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Thursday March 1, 2001 / Esfand 11, 1379, No. 1176



Simply waiting
There's not much left but hope

By Najmeh Fakhraie
March 1, 2001
The Iranian

When you sit in the taxi, people get on and off at different stops along the way. You hardly notice them. You reach your destination, pay the driver and after a few seconds the whole ride is forgotten. Nothing strange or special. Nothing worth remembering. But that night as I was busy talking to the person sitting next to me I saw a man get on and sit in the front seat. Once he started speaking I knew that the voice and the words might not be heard just anywhere >>> GO TO FEATURE


Here & there
What if Ebrahim Nabavi was born in Detroit and Eminem in Tehran?

By Ramin Tabib
March 1, 2001
The Iranian

While I was watching Eminem accept award after award at the Grammys, the gesture took me back to a few months ago when Ebrahim Nabavi, an Iranian satirist, stood in front of a judge in a court room in Tehran and apologized for having written "subversive" and "foul" prose >>> GO TO FEATURE


Paintings by Saba Masoumian

March 1, 2001
The Iranian

These paintings by Saba Masoumian were originally featured on Elahe Gallery's web site. Masoumian, 18, lives in Iran >>> GO TO FEATURE


Stern warning

Warning to Iranian leaders from Daftar Tahkim Vahdat, a major student organization in Iran (Persian) >>> FULL TEXT

Students warn of trouble ahead

BBC Persian Service

Daftar Tahkim Vahdat, a major student union in Tehran, has released a statement warning Iranian officials, including the country's leader Ayatollah Khamenei, about the consequences of hard-liners' pressures on the country's reformist movement >>> LISTEN


Savage bastards

March 1, 2001, KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- Defying an international outcry, Taliban soldiers on Thursday began destroying all statues in Afghanistan -- even targeting two soaring, ancient statues of Buddha carved into the face of a mountain >>> FULL TEXT

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* Non-sensical utterances

Hushang Mansurian writes: I was saddened and deeply sorry to read the letter by an unknown face, AA, accusing one of our finest poets outside Iran of stealing from Ahmad Shamlu ["Baar-e digar, Bahman"]...

Now that you have printed Shamlu's poem as well, could someone come out and tell us which part of it has been picked by Dr. Nooriala, apart from the fact that both poems are written in Farsi and use a lot of plural forms of words ending in "aan"? >>> FULL TEXT

* Old-fashioned jaahels

Annonnymouss writes: I read the article written by our so-called compatriot, Mr.Siamak Baniameri on"Art of Kissing". I was tremendously shocked because all I found in his article was an exaggeration about himself and other things that are closely related to him, like his father, and on the other hand, beating what can be considered as Iranian traditions.

I know that many foreigners who are interested in different things related to Iranians, spouses of Iranians and tourists who like to travel to Iran check your website in order to become more familiar with our rich culture, but you have introduced Iranian men as old-fashioned JAAHELS >>> FULL TEXT

* Persia is dead

AA writes: Let's settle this problem once & for all, the name of our country is IRAN not "Persia", and we are "Iranians" not "Persians". The reason is pure & simple: there is no country called "Persia" in the year 2001. So please set your clocks & renew your calenders!

If any of you Persian lovers show me a map (not a 1910 map!) with a country named Persia in it, I will take back all of my words. Persia was a country consisting of Iran, Afghanistan, Bahrain, parts of Iraq , Pakistan , Tajikestan & ....., so open your eyes & accept the reality -- there is no Persia any more. Persia is dead

* No poetic rite of passage

Noosham writes: I am writing in response to the article, "Not going back". I truly appreciate this author's opinion on what Iran has become. I have read many of the letters sent to this website in regards to Iran now. I feel that those letters have somehow romanticized and "prettied-up" the Iran of today.

Has Iran really changed from what it was during the time of Khomeini? We need to still maintain hope that we will all one day return. But to what? The story "A man without a country" rings a disheartening familiar melody >>> FULL TEXT

* You animals

H. M. Jalili writes: Mr. Moniri is very correct and to the point in his response to Ms. Amini ["Thy father's sins"]. It seems that after 22 years, she has not grown and still is the same "young and idealist" person!

You were animalistic. The violence that Iran has been subjected for 22 years was brought about by the violence you people committed in 1977-79. You cheered when members of "ancient regime," Kurds and Baha'is were murdered but you only cried foul when mollas turned against you >>> FULL TEXT

* Sorry for Reza Pahlavi

F. Amini writes: To those who have misread the essence of my article ["Thy father's sins"]: I am truly sorry for Reza Pahlavi to have followers who are illiterate, live in the past, have not studied a single word of Iranian and world history and -- yes -- they still wish to annihilate individuals for their beliefs.

I do suggest to all of you to stay where you are because the Iranian people do not want the likes of you to be part of their lives. And I hope Reza Pahlavi will bring some sense to his followers although it might be too late >>> FULL TEXT

Noruz: Condemn compulsory Hejab


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    The moment you find a companion in joy

    Is the moment you find your life's own fate.

    Beware that you don't waste that moment in vain:

    You will find very few such moments again.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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