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Monday October 23, 2000 / Aban 2, 1379, No. 1091


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Southern comfort

Paintings by Hossein Ahmadi-Nassab
October 23, 2000
The Iranian

The main subjects in Hossein Ahmadi-Nassab's paintings are ethnic Arabs from Iran's Persian Gulf coast. Ahmadi-Nassab, a native of Minab in Kerman Province, is also an author, poet and dramtist. He lives in Tehran >>> GO TO FEATURE


More newspapers to be banned

BBC Persian Service

Abbas Ali Alizadeh, Chairman of Tehran Province Justice Administration says more newspapers are to be closed down. His order comes only a few months after a ban on the publication of dozons of reformist newspapers. Behrouz Parsa discusses the closure with Nemat Ahmadi, a lawyer in Tehran >>> LISTEN HERE

Book Review
Behind the Veil

By Diane Johnson
The New York Times
October 22, 2000

Persian Mirrors: The Elusive Face of Iran. By Elaine Sciolino. Illustrated. 402 pp. New York: The Free Press. $26.

In the Atlanta airport a few months ago I was startled to see a man and his two wives encamped on the carpeted floor surrounded by their six little sons, the women entirely shrouded in black chadors, their faces veiled, only their eyes showing. This is a sight one often sees in England but seldom here, a rare reminder of the existence of a culturally and geographically distant people whose lives are intertwined with our own more than we realize >>> FULL TEXT

    A child of Iran's new wave
    Bahman Ghobadi looks to the future

    By Loren King
    The Boston Glob
    October 22, 2000

    The steady influx of powerful, groundbreaking films from Iran has impressed US audiences and critics for several years - Jafar Panahi's ''The White Balloon'' in 1995; Majid Majidi's ''Children of Heaven'' in 1997. But attention to films out of Iran has boomed this year, with Majidi's highly acclaimed ''The Color of Paradise'' and ''The Wind Will Carry Us,'' the new film by one of Iran's best-known directors, Abbas Kiarostami. (It opens at the Coolidge Corner Theatre next month.) Boston's Museum of Fine Arts will showcase 12 celebrated films from Iran starting next month, including work by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, who is credited with cultivating many of Iran's current crop of filmmakers, including his daughter and son >>> FULL TEXT

    Boxing ring

    Kayhan: Mohsen Kadivar's lecture prevented in Shiraz >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

    Iranian Revolutionary Socialists: Tabarzadi faction leads to nowhere >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


    Christ converts to Islam

JERUSALEM--In a surprise announcement with far-reaching theological implications, Jesus Christ The Nazarene, founder of Christianity and spiritual leader of nearly two billion people, revealed Monday that He has converted to "the one true religion" of Islam >>> SEE HERE

More Letters

* Long live the shah

Lida Sheybani writes: I read your letter titled, "Shah should be fully blamed" with amazement and to say that it distressed me is putting it rather mildly.To see that some people are vomiting at the Pahlavi name disturbs me greatly, not for the fact that you feel this way, but it simply reaffirms my concern at the level of knowledge and common sense of a great number of my fellow countrymen and women and some of the reasons why after so many years in exile I have had to face the fact that I have lost the country I once loved and cherished ...

I feel like crying to see many Iranians have lost their self-esteem and are not in touch with reality. They have lost touch with their culture, and follow the mirage presented to them by vested interests of the Imperialistic countries. LONG LIVE THE SHAH >>> FULL TEXT

* In the eyes of others

Ali Parsa writes: Thanks for running the thought-provoking and informative article by Elaine Sciolino ["The twelve rules"] and her analysis of Iranian society. Like the overwhelming majority of Iranians and Iranian-Americans, we are very conscious of how we appear in the eyes of others because we consider this as a major means of improving ourselves. In this case improving the cultural ties between America and Iran...

With all due respect to Ms. Sciolino, I believe that what she puts down as twelve rules of surviving Iran do not only apply to Iran but to every humans society in the world. I see these as common sociological and cultural threads that have their toots in human nature. Further, I do not agree that these are hard and fast rules and written on stones. They could at best be termed as general guidelines with minor modifications as they apply to Iran. In order to be objective, I find it best to go over these rules briefly one by one >>> FULL TEXT

* Taking me to my people

Fatemeh Karari writes: I'm from Fars Province. I was born and raised among the Qashqaies. How I ended up living in California is a long story. I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful story ["Soghra's tribe"]. I really enjoyed it.

While reading your story I could see women dancing and I could hear the sound of saaz and dohol, or as Ashayer say noghareh. I could smell the rosewater and I felt like siting in the tent around my relatives (although I am siting in my boring office & doing nothing).

Again thank you for making my day and taking me to my people.

Conference: Call for papers: Reza Shah's rise to power

The Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies is organizing an international conference on the subject of "Various Dimensions of the 3 Esfand (21 February) Coup and Ascension of Reza Khan to the Throne." Date: February 2001. Place: Tehran, Iran. Deadline for submission of abstracts: Monday 6 November 2000. Deadline for submission of articles: Monday, 8 January 2001. Tel: (9821) 200-5425, 200-3490 Fax: (9821) 262096. Email: . Web: //




Homogenization and Structural Topology Optimization
Theory, Practice and Software
By Behrooz Hassani


Daastaan-haaye kootaah
Short stories of Sadegh choobak

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Deep thoughts and sadness dim and do not last

    Where wine and song and good kebab are found.

    Drink the pleasure, friends, that never ends:

    Drink the kiss of water's lips, like flowers do, like grass.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Judiciary confirms that dissident cleric charged with apostasy

TEHRAN, Oct 22 (AFP) - Iran's judiciary confirmed Sunday that jailed dissident cleric Hassan Yusefi Eshkevari has been formally accused of apostasy, a charge that could carry the death penalty. The state IRNA news agency cited a prosecutor from the conservative Special Court for Clergy (SCC) saying that Eshkevari had also been charged with hostility to God, corruption on Earth, and other serious offences >>> FULL TEXT

Court reduces jail term of pro-reform journalist

TEHRAN, Oct 23 (AFP) - Iran's appeals court has cut the five-and-a-half-year jail term of pro-reform journalist Emadeddin Baghi to three years, Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani told AFP on Monday >>> FULL TEXT

Report: Another paper closed

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's hard-line judiciary has ordered a small weekly newspaper to stop publishing and has warned more closures are to come, according to media reports Monday >>> FULL TEXT

MP appears in court over new pro-reform newspaper

TEHRAN, Oct 22 (AFP) - An Iranian MP appeared in court Sunday after an inquiry was launched into his new pro-reform newspaper which hit the news-stands only two weeks ago, the official IRNA news agency said >>> FULL TEXT

Under-fire culture minister says he is ready to stay on

TEHRAN, Oct 23 (AFP) - Embattled Iranian Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani said Monday he is prepared to stay in office at the request of President Mohammad Khatami, who is running for re-election next year >>> FULL TEXT

Explosions hit Tehran for second day

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Several explosions believed to be from mortar rounds rocked Tehran on Sunday for the second time in two days, Iranian state television reported >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, pressured over Israeli captives denies influence on Hezbollah

TEHRAN, Oct 22 (AFP) - President Mohammad Khatami said Sunday that Iran had no influence on Hezbollah, implying that it would not try to coax the Lebanese militant group to release four Israeli captives >>> FULL TEXT

Iran criticises Arab summit

TEHRAN, Oct 23 (AFP) - Iran's foreign ministry late Sunday criticised the results of the just-completed Arab summit in Cairo, saying it had failed to respond to the wishes of the Palestinians and other Muslims >>> FULL TEXT

Spain extends 600 mln dollar credit line to Iran: Aznar

TEHRAN, Oct 22 (AFP) - Spain will provide Iran with a credit line of 600 million dollars as the two nations move to boost commercial ties, visiting Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar said Sunday >>> FULL TEXT

Iran, Germany's Krupp sign in polyethylene plant deal

TEHRAN, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Iran signed a deal with German engineering contractor Krupp Uhde Monday to build a polyethylene plant with an annual production capacity of 300,000 tonnes, the official news agency IRNA reported >>> FULL TEXT

Surging oil prices give Iran an extra six billion dollars

TEHRAN, Oct 23 (AFP) - Surging oil prices have given Iran around six billion dollars in extra revenues for the first half of the current Iranian year, a member of parliament's budget committee announced on Monday >>> FULL TEXT

Winners at Isfahan film fest

Tehran, (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Bahman Qobadi's "A time for drunken horses" won the best feature film award at the the international children's film festival in Isfahan. Here are the other winners >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Big names absent in Isfahan

Tehran, (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Film actor Mohammad Kasebi has been a jury member at Isfahan's international children's film festival for the past six years. This year, he says, quality suffered because of the absence of many prominant filmmakers >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Film couple mistreated, angry reaction

Tehran, (Aftab-e Yazd) -- Security forces at the Isfahan film festival mistreat a film director and his wife, drawing angry reactions from other filmmakers and the audience >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iran knocked out of Asian Cup by South Korea

Tripoli (Lebanon), Oct. 23 (Iran Sports Press) -- He came on as a sub 14 minutes from time, provided the equalizer for a team mate in the dying minute of normal time, snatched the winner 10 minutes into extra-time as South Korea knocked out Iran from the quarter-finals stage of the Asian Cup, the game being played today in the northern city of Tripoli. South Korea, the first qualifiers to the last four stage, are due to measure themselves next Thursday against the winners of tomorrow's other quarter-finals tie between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait >>> FULL TEX

China murders Qatar

Sidon (Lebanon), Oct. 23 (Iran Sports Press) -- China raised their game to perfection before dispatching spiritless Qatar today in the quarter-finals round of the Asian Cup, setting up what could prove an explosive titanic clash with Japan in next Thursday's last four stage. Japan, tipped by many observers to land the coveted prize for the second time in the last three editions, are due to face Iraq tomorrow in another quarter-finals tie >>> FULL TEXT

Shalhoub takess Saudi Arabia to quarter finals

Sidon (Lebanon), Oct. 20 (Iran Sports Press) -- A dazzling performance by 20-year old promising striker Mohamed Al-Shalhoub was enough for Saudi Arabia to thrash Uzbekistan 5-0, moving ahead to the quarter-finals stages of the Asian Cup. The hero of the game, a long-standing outfit at the bench during Milan Macala reign, was a starter for the first time as he inspired his side to a much-needed victory, claiming a hat-trick, and leaving the other two goals to fellow mates Marzouq Al-Otaybi and Nawwaf Al-Temiat >>> FULL TEXT


Eshkevari's charges of apostasy questioned again

The prosecutor for the Special Court for Clergies, Gholam Hussein Mohseni Ejeie questioned the validity of charges of apostasy brought against Hassan Yusefi Eshkevari. Mr Ejeie says the supreme leader's opinion also differs with the charges brought against the cleric by the judge. Pedram Farzad looks at the issue >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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On-line resource on the Iran-U.S. claims tribunal procedures and law.

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The Ig Nobel Prizes

This year's Ig Nobel awards were presented at Harvard University, around the same time as those Swedish prizes were announced. The awards are given to individuals whose achievements "cannot or should not be reproduced."

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