expectations

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Massoud Kimiaie is one of Iran's greatest filmmakers. But his latest creation, "Mercede", disappointed his fans. It's not too late >>> FULL TEXT

Historical Molla Nasredin

Tehran (Bahar) -- Satirist Omran Salahi is working on the biography of Molla Nassredin >>> FULL TEXT

New pop albums in Iran

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Pop singer Khashayar Etemadi has a new album out. And Farman Fathalian has a pop album out with songs praising, yes, Imam Ali >>> FULL TEXT

Khatibi weighing offers

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Rasoul Khati, who did not get much playing time while at Hamburg last season, is now weighing five offers from European and Asian teams >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Parvin after Bagheri

Tehran (Iran daily) --Persepolis headcoach Ali Parvin is trying to get Karim Bagheri to rejoin his oil club for next season >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Bagheri launches anti-drug use campaign

(Iran Sports Press) -- Star mid fielder, Karim Bagheri, has launched an anti-drug public announcement campaign on Iranian airwaves in a bid to curtail drug use among the youth in Iran >>> FULL TEXT


Googoosh press conference (in detail)

Pop star Googoosh held a press conference in Toronto Thursday. Here's a more detailed excerpt (go to 40 minutes and 22 seconds) >>> LISTEN HERE

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We will confront fists with flowers.

-- Ibrahim Sheikh, student in Tehran
The Christian Science Monitor
July 7, 2000

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