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Monday, May 22, 2000 / Khordad 2, 1379, No. 985

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Three years later
Reformist students rally at Tehran University

By Siamak Namazi
May 22, 2000
The Iranian

Some 3000 students marked the third anniversary of President Khatami's election at Tehran University today, listening to speeches by and chanting slogans. Many of the slogans were directed against former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. >>> GO TO FEATURE


Keepers of the Flame
Iran's Zoroastrians
Listen here

May 21, 2000 (National Public Radio, U.S.)-- Jacki Lyden travels to Yazd, Iran, the spiritual capital of the Zoroastrians. As early as the 7th century BC, the Prophet Zarathustra had millions of adherents in Central Asia and Persia. The religion he inspired spread from there west to Turkey and east to China, and the tenets of Zoroastrianism united his believers until the rise of Islam in the 7th century AD. The Prophet Zarathustra may have been the first person ever to preach of one God, but relatively little is known about him today >>> FULL TEXT

Among the Zoroastrians

Photos by Nancy Andrews
Interviews by Jacki Lyden
The Washington Post
May 22, 2000

Zoroastrianism is a reminder of the mysterious ways of religious faith. It was founded in Persia, probably around 7th century B.C. by the prophet Zarathushtra, known to the Greeks as Zoroaster... When National Public Radio reporter Jacki Lyden and Washington Post photographer Nancy Andrews traveled to Iran in February, they found evidence both of its historic vitality and its inexorable decline >>> FULL TEXT

Backing Iran

Financial Times
May 22, 2000

The World Bank's decision to resume lending to Iran in spite of US objections shows the extent of Iran's rehabilitation in the international community. In the past seven years, the US had counted on support from Japan and Germany to block new lending. Last week, it cast the sole vote against Dollars 232m of loans for two projects.

The resumption of World Bank lending is a welcome endorsement of reformist President Mohammad Khatami, at a time when he is under intense attack from conservative opponents >>> FULL TEXT

    Left hook

    Tehran elections

    Rah-e Kargar: Protesting the cancellation of votes in Tehran by the Council of Guardians >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Shahr-e mooshaa

Mice can be a health problem -- especially if there are 25 million of them running around in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

More Letters

* Identify with Arabs or Israel?

Ramin Abhari writes: I enjoyed reading Massoumeh Price's review of Judaism in Iran ["Ups and (mostly) downs"]. I always thought it very interesting that Iranians (Elamites, Medes, Persians, etc.) are one of the few ancient people portrayed as "good guys" in the Old Testament.

Clearly religion plays an important role when identifying with one side vs the other, and hence Islamic Iran's support for anti-Israeli causes among Moslem Arabs. But had Saddam Hussein not invaded Kuwait and fallen from his Arab Nationalist glory (and international support), would we Iranians still be identifying more with the Arabs who, with very few exceptions, all supported his atrocities against Iran? Or would we be identifying more with Israel who, like Iran, was on the target list of Iraq's growing chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons? I guess we will never know-- but it's worth thinking about.

* Questionable

Kaveh Tashakori writes: The article by Ms. Massoume Price creates a considerable amount of room for questions ["Ups and (mostly) downs"]. Of course Ms. Price did put a lot of effort in preparing this article which has informative qualities to it, however the emphasis or lack there-of on presenting history from a, as it seems , fair point of view leads me to believe that the article deserves the attention for additional follow-ups in opinions, the facts, and one's view towards a people's history (in this case, people of the Jewish faith in Iran).

Authors: Book readings, Washington DC

Tara Bahrampour, author of "To See and See Again: A Life in Iran and America"; Persis Karim, co-editor of "A World Between: Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans"; and Farnoosh Moshiri, author of "At the Wall of the Almighty", read from and discuss their books. Place: Politics & Prose bookstore, 5015 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington DC. Date & Time: Friday, May 26. 7 PM.

Books & Music from Iran

Check our fourteen new books from Iran including an authoritative history of the Achamenid empire, writings by leading reformists, Forough Farrokhzad's complete works, exquisite books of classical poetry with miniatures, Manichaean psalms and more! >>> GO HERE

New music albums

* Taherzadeh, Manochehr: Aakharin barg * Eyvazi, Mohammad Reza. : Rangin kamaan * Banan.: Shaakh-e gol (2) * Ta'rif, Sadiq: Maah baanoo * Lachini, Fariborz: Paaeez-e talaaee ... >>> GO HERE

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Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

Remembering your lips, I kiss the ruby on my ring;
One I cannot reach, I kiss the one I can.
My hand can't touch your distant sky,
And so I bow full low and kiss the land.
-- Rumi

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More news

Khatami attacks hard-liners

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's president attacked the hard-line opponents of his reform program today, saying nobody could claim a monopoly on interpretations of Islam. In a speech to mark the third anniversary of his election in 1997, President Mohammad Khatami condemned the people behind the shooting of his close associate, Saeed Hajjarian, a Tehran city councilor >>> FULL TEXT

Reformers decry Tehran election ruling

TEHRAN, May 21 (Reuters) - Reformers have challenged final election results released at the weekend by hardline clerical watchdogs, clouding parliamentary polls once hailed as the freest and fairest in Iran 's history >>> FULL TEXT

Students stage protest

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - About 3,000 student demonstrators accused the hard-line Guardian Council on Monday of tampering with Iran's parliamentary election results, joining a barrage of criticism from reformist politicians and media >>> FULL TEXT

Akbar Ganji, reformist journalist, accused of contacts with US military officer

TEHRAN, May 21 (AFP) - Prominent Iranian reformist journalist Akbar Ganji had "illegal links" with a US military officer in Turkey, the judiciary said in a statement Sunday explaining why he was arrested a month ago >>> FULL TEXT

Abdollah Nouri allowed by court to appeal against sentence

TEHRAN, May 21 (AFP) - Former Iranian interior minister Abdollah Nuri is to be allowed to appeal against his five-year jail sentence for "anti-Islamic propaganda," the official IRNA news agency said Sunday >>> FULL TEXT

New reformist newspaper appears in Tehran

TEHRAN, May 22 (AFP) - A new reformist newspaper hit Tehran newsstands Monday, several weeks after most liberal newspapers were closed down by the government. Mellat -- or The Nation -- is to "reflect the voice of the silent majority," the newspaper says in its logo >>> FULL TEXT

Final Jewish spy suspects plead innocent

TEHRAN (Reuters) - The last three suspects in Iran's Jewish spy trial denied Monday they were part of an ring passing information to Israeli intelligence, judiciary officials said >>> FULL TEXT

National Front demands release of political prisoners

This is a shortened form of the resolution introduced by Iran National Front-USA... 1.We condemn the latest attempt of coup-d'etat against the the pro Democracy movement, election and the press (namely closing the 18 pro-reform newspapers in Iran >>> FULL TEXT

New car production line launched

KISH ISLAND, Iran (Reuters) - Iran Sunday launched a new-look sport utility vehicle targeting young drivers at home and abroad. The new vehicle, named ``Sinad,'' is the first offering from Kish Khodro Company >>> FULL TEXT

Federal jury acquits Utah man of Iran trade embargo charges

May 21, 2000, PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - A federal jury has acquitted a Utah man of charges that he tried to break the Clinton administration trade embargo with Iran by helping his brother export computer equipment >>> FULL TEXT

Remarkable hat-trick of triumphs for Iranian cinema

CANNES, France, May 21 (AFP) - Bahman Ghobadi and Hassan Yektapanah, joint winners of the Cannes Film Festival's Golden Camera, along with 20-year-old Samira Makhmalbaf, who won the Jury prize for her second film "Blackboard", have achieved a remarkable hat-trick of triumphs for Iranian cinema >>> FULL TEXT

Book: Khuzestan

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- Mousa Siyadat's "History of Khuzestan since the Afshar period" has just been published. It describes the history of two main tribes in the province: The Arabs and the Bakhtiaris >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Building more libraries

Tehran, (Hamshahri) -- The government is spending three billion tomans to buy books for libraries this year. It is also planning to build 400 new libraries during the next five years >>> FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Talebi: "Minavand will be the captain in Jordan"

Tehran, (Iran Sports Press) -- With audio: Jalal Talebi, the head coach of the Iranian National Football Team, said in an interview with '90 Minutes' program on Saturday, his decision to use young and inexperienced players for the upcoming Hossein Cup in Jordan >>> FULL TEXT

Sanat Naft and AboMoslem Relegated

Tehran, (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: In the final week of Azadegan League games, Sanat Naft and AboMoslem failed to retain their position in the first division for the 2000-2001 season >>> FULL TEXT

Hejazi: Not interested in ciaching national team

Tehran, (Iran Sports Press) -- With audio: In an exclusive interview with Iran Sports Press on Thursday, Naser Hejazi, the head coach of Zobahan Esfahan football team discussed his club's position and the Iranian National Team>>> FULL TEXT


Public opinion on Tehran elections

Following the announcement of the results of the 30 seated Tehran constituency by the Guardian Council (Saturday May 20, 2000) while ongoing confrontation between the Council and the Interior Minisitry continued, Mohammad Matin investigated voters opinions over the announcement of results >>> LISTEN HERE

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Ganji raa zendaani kardid. Ganji-haa raa cheh mikonid?
(You imprisoned [Akbar] Ganji. What will you do with all the other Ganjis?)

-- Banner during student rally at Tehran University
"Three years later"
The Iranian
May 22, 2000

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