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Thursday February 22, 2001 / Esfand 4, 1379, No. 1171



Nobody saw the revolution coming

By Maziar Behrooz
February 22, 2001
The Iranian

The February 1979 revolution in Iran was a surprise to all its participants, both domestic and foreign powers trying either to bring the situation under control or to take advantage of it. The rapidity in which the last shah of Iran and his imperial regime were delivered to the archives of history stunned the superpowers of the time, paralyzed the shah and his mighty imperial armed forces, and was an unexpected victory, when compared to other revolutions, for the ad hoc coalition which had formed against the imperial regime >>> GO TO FEATURE



By James Buchan
February 22, 2001
The Iranian

For years now, I have sought to feel again the sensation I felt, if only for a moment, one day during the Iranian Revolution. It was 5 November, 1978, the day they burned the banks in Tehran and paper money fluttered here and there in the hot draughts above Ferdowsi Square. The sun was dissolving in dirt and smoke as I set off, going nowhere in particular, except downhill, under the force of my own gravity. I knew I must be off the street because of the curfew. I came into Lalehzar and the reek of alcohol made me swoon >>> GO TO FEATURE


Unparalleled genius
That is Nizami Ganjavi

By Kamran Talattof and Jerome W. Clinton
February 22, 2001
The Iranian

The work of Nizami Ganjavi, one of the great Persian poets, has achieved enduring significance. The five long poems, known collectively as the Khamsa (Quintet) or Panj Ganj (Five Treasures), composed by Nizami in the late twelfth century, set new standards in their own time for elegance of expression, richness of characterization, and narrative sophistication >>> GO TO FEATURE


A crack in Iran's right wing?

BBC Persian Service

As the moderate wing of Iran's powerful conservatives is getting increasingly closer to the country's reformist president Mohammad Khatami, radical right wing elements particularly at the influential Fayziah seminary in Qom are getting worried about their political future. Yesterday they harshly criticised President Khatami, likening him to Macciaveli and calling him a hypocrite in their official publication, Fayziah. Mehdi Sharif reports >>> LISTEN

Grin And Bare It!
Invisible braces, lunchtime laser whitening, veneers--tips and techniques for getting the perfect smile (and keeping it for a lifetime)

By Amy Synnott
In Style Magazine
March, 2001
Page 337

Experts say the best toothbrushes have small heads and soft bristles. "Hard bristles and large heads are rough on your gums and can wear down the enamel," says New York City cosmetic dentist Ziba Yaghmai >>> FULL TEXT


God bless...

... the Internet for liberating such creative talents >>> FULL TEXT

Thanks to Nazanin

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* NOT Enrique Iglesias

Anonymous writes: I thought I should bring to your attention a mistake regarding Enrique Iglesias and Googoosh's song "Baavar Kon'". This performance is not by Enrique Iglesias but by an Armenian artist called Vatche who resides in Los Angeles. and recorded a CD of "21 European Favorites" in 1998 (Talpete Ent.). The song "Bavarkon" is #21 on this album consisting of many Italian, French and Spanish songs.

* Better poem

Aria writes: When I read Esmail Nooriala's poem "Baar-e digar, Bahman!" I wrote something better >>> FULL TEXT

* Big deal!

Maryam writes: I love Tennis and Andre Agassi as a tennis player. I don't know if he is really offended by his father's Iranian origin or not ["Just don't do it"]. Big deal!

For God's sake his father moved to the U.S. about what? Half a century ago? Married an American, had kids! And Andre became such a great athlete in America. He has never been in Iran and most likely he will never go.

Let's just admire him as one of the greatest tennis player ever and let him deal with his origin himself. And let's not be offended by his choice.

* Unusual talent

Mehran Shahidehpour writes: Sadaf Kiani's works are excellent. She is an extraordinary writer whose works reveal unusual talent.

* Hooked

Sholeh Cooper writes: You guys are doing an incredible job with this site. My husband, even though he is American, is totally hooked on your site!

Reunion: Shiraz U. reunion, San Diego


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I'm sad that as she binds me in this pain,

    My love does not intend my heart to gain

    Its happiness. When she sees my distress

    She laughs in secret at this sweet, sweet jest.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

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Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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