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Thursday, March 9, 2000 / Esfand 19, 1378, No. 934

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Qahr-e Melli
Post-revolutionary dereliction on stage

By Soma
March 9 2000
The Iranian

Mohammad Rahmanian has two plays currently on stage. The two appear on intermittent nights in the same house -- Salon-e Chahar-su. Their subject mater and mood are widely disparate, even though they share the same actress (Mahtab Nassirpour) and actor (Habib Rezaii) on the lead.

According to the author, THE INTERVIEW was first conceived in 1985, part of a television program. It was a history program intended on introducing the audience to the Algerian revolution. Rahmanian had to research extensively for the production. That included books by the renowned psychologist and theoretician of the Algerian revolution, Franz Fanon. The studies led to an interest in the fate of revolutions in general >>> GO TO FEATURE


Conspiracy at Desert One
A novel

By Bernace Charles
The Iranian

Chapter Thirty >>> GO TO FEATURE


In Iran, search for beauty leads to the nose job
Only permitted to expose their faces and hands because of Islamic law, young Iranian women flock to plastic surgeons in latest trend.

By Scott Peterson
Christian Science Monitor
March 8, 2000

What is the hottest fashion accessory in Iran today? A nose job, judging by the increasing number of young women here whose noses are graced by gauze bandages and tape. Plastic surgery to lift droops, smooth bumps, and taper the distinguishably long Persian nose has become as popular in Iran as the youth-driven reform movement >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili


Kamikaze dolphins

March 8, (BBC World Service) -- Dolphins trained to kill for the Soviet navy have been sold to Iran - but what they will do in the Persian Gulf is a mystery. >>> FULL TEXT

    Pressure cooker

Dealing with Ali Akbar

By Banafsheh Zand

This morning, as usual I logged onto to be confronted with the article on Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Haven't we had it with this murdering thief's grandstanding? Why is he not being held accountable for his sins? >>> FULL TEXT

More Letters

* Unreliable

Rasool Nafisi writes: Mr. Fisk's piece ["Revealed: Role of a president in the murder of his people"] has a few factual errors which make the whole article unreliable.

He maintains that Rafsanjani was the first to disclose the Iran-Contra affair. Anyone familiar with Iranian politics knows how impossible that could be. In fact the first to blow the whistle on the affair was Mehdi Hashemi, Ayatalloah Montazeri's son in law who leaked it to a Lebanese journal (he was summarily executed, and initiated the rift between Montazeri and Ayatollah Khomeini).

Fisk also claims unequivocally that both Saidi Sirjani and Said Emami were murdered by potassium injection. The official announcement is that they died by heart attack and swallowing hair removing paste respectively. Does Mr. Fisk have any new information to confirm they were murdered? He has not made such a claim in the article and no source has been mentioned.

Lastly, Mr. Fisk writes that Rafsanjani did not gain more than 25 percent of the votes in Tehran, but he did. Calculate the number of voters divided by the number of votes for Rafsanjani and see.

* Don't give up

Ahmad from Atlanta writes in reply to Kasra's article "She changed overnight":

Dear Friend : I know exactly how you feel and I was as naive as you are and experienced a simmilar situation and ended up having a child as well. We aredivorced now.

If I am not wrong, according to immigration rules, her Green Card becomes valid two years after she has received it and only if you are still married and only if you still are willing to petition for her. Therefore, if the same rule still exists, the ball is in your court and you may void her Green Card.

Truthfully, I think you got lucky that you got to know her BEFORE you ended up having kids. This way she can go her way and you never have to see her again.

Get on with your life and leave this ugly memory behind you. But don't give up on beautifull Iranian girls, they are the best. Next time PLEASE do your homework and marry someone with a clear background.


Music: "Ey Iran" at Kennedy Center

In celebration of the new millennium and Persian New Year at event is scheduled for 21st of March 2000, 6:00 -7:00 pm, on the Millennium stage of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. "NAVA", the Iranian Classical Ensemble presents: Sorud "Ey Iran" by young Iranian players. The audience around the stage is encouraged to sing along, as the young performers lead by Shahriar Saleh play this national song of Iran.


Books & Music from Iran

This week's new books from Iran include a fascinating history of the Iranian students confederation from 1953 to 1979, Simin Behbahani collected works,a critique of fascism in Iran by leading reform columnist Akbar Ganji , and >>> GO HERE

New music albums

* Taherzadeh, Manochehr: Aakharin barg * Eyvazi, Mohammad Reza. : Rangin kamaan * Banan.: Shaakh-e gol (2) * Ta'rif, Sadiq: Maah baanoo * Lachini, Fariborz: Paaeez-e talaaee ... >>> GO HERE

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NEW: Champions: Iranian national soccer team

Three hours of interviews, trainings, matches, Biographies, and fans of Iranian National Soccer Team, covering Iran's soccer history from 1978-2000. Premium quality. Produced by: Alireza AmirGhasemi & Behrouz Deravi.

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Four newly elected women MPs challenge chador as required garb

TEHRAN, March 9 (AFP) - Four Iranian women newly elected to parliament are questioning the need to wear the chador, the black head-to-toe wrap which has been standard garb for female MPs since the 1979 revolution, a Tehran daily reported Thursday. The four women, who won election on the reform ticket in last month's polls, say a scarf concealing their hair and a long coat is sufficent to meet the requirements of Iran's Islamic dress code, the Ham-Miham newspaper said. >>> FULL TEXT

Iran seeks to end U.S. trade ban

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's foreign minister said today his government sought better trade relations with the United States, particularly the removal of bans on Iranian goods. ``We would welcome the lifting of U.S. sanctions on Iranian goods and would consider it as a positive move,'' Kamal Kharrazi told a Tehran news conference >>> FULL TEXT

US praises Iran, Saudi support for more OPEC oil

WASHINGTON, March 9 (Reuters) - The Clinton administration said Thursday it welcomed Iran's decision to work with OPEC rival Saudi Arabia in backing a crude oil production increase that would replenish world supplies in hopes the move will calm inflation fears and stabilize prices by the end of April. >>> FULL TEXT

Dissident case judge repalced

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - The government has replaced the judge and investigators looking into the 1998 murders of five political dissidents, an Iranian newspaper reported Thursday. No reason was given for the decision, the Hamshahri daily said, quoting an official Islamic Republic News Agency report that said the investigation has taken more than a year because of its complexity and ``sabotage.'' >>> FULL TEXT

Accused Jews to have lawyers designated by court

TEHRAN, March 9 (AFP) - Thirteen Iranian Jews accused of spying for Israel are to have their lawyers appointed for them by the revolutionary tribunal after failing to notify the court of their own choice by the legal deadline, officials said Thursday. "The deadline has passed for the accused to designate their lawyers," judiciary spokesman Hossein Mir Mohammad-Sadeqi told AFP >>> FULL TEXT

Iran unlikely to back significant increase in oil output

TEHRAN, March 9 (AFP) - Iran may have accepted in principle to increase oil production during Wednesday's talks in the Saudi capital, but a Tehran analyst said Thursday it would remain firmly opposed to any significant hike in output. "I don't think Tehran will throw its lot into backing a significant increase in production," the European petroleum industry analyst told AFP >>> FULL TEXT

Hamid Mossadegh

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Hamid Mossadegh's poems recorded in his own voice has gone on sale, months after the first anniversary of his death >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

More awards

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Different organizations have picked their own best films in the Fajr film festival >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Hamshahri) - Fifty-thousand documents at Golestan palace have been organized, including from "Pahlavi I" and "Pahlavi II" eras (new titles?) >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Khodadad Azizi is on his way to sign a contract with the San Jose Clash. But during his stop in Dubai he says he'd like to play for al-Nasr! >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Esteqlal failed to defeat Bushehr's Iransooter. What's wrong with these guys? >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Tehran (Iran Varzeshi) - Esteqlal sucks these days, but its youth team is kicking major butt, so to speak >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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Chador bee chador

A lot of people who surrounded (Ayatollah Ruhollah) Khomeini and who greeted him did it clad in a coat. The Islamic dress code is not limited to the chador in Islamic law or in our traditions.

-- Tahereh Rezazadeh, newly-elected MP from Shiraz
March 9, 2000

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