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Paintings by Asiyeh Esfandiari

July 17, 2000
The Iranian

I found Asiyeh Esfandiari's paintings by chance as I was surfing the Persian Art web site.

People in her paintings do not have a strong presence. They seem to be defined only as outlines or strong colors representing unpredictable outside forces. They are a reminder of the Iranian belief in fate or qesmat. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iranians in Southland Flex Political Muscle

By Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson
Los Angeles Times
July 17, 2000

Southern California's Iranian Americans, reclusive and apolitical since the U.S. hostage crisis two decades ago, are beginning to use their considerable numbers and wealth to influence policy inside and outside Iran.

No longer do they call themselves "Persian" or "Middle Eastern" to escape American animosity born when militant students laid siege to the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979.

Nor is this community of 600,000 willing to wait for others to reshape what members call a repressive theocracy that sent many of them fleeing. >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Ramin Tabib

AOL Settles With Muslim Over 'Sand N**ger' Incident

WASHINGTON, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- America Online (AOL) and its business partner Cendant Corporation have reached a settlement with a Muslim shopper in Chicago, Ill., who received a racist slur on a catalog from a Cendant-owned company that does business through AOL.

``Sand n**ger'' was printed under the obviously-Muslim name of the catalog recipient. That slur is used to attack Muslims, who are assumed to be Arabs from countries that are primarily desert. In fact, Arabs are a minority in the Muslim world >>> FULL TEXT

American at Home Coaching in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Gary LeMoine, the first American coach for an Iranian team since the 1979 Islamic revolution, says his work with the national basketball team is another step toward improving relations between Tehran and Washington.

``The fact that I've been hired by Iran should definitely be considered as part of greater people-to-people contacts between the two nations. I hope this will also open up contacts between the two governments,'' he said >>> FULL TEXT

21 Years On, Iran Still Gaga Over Pop Diva Googoosh

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Word that Iran's pop diva Googoosh will break 21 years of silence to perform abroad this month has electrified her legions of home-grown fans, many too young to know anything but her ubiquitous boot-leg recordings. For two decades the former pop sensation has hovered -- out of sight but not out of mind -- over the cultural landscape of urban Iran.

    Boxing ring

    Kayhan: Human rights grant to Soroush and Kadivar shows their links to foreign powers >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

    Rah-e Kargar: Statement calling for protests against the acquittal of former police chief >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Peeshraft :-)

TEHRAN, July 16 (AFP) - The 10 million residents of Iran's capital Tehran will soon have their first-ever female fire-fighting unit, television reported Sunday.

Some 10 women, aged between 30 and 40, are taking part in a crash training course and are expected to join the capital's fire department soon >>> READ HERE

More Letters

* Pressuring IRI will force further concessions

Committee for Religious Minority Rights in Iran writes open letter: Dear Congressman Brad Sherman,

You have always been a staunch supporter of Human Rights in Iran, advocating democracy and opposing the atrocities of the present dictatorship.

It has come to our attention that a certain Iranian individual has sent you a letter opposing your current efforts on behalf of the innocent Iranian Jews and Human Rights in Iran, and has been circulating it on the Internet. We would like to reconfirm our gratitude for your leading position in the House of Representatives on the above issues and remind all concerned of certain current facts about Iran >>> FULL TEXT

* A tad racist

Katy Jarrah-Layegh writes: Mr Reza Vatandust sounds like 'Daei Jan Napoleon': he says the "the mortal enemy of the Persian race" is England. How amusingly out-dated!

I am an Azeri-Iranian living on the soil of the "mortal enemy" in London. I am sorry to disappoint you Mr Vatandust, but for a "Vatandust" you sound a tad racist >>> FULL TEXT

* Khejaalat bekesh

Al Amin writes: You are the publisher of an Iranian family paper and you promote a damn PROSTITUTE in your paper? What are you made of? Shit!!!

Even in other countries they don't promote their prostitutes!! But you have to do that! Is that the ideal Iranian woman? Maybe you'd like women in your family to be like Jasmine (or they probably are!!), but I'm sure the very damn majority of Iranians don't look up to such ideas held high by idiots like MA (who seems to have suggested the site).

Boro kami khejaalat bekesh va beh mardomet fekr kon! You piece of crap!

Travel: Chat with Tara Bahrampour

From the crowded streets of Tehran to the ancient wonders of Esfahan, from the lush Caspian coastline to the world's most demanding dress code, join us as we explore a place that was up until recently thought too dangerous for Americans: Iran. On Tuesday, July 18 at 3pm EST, author and Travel + Leisure writer Tara Bahrampour answers your questions about traveling in Iran. Find out how to get there, and what sights and foods not to miss, and learn about some surprising aspects of this changing country; from still active synagogues to world-class ski slopes >>> GO HERE




Epic & Sedition
The Case of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh by Dick Davis


Hallaaj va raaz-e analhagh
Hallaj and his thoughts by Ataollah Tadayon

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

If love makes you thirst, never fear: you have wine.

If your body's a ruin, don't worry: there's treasure inside.

You've run out of water? No, your water is near.

Wake up: this world that you dream holds nothing to fear.
-- Rumi
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More news

Kadivar freed, Baghi jailed

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Reformist cleric Mohsen Kadivar, a leading theoretician of Iran's Islamic modernist movement, has been released from jail after serving an 18-month sentence for political and religious dissent. But Iranian newspapers Monday quoted him as saying his release was temporary and that he expected new charges from the same clerical court that convicted him in 1998 >>> FULL TEXT

Students stage sit-in

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Leaders of Iran's largest student group began a sit-in outside the parliament buildings Sunday to protest the acquittal of police forces on charges of storming a student hostel last July. Eight leaders of the pro-reform Office for Fostering Unity sat on blankets in front of the reformist-dominated parliament, or Majlis, to demand justice and denounce the ``judiciary's double-standard practices.'' >>> FULL TEXT

Pressure mounts on courts after verdict

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's biggest student movement staged a sit-in outside parliament Sunday, part of mounting pressure on the judiciary after the acquittal of police charged with the bloody suppression of a campus protest last year >>> FULL TEXT

Iran wants return of its diaspora

TEHRAN, July 15 (AFP) - The government of President Mohammad Khatami has stepped up its appeals in the last few weeks for the return of Iranian exiles who fled to Europe and the United States after the 1979 Islamic revolution >>> FULL TEXT

Blasts in north-east Tehran damage houses: radio

TEHRAN, July 16 (AFP) - Several homes were damaged in violent explosions which rocked a Tehran district that houses the intelligence ministry late Saturday, Iranian state radio reported Sunday >>> FULL TEXT

U.S. says Iran missile test no surprise

HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE, Hawaii (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen on Monday said Iran's test of a medium-range missile was no surprise and only confirmed it aimed to develop longer-range missiles -- a factor playing a role in the proposed U.S. missile defense system. Iran said on Saturday it had successfully tested the Shahab-3 missile, which is modeled mainly on North Korea's Nodong-1 and improved with Russian technology >>> FULL TEXT

Qatari emir arrives in Tehran

TEHRAN, July 17 (AFP) - Qatar's Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani arrived in Tehran Monday for an official three-day visit, the first by a Qatari head of state since the 1979 Islamic revolution. The emir will be welcomed by President Mohammad Khatami at the Saad-Abad palace, the former imperial palace of Iran's ousted late Shah >>> FULL TEXT

Credit institution prepares to become first "private bank"

TEHRAN, July 16 (AFP) - Iran's Karafarinan credit institution is set to become in four months time the first private bank in the country since the Islamic revolution of 1979, its director Parviz Aghili told AFP Sunday. The institution, which is not the only one with the same goal, hopes "finally" to take advantage of a 1993 law allowing private banks in the country >>> FULL TEXT

Kuwait's oil minister to visit Iran next week for border talks

KUWAIT CITY, July 17 (AFP) - Kuwait's Oil Minister Sheikh Saud Nasser al-Sabah is to visit Iran on July 24 for talks on demarcating a maritime area rich in gas and oil, the emirate's foreign minister said Monday. "This issue (border demarcation) will be part of talks with his Iranian counterpart," Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah said, quoted in Al-Watan newspaper >>> FULL TEXT

100th birthday bash

Tehran (Bahar) -- Several organizations are cooperating to organize celebratations marking 100 years of Iranian cinema. The three-day event will be in mid August >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Top current movies

Tehran (Bahar) -- "Mumiyaee 3" is in first place among current movies with the highest ticket sales. Here are the top films and their ticket sales >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Hegmataneh: More digging

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- The 17th excavation season at Hegmataneh, one of Iran's most important archaeological sites near Hamadan has begun. Experts have found the remains of one of the "oldest and most exceptional" cities in the world >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Daei, Alvez, Preetz: Who to start?

Hertha Berlin's coach Roeber told the media that he believed his team was well prepared and had more than enough players in the front lines. Last season, Ali Daei and Michael Preetz started the season as the starting forwards but the late acquisition of Alex Alvez and the nominal performance by the Iranian Daei prompted the change in the lineup >>> FULL TEXT

Persepolis has no case

Tehran, (Iran Varzeshi) -- Soccer supervisory board rejects Persepolis' complaint that Mehdi Hashemi-Nasab's signing with Esteqlal was illegal >>> FULL TEXT

Persepolis can't sell stock

Tehran, (Iran daily) -- Plans to sell Persepolis shares to the public has been opposed by the sports director of Tehran Province who says the club is a national company not a private enterprise >>> FULL TEXT


Kadivar released

Mohsen Kadivar, Iranian leading reformist was released from prison, after enduring one and a half years inside, for accusations such as spreading lies and disturbing public opinion. However, he was told by prison officials that some charges are laid against him again. Maria Sarsalari spoke to him only hours after his release >>> LISTEN HERE

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BBC Persian Service

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We have an opportunity to make change. And we should learn from other immigrant communities, like Cubans, Vietnamese, American Jews or Italians.

-- George Haroonian, coordinator of the Council of Iranian American Jewish Organizations
Los Angeles Times
July 17, 2000

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