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Tuesday, July 25, 2000 / Mordad 4, 1379, No. 1029

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Students honor freed lawyers

BBC Persian Service

In a gathering at Tehran University organised by students to pay tribute to Mohsen Rohami and Shirin Ebadi, the later explains how the controversial video tape of Farzhad Ebrahimi, a member of the vigilante group Ansar Hezbollah was made. Both laywers were accused and jailed for invovlment in the tape-making and have since been released on bail as their trial continures >>> LISTEN HERE

Gay rights

Rah-e Kargar
July 2000

During the fifth congress of the Revolutionary Workers Organization of Iran, a delegate called for formal acceptance of homosexuality and condemnation of homophobia >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

In Iran, More Women Leaving Nest for University

The New York Times
July 22, 2000

TEHRAN -- When Maryam Barati first left her home in Isfahan three years ago to attend college in the capital, she prayed silently as each of the 200 miles rolled by. She prayed that her father, who was at the wheel, would not suddenly turn the car around and say that she, like all the women in her family for uncounted generations, could leave the family nest only to get married.>>> FULL TEXT

Band-andaazi... in Arizona? writes: Hi, I am an American living in Phoenix, Arizona. I am married to an Iranian. I would like to know if u know of the hair removal method called threading? I would like to know if u know of any salon that performs this beauty service in Arizona. Please let me know.

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* What is happening to us?

Neda X writes: It's a sad day today (July 24, 2000). It is enough to take a look at any on-line newspaper to find out why. The headlines say: Ahmad Shamlou died, Bakhtegan lake in Fars province dried out.

These are just non-political news which are supposd to help reduce the pressures of every day life.

It seems that our country is loosing everything at the same time, Freedom left us long time ago and now our natural and cultural resources are going too. What is happening to us?

* I only wished

Professor Bijan Saadatmand writes: Excellent opening article about the Sherman sanction proposal ["Dumb and dumber"]. I only wished more Iranian and Iraninan-Americans were aware of the efforts you have been putting forth to increase our lobbying force.

* Not without my...

Kelly writes: My name is Kelly. I'm a 15 year old female from New Jersey. I was watching a movie called Not Without My Daughter tonight and it seriously made me cry! It's based on a true stroy which made it even worse.

I suggest that you watch this movie. It's about a American women who is married to a Iranian man. They have a daughter named Matop and the father finally convinces his wife and daughter to go to Iran for a visit. But he lies. It's not a visit. It's to stay!

They suffer in Iran for nearly a year after being beaten and all. They re-unite (without the husband) in America on Feb. 9th 1986, after a long suffering journey home. Anyone who has information on Betty and Matop or even their email addresses (I wish to talk to them!) or anything please write to me.

Community: Iranian-American poll has created a special page to poll Iranian-Americans about themselves and other issues >>> GO HERE




The Iranian Mojahedin
A history of the Mojahedin Khalq by Ervand Abrahamian


Afsaaneh-ye Mossadegh
The myth of Dr. Mossadegh by Rahim Zehtabfard

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

When I boil in the fire of my self for a while,

I want to forget about you for a while,

To gather my soul and empty my mind of thinking.

You'll pour into my cup then, and once again I'll drink you.
-- Rumi
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More news

Another reformist paper ordered closed by a Tehran court

TEHRAN, July 25 (AFP) - Tehran's public court Tuesday order the closure of the reformist Iranian Gunagoun (variety) weekly, the official IRNA news agency reported>>> FULL TEXT

Tehran University students welcome release of pro-reform lawyers

TEHRAN, July 25 (AFP) - Several hundred Tehran University students gathered Tuesday to welcome two leading pro-reform lawyers who were recently released after a month of detention by the conservative-dominated judiciary >>> FULL TEXT

Holy City Cracks Down on Loud Pop Music

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Authorities in an Iranian holy Muslim city have launched a crackdown on pop music, arresting dozens of youths for playing loud music on their car stereos, a newspaper reported Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami says Palestinian-governed Jerusalem is essential

TEHRAN, July 25 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami has hit out at the ongoing Camp David peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel, affirming that Jerusalem is an inalienable part of Islamic-Arab territory and must be governed by the Palestinians, state radio reported Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian envoy arrives in Beirut

BEIRUT, July 25 (AFP) - The foreign affairs adviser of Iranian spiritual guide Ayatollah Ali Khameini arrived here Tuesday to meet Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, officials said. Ali Akbar Velayati >>> FULL TEXT

Iran calls for producer and consumer-friendly oil price stabilization

TEHRAN, July 25 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami called Tuesday for a stabilization of oil prices on the world market in the interests of both producers and consumers, Iranian television reported >>> FULL TEXT

Film ticket sales down

Tehran (Danestaniha) -- Many Iranian films have done poorly at the box office this summer. Why? >>> Page 1 >>> Page 2

Farhad Aeesh's latest

Tehran (Danestaniha) -- Farhad Aeesh returned to Iran about two years ago. But he has already become one of the most talked about theater directors. A review of his latest play >>> Page 1 >>> Page 2

Music: Going through haft khan

Tehran (Danestaniha) -- A report on the problems facing producers and musicians in putting together an album and getting it to the listeners >>> Page 1 >>> Page 2

Parvin: No foreigh coach, thank you!

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Ali Parvin blasts Persepolis manager Abedini for suggesting that a foreign coach may be hired to help the team. And he gets his way, as usual >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Baqeri: UK or Persepolis

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Karim Baqeri is going to talk to a UK club for a possible deal. But if it doesn't go through, he'll play for Persepolis >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Majidi wanted in Qatar

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) -- Esteqlal's star player Farhad Majidi is being sought for one season by Qatar's Al-Sad for a reported 400 million tomans >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Students honor freed lawyers

BBC Persian Service -- In a gathering at Tehran University organised by students to pay tribute to Mohsen Rohami and Shirin Ebadi, the later explains how the controversial video tape of Farzhad Ebrahimi, a member of the vigilante group Ansar Hezbollah was made >>> LISTEN HERE

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BBC Persian Service

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