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Friday November 17, 2000 / Aban 27, 1379, No. 1109


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Short story

By Bruce Bahmani
November 17, 2000
The Iranian

She wears no makeup, no time, and the lines in her face are more and more visible each day. She now wears a regular scowl, eyebrows sharpened and at the perpetual 45 degree angle of anger. She always seems annoyed, exhausted and impatient. She almost never smiles.

As she disappears into the kitchen, an elderly gentleman in gray flannel pants, with a frosted grey moustache and two-day beard, wearing a white shirt and a matching gray sleeveless sweater works his way slowly out of the garage door. He looks like a taller more slender copy of Mossadegh


Price is right
"I need to borrow your date for a few hours"

By Siamack Baniameri
November 17, 2000
The Iranian

Like many hot-blooded Iranian men out there, I don't like people who do better than me in life. I can picture Majid in the morning, walking around in his designer underwear, wandering if he should wear the Kenneth Cole or the Armani suit. His biggest dilemma of the day is deciding whether to drive the Jag or the Bimmer. What a tough ife.

I, on the other hand, go through my dirty laundry in the morning, trying to find a T-shirt that doesn't smell like a corpse >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iranian opposition groups back gay rights

News from HOMAN

There are still many Iranian political groups/parties, in particular centre and conservative, who refuse to talk about gay rights in Iran. However we have some good news and would like to share it with you.

1- Iran's Green Party has announced its support for homosexual rights. The party has a section on its Internet page called "gay news" where you can read some interesting news about Iranian homosexuals >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian-American lawyer's key role in Coca-Cola case

By Sarah Schafer
The Washington Post
Friday, November 17, 2000

Coca-Cola Co. agreed yesterday to pay a record $192.5 million to settle a racial-discrimination lawsuit ... Cyrus Mehri of Mehri, Malkin and Ross called the agreement a "sister settlement" to the Texaco agreement--the two share similar provisions--but one that has far more power >>> FULL TEXT

Fate of U.S. presidency in Iranian hands

Haaj khaanoom, Ali Aqaa (Al Gore) dast-e shoomaa ro meeboosan >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Hamid Arjomand

Want to vote? Click right here

Florida voting ballot (classic!) >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Dana Jalali

More Letters

* Live and let live

Shirley Mirzayoff writes: Is it my imagination or is there a major dance of anger going on between men and women ["Happy withoiut you", "Nothing more than cows"]? Assuming it's not my imagination, is this anger restricted to Iranians and Iranians living in the U.S.?

Actually, let's step back, if you will. Why are you angry? If some of our Iranian brothers choose to marry our Iranian sisters in Iran, then shouldn't we wish them well? If some of our Iranian sisters want to continue focussing on their careers or enjoy certain liberties, then shouldn't we say live and let live?

Am I missing something? Is this a zero sum game?

* Let's fix our problems

K.A. writes: In reply to both Ms. Banafshe Piraste ["Happy withoiut you"] and Mr. Cyrus Raafat ["Nothing more than cows"] who have directied thier utmost anger towards each other, I belive it is no good for either Iranian men or women to try and ruin each other.

The fact is that if there are wrong elements in a culture (which to some extent exist in any culture including ours), they are going to affect men and women equally ... We should take advantage of this free society to try fix them >>> FULL TEXT

* Sadness, realness

Amir writes: Your writings [Sadaf Kiani Abbassian] have a sadness or realness about them. They remind me of Tehran, Fall of 1999. I was there to bury my mom. It was so sad. She also loved Hafez. From her house balcony, you can see the mountains.

When I was there 1 1/2 years ago, I made her lots of pots (with flowers of course). She loved them. Every morning, she would drink her tea on the balcony next to the flowers and tell me how much she enjoyed her flowers.

I also like your art-work ["Solitude"]. The lady with "blue" necklace. There is a story behind that one too.

Rights: Sciolino's book reading in Washington DC

On Saturday 18 November, the Iranian-American Cultural Association of Washington DC takes great pleasure in hosting Ms. Elaine Sciolino, senior writer for the Washington bureau of "The New York Times". Ms. Sciolino will discuss and sign her newly acclaimed book "Persian Mirror: The Elusive Face of Iran" >>> DETAILS HERE

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By Hayde Ardalan



Daanshnaameh-ye Mazdisnaa
By Dr. Jahangir Oshidari

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Everyone has someone, a friend to love,

    And work, and skill to do it. All I have

    Is a fantasy of a lover who hides

    For safety in the dark of my heart's cave.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Former Guards chief wants army to help wipe Israel off map

TEHRAN, Nov 17 (AFP) - The former head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards began soliciting volunteers Thursday for a new army to defend the Palestinians, vowing to fight until Israel is eliminated from the world. "We are not saying that we will send forces into the occupied territories," Mohsen Rezaie told some 1,000 people gathered for the first meeting of the international anti-Zionist group he has been promoting >>> FULL TEXT

Cleric lashes out at OIC failure to make full break with Israel

TEHRAN, Nov 17 (AFP) - A conservative Iranian cleric lashed out Friday at the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) for failing to make a definitive break with the state of Israel at last week's summit. "The least that could have been expected was that they cut ties with Israel," said Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Iran's former top justice, during a sermon at weekly prayers carried live on state radio >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, UNESCO agree to establish centre for water management

TEHRAN, Nov 17 (AFP) - UNESCO has agreed to help Iran establish a water management centre after the Islamic republic's worst drought in decades, the official IRNA news agency said. It cited Deputy Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian late Thursday saying the government had signed a deal for a "regional centre for urban water management" with the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation >>> FULL TEXT

Khamenei urges fight against US influence

TEHRAN, Nov 17 (AFP) - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Friday urged the nation to stand strong against the political and cultural influence of the United States, state television reported. Khamenei, speaking to thousands of people in the central city of Taffresh, echoed his oft-stated concern over "US-style" reforms which conservatives say are being pushed by President Mohammad Khatami's reformist movement >>> FULL TEXT

Iranians flee poverty

By Guy Dinmore, Financial Times (London), Friday, November 16, 2000 -- Hijackers who fought a mid-air gunbattle with security guards over southern Iran this week were among more than 20 members of four families who had chartered a domestic airliner in a desperate bid to flee the country. The attempt failed when the pilot of the Ariatours Yak-40 anded in the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas and jumped out >>> FULL TEXT

South Pars looks for drilling company for buy-back tender

MEED, 17 November 2000 -- State-owned Pars Oil & Gas Company is about to select a rig company to drill two delineation wells at the South Pars offshore oil field in preparation for a buy-back tender scheduled for spring 2001 for the long-delayed South Pars Oil project. Bidders for the drilling rig are the European arm of Schlumberger, the state National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) and Naftkav Engineering Services Company, an affiliate of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Naftkav has submitted the lowest bid, Pars Oil sources say >>> FULL TEXT

Poem on Nabavi

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- "Az dast-e een Nabavi-haa" -- a poem about satirist Ebrahim Navavi >>> FULL TEXT

Sepanlou: "Reactionary" literary policies

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Poet Mohammad Ali Sepanlou's criticism of the education system, especially its tendency not to introduce contemporary literary works to students >>> FULL TEXT

Theater & classical poetry

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Report on an international theater festival focused on the works of classical Persian poets >>> FULL TEXT

Esteghlal edge Al-Sadd

Tehran - November 17 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Iran's Esteghlal defeated Qatari side Al-Sadd 2-1 in Azadi Stadium on Friday to qualify to the next round of the Asian Club Winner's Cup. In the first leg match between the two sides, Ali Samere's goal gave Esteghlal a 1-0 win in Doha. Infront of 60,000 spectators on a chilly afternoon in Azadi Stadium, Esteghlal scored twice in the first half to send Al-Sadd out of the Championships >>> FULL TEXT

Persepolis come back to knock out Al-Ain

Al-Ain - November 16: Persepolis managed a shocking come back from a two goal deficit in the final ten minutes of play to qualify to the quarter finals of the Asian Club Championships. The two sides met in Al-Ain, a city close to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, in the 2nd leg match. Persepolis had managed a 2-0 victory against the same side in Tehran two weeks prior >>> FULL TEXT

Braga will remain in charge while 26 players

Tehran - November 17: The Iranian Football Federation announced on Friday the names of 26 players that will represent Iran in the upcoming first stage of the World Cup 2002 Qualifying matches which will be held in Tabriz later this month >>> FULL TEXT


President Clinton in Vietnam

President Clinton in Vietnam President Clinton who is in Hanoi has paid tribute to those soldiers on both sides of the conflict who died in the Vietnam War. He said that Vietnam and the United States should work closely to heal the wounds of the conflict. Here is a report >>> LISTEN HERE

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