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Monday, February 28, 2000 / Esfand 9, 1378, No. 926

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    Baba Taher

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Hand me a pillow
Sensual paintings by Victoria Amini

February 28, 2000
The Iranian

"In an idiom of our times, caught up in a pictorial whirl, Victoria Amini transports us through a world of intimacy and unveiling mystery. As the dream leaves the universe of man it soars away into the world of Nature, to an Eden sparkling with color and light, fantasy and chimera."

That's how Giorgio Zambelli has described Amini's work.

Although I must admit that the first thing that attracted me to Amini's paintings was the fact that she's Iranian. Indeed I was thrilled to see that an Iranian artist has so sensuously celebrated the human form, something our artists have shied away from. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Twenty-One & Twenty-Two >>> GO TO FEATURE


The Iranian opportunity
America should seize the chance of Iran's election to improve its sour relations

The Economist
February 26, 2000 , U.S. Edition

"AN EVENT of historic proportions," was the Clinton administration's judgment on the reformists' victory in Iran's parliamentary election last Sunday (see ). Can the United States now build on this historic, but still fragile, event by improving its own bad relations with the Islamic republic? It would be the waste of a chance if it failed to do so >>> FULL TEXT

Lessons in history

February 28, (Asr-e Azadegan) -- Majlis Speaker Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri has made some wild claims and accusations following the loss of the conservatives in the elections. Here's a reply from columnist Masoud behnoud >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN



Lily Afshar has won the 2000 Orville H. Gibson award for Best Female Classical Guitarist You can look up their webpage for more news ... >>> GO HERE

More Letters

* Political maturity

In reply to Jafar D.'s letter:

Your point is well taken. I agree full-heartedly that Iranians should always strive for improvement and should never settle for anything but the highest standard of governance. But, the fact is that there is no perfection in democracy. Democracy is an ideal and a philosophy toward which we strive. We all know that there are different forms and different degrees of democracy around the world--all with room for improvement.

That said, my reference to "democracy arriving" was regarding the level of political maturity among Iranians here, which is absolutely astounding ["The ballot box"]. I was not referring here to the system or the current political process, which continues to have deep and fundamental flaws >>> FULL TEXT

* Milking the masses

J. Entesari writes: As an ever cynical Iranian I always wonder how did Mohammad Khatami ever receive the blessing from those who decide who can be a candidate for elections. Same goes for all those 6000 or so candidates who ran for the sixth Majlis. To me they all belong to the same family and the fact they have been vetted by the Council of Guardians clearly indicates that even the so-called reformists are nothing but a farce ["The ballot box"] ...

How can [Khomeini's] successors be pardoned and forgiven for all the cruelties they committed over the past 21 years? Why are the Iranian people happy with superficial "freedoms"? Who is Mohammad Reza Khatami and who is Ali Reza Nouri [who were elected to the Majlis from Tehran]? Are they of a different fabric than their brothers? Are they really Iranian?

I suppose some may say , Who cares what happened in the past? It seems to me that Iranians as a nation always forget the fact that the past provides guidance for the future... [The clergy] have been milking the nation for over 20 years and keep milking it. Rafsanjani's family has become pretty fat and now it's Khatami's family's turn. Is this what the masses of Iran want or it is what the elite of Iran, those who have always been reaping the benefits by milking the masses, want? >>> FULL TEXT

Poetry: Houshang Ebtehaj in Berkeley

Iranian Studies Group at UC Berkeley presents: Poetry reading by prominent Iranian poet Houshang Ebtehaj (Heh-Alef_Sayeh). Date: Saturday March 4. Time: 6:30 P.M. Place: 2040 Valley Life Science Building, University of California, Berkeley.


Books & Music from Iran

Eleven new books from Iran! Esmail Fassih's latest novel; history of Tudeh officers, a film script about the life of the Shah; Iran's best selling novel; eight short stories by Sadegh Hedayat and... >>> GO HERE

New music albums

* Taherzadeh, Manochehr: Aakharin barg * Eyvazi, Mohammad Reza. : Rangin kamaan * Banan.: Shaakh-e gol (2) * Ta'rif, Sadiq: Maah baanoo * Lachini, Fariborz: Paaeez-e talaaee ... >>> GO HERE

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NEW: Champions: Iranian national soccer team

Three hours of interviews, trainings, matches, Biographies, and fans of Iranian National Soccer Team, covering Iran's soccer history from 1978-2000. Premium quality. Produced by: Alireza AmirGhasemi & Behrouz Deravi.

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More news

500 workers demonstrate outside parliament over new law

TEHRAN, Feb 28 (AFP) - Some 500 Iranian workers rallied outside the parliament Monday to protest at a new law passed at the weekend enabling employers with fewer than five staff to strip them of social security. Reformists meanwhile slammed the legislation as a gesture of spite by the outgoing conservative-dominated parliament following the landslide victory of the reformists in this month's election >>> FULL TEXT

Rafsanjani not out of woods yet in Iran vote as loser files complaint

TEHRAN, Feb 27 (AFP) - Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who narrowly won a parliamentary seat after a controversial vote recount, may still not have secured his place in the assembly, the interior ministry said Sunday. Deputy Interior Minister Mostafa Tajzadeh told a press conference that Mohammad Ali Rahmani, who lost the 30th and last seat from Tehran to Rafsanjani, has asked for a recount because of "irregularities" at 35 polling stations >>> FULL TEXT

Some reformers may back Rafsanjani

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - In a sign of an emerging rift in the reformist coalition that won Iran's elections, a major faction said it will back a former president for the key post of parliament speaker even though he has been increasingly considered a conservative. The Executives of Construction Party will talk Monday with other factions to lobby in favor of former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, said Mohammed Atrianfar, a top policy-maker of the party. The party supported Rafsanjani in the Feb. 18 elections >>> FULL TEXT

Newcomers keen for reform to pack new Iranian parliament

TEHRAN, Feb 27 (AFP) - Political novices avid for change in Iranian society will comprise the majority of members in Iran's new parliament, with fewer women and fewer clerics but solidly behind President Mohammad Khatami. "It will be a dream parliament" for Khatami, said political analyst Darysh Abdali following Saturday's declaration of the final results of the first round of voting on February 18 which decided 226 of the 290 seats in the new parliament >>> FULL TEXT

European ministers to visit Iran

TEHRAN, Iran ­­ The German and Italian foreign ministers are to visit Iran next month, as the European Union tries to reach out to the reformists who recently swept the country's legislative elections >>> FULL TEXT

Iran gives green light to locomotive deal with France

TEHRAN, Feb 28 (AFP) - Iran's government has endorsed a contract with France to buy 100 diesel-electric locomotives from builders Alstom for 192 million euros (dollars) to boost the country's railway services, officials said Monday >>> FULL TEXT

Iran seeks expansion of gas sales, oil production

TEHRAN, Feb 28 (AFP) - Iran is seeking expansion of its gas sales and oil production through foreign contracts and investment which could in the long run include the United States, Deputy Oil Minister Mehdi Hosseini said Monday. Quoted by the official news agency IRNA. Hosseini said that despite possessing the world's second largest gas reserves Iran's share of the world market was minimal >>> FULL TEXT


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - The abduction of movie director Ahmad Reza Darvish has been condemned. "How can artists work in an atmosphere of fear?" >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - The first documentary film festival in Kish Island will begin next week >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - And in the music scene: A new production by Kamkars and latested performances by women singers (for women only) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Suprise, surprise

Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Persepolis defeated Esteqlal 2-0. Some things never change in Iran >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Probably the best man for Persepolis was Payat Rafat. He did it all >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Rating the best players in the Esteqlal-Persepolis match >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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The massive vote in favour of Kadivar and Nuri shows how much the people wanted to punish the conservatives.

-- Darysh Abdali, political analyst
February 28, 2000

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