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Feb 19-23, 2001 / Esfand 1-5, 1379



* Shah's general:
- No comparison

* Elaine Sciolino:
- More Iranian than most

* Art:
- Far from pretentious

* Sadaf Kiani:
- Qovat-e qalb


* Googoosh:
- Not Enrique Iglesias

* Esmail Nooriala:
- Better poem
- Big deal!
The Iranian:
- Hooked
- Buoyancy of spirit
Sadaf Kiani:
- Unusual talent

- Ghalam-e saadeh vali...
* Food:
- Gross me out

* Model:
- Oy vey!

* Persia, Iowa:
- Sad, in a way

- Stop and say hi sometime
* Revolution:
- Will not look the other way

- Your idea of a good leader?
* organization:
- Divided we fall

- Join Persian Watch Cat

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February 23, 2001

* No comparison

While I respect every person's right to their opinion, I find a disturbing double-standard in the author's treatment of history ["The general's widow"]. It is utterly abject to treat General Rahimi's story with such emotion and sensation while the by-orders-of-magnitude less guilty and less-deserving-of-execution Dr. Fatemi receives an oh-so-sorry-it-happened mention sprinkled with the "dasto-del-bAziyeh AryAmehri" to his widow. How convenient and liberating >>> FULL TEXT

Aref Erfani

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* More Iranian than most

Elaine Sciolino is a renowned expert on Iran. I consider her more an Iranian than most Iranians. Recently, I have heard a few derogatory comments about her works, in plural. I personally will halt effective immediately, association, affiliation, and contributions in any manner to any organisations that are the self-serving rogue origin of such comments and strongly urge you to as well >>> FULL TEXT


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* Far from pretentious

I know some of the guys in the paintings by Mani Gholami ["Happy"]. They are art students. You are right. These paintings are very close to that hidden world of Iranian "in-door" life. In this sense they are far from the pretentious style of other Iranian contemporary painters.

Sourena Mohammadi

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* Qovat-e qalb

Faghat meekhaastam begam keh shomaa behtareh keh bedaaneed that kesaani mesleh man hastand keh daayem montazereh nevesh-tehaayeh shomaa dar hastim ["Sadaf Kiani"]. Ravesheh neveshtehaayeh shomaa vaaghe-an beh del meesheeneh va daleeleh asleesho ham nemeedoonam. Please please injoor neveshtan raa edaameh daheed. Man dar Dallas, Texas hastam va goftam shaayad qovateh qalb begeereed keh bedooneed dar injaa ham taraf-daar daareed keh bi-sabraaneh montazereh nevesh-tehaayeh jadeedetoon hastand.

E. Salehi

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February 22, 2001

* NOT Enrique Iglesias

I thought I should bring to your attention a mistake regarding Enrique Iglesias and Googoosh's song "Baavar Kon'". This performance is not by Enrique Iglesias but by an Armenian artist called Vatche who resides in Los Angeles. and recorded a CD of "21 European Favorites" in 1998 (Talpete Ent.). The song "Bavarkon" is #21 on this album consisting of many Italian, French and Spanish songs.


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* Better poem

When I read Esmail Nooriala's poem "Baar-e digar, Bahman!" I wrote something better >>> FULL TEXT


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* Big deal!

I love Tennis and Andre Agassi as a tennis player. I don't know if he is really offended by his father's Iranian origin or not ["Just don't do it"]. Big deal!

For God's sake his father moved to the U.S. about what? Half a century ago? Married an American, had kids! And Andre became such a great athlete in America. He has never been in Iran and most likely he will never go.

Let's just admire him as one of the greatest tennis player ever and let him deal with his origin himself. And let's not be offended by his choice.


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* Unusual talent

Sadaf Kiani's works are excellent. She is an extraordinary writer whose works reveal unusual talent.

Mehran Shahidehpour

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* Hooked

You guys are doing an incredible job with this site. My husband, even though he is American, is totally hooked on your site!

Sholeh Cooper

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February 21, 2001

* Buoyancy of spirit

These painting ["Happy"] have the quality they do, most likely because they are painted from family photos. People posing for pictures tend to put on their best smiles... they want to be remembered in a certain way. The paintings also have an "innocent" or "naive" quality to them because of the childlike brushwork. Overall they do have a certain buoyancy of spirit.


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* Sad, in a way

I just read you little article about Persia, Iowa. I, too, am from Persia, the Iowa town. I, too, am a journalist by training. I spent a few years as a farm magazine editor and the past 20 working in corporate communications.

When I was growing up in Persia, it was a nice, active town (1954 - 72). There were three grocery stores, a hardware store, two gas stations, two farm grain elevators, a lumberyard, two barbers, three bars, etc. The town had a school high on the hill >>> FULL TEXT


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* Stop and say hi sometime

Hello! We remember you. We were looking on the Persia web site and saw the pictures that you took in Persia, Iowa. And that is where we are from. Stop back and say hi sometime -- if you are passing through.

Jennifer Crozier

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* Divided we fall

A well meaning group of individuals formed a group for the benefit of the whole. But it seems their disunity brought about by the probable clash of opinions and egos might put an end to a great effort ["Power of one"].

May I suggest that these individuals of capacity take cue from a certain persecuted and outlawed religious minority in Iran and learn from their administrative principles of respect, sacrifice, consultation and unity >>> FULL TEXT

Faryar Mansuri

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February 20, 2001

* Will not look the other way

Ms. Fariba Amini indicated ["Monarchist fascists"] that I have not grasped the essence of her article ["Thy father's sins"]. Nonsense. Revolution, as it turned out, was a massive criminal act and a treason against the Iranian nation. This catastrophe was committed by the former revolutionaries and their blind supporters. I will not look the other way for the sake of dialogue. As far as I am concerned, until this fact is acknowledged, there is nothing to talk about >>> FULL TEXT

Khosrow Moniri

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* Your idea of a good leader?

Mr. Moniri ["Shah's mistake: Didn't shoot rebels"], I just hope there are not many Iranians who think like you do. Why are you filled with such haterd towards your own people and towards freedom? Your idea of a good leader is one who imprisons and shoots his opposition?


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* Join Persian Watch Cat

I am a member of Persian Watch Cat, like six hundred other Iranian/Americans and in that capacity, do not represent the group or speak for the group and only represent myself.

There have been many letters published in recently both pro and against actions of PWC. I don't want to bring yet another view to that discussion, but only try to encourage Iranian/Americans to join PWC >>> FULL TEXT


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* Ghalam-e saadeh vali shegeftaavar

Khaanome Sadaf Kiani Abbassian, tabrik migam bekhaatere in ghalame saade vali shegefte shomaa. va yaa in aakhari "Paalto khaakestari" ke manro cheghadr teshne sarmaa va barfe emsaale tehraan kard - haminjaa beonvaane jomle mo'tareze begam ke neveshtehaaye shomaa betarze gharibi baraaye kasaani ke dar vatan nistan haalo havaa va shoore digei daare chon khode shomaa engaar hesse nostaalogike ghaviei daarin! >>> FULL TEXT

Reza Kazemzadeh

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* Gross me out

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee! Can we have some more decent recipes ["Persian cooking"] that someone might want to make, like some of the normal khoreshts, some cookies or something. Gross me out.

Iran Javid Fulton

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* Oy vey!

Oy vey! That is positively the UGLIEST supermodel I have ever seen ["Shiraz"].

Nariman Neyshapouri

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February 19, 2001


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