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Tuesday January 2, 2001 / Dey 13, 1379, No. 1136


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Those eyes
Cartoons of chadori women

Cartoons by Saman
January 2, 2001
The Iranian

Saman has been drawing cartoons for for more than a year. He has developed quite a following especially with his trademark wide-eyed chadori figure.

The year-end holidays gave Saman time to work on a whole series of cartoons, many of them featuring chadoris. There was enough to put together this feature, including new and previous works >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

The old tricks of the special interrogator for Saeed Emami >>> GO TO FEATURE


Ministry of Culture follows Khatami's Platform

BBC Persian Service

Deputy Minister of Culture and the Islamic Guidance for the Press and Publicity Affairs Sha'ban Shahidi has said that the ministry follows President Khatami's cultural policy, Shahidi said that the Justice Department didn't substantiate thier negative views on 132 applicants for press permit. He said if the department didn't provide the Press Supervisory Board with reasons, the entity would take decisions on the applicant by voting. Lara Petrossian asks Mohammad Hasan Alipour a journalist in Tehran, if this is a confrontation with the judiciary? >>> LISTEN

As Zoroastrians Enter a New Era, Assimilation Becomes a Concern

The New York Times
January 1, 2001

HOUSTON, Dec. 29 - The cities listed on name tags worn by men and women at a hotel here offer evidence that a highly international gathering is taking place. People have come from Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Bombay and Tehran, Iran. Yet they share a common bond as Zoroastrians, members of a monotheistic faith whose long history includes centuries of glory as the religion of classical-era Iran >>> FULL TEXT


Personally, I'm a Sanat Naft fan. But I was so glad Esteqlal did not LOSE to Persepolis the other day (those Persepolis players and fans are so arrogant). We could have done without the big fight, though. Watch the goals, and the fight >>> HERE

More Letters

* Woman with metal half-mask

Aaron Chapman writes: About two months ago, I happened to be flying from Amsterdam to Minneapolis and I noticed a group (I suspect a family) of Saudis on the same flight as myself... There were a number of women who were all dressed in the long black gown-like chador (although their faces were not covered completely.) One of the women, however, sported a thin metal frame on her face -- at least it looked metal >>> FULL TEXT

* Romanticizing Iranianness

Bijan Arman Ali Pingili writes: Let me begin by saying that Iranians often talk very loosely, especially those outside of Iran. Our emotions often overwhelm us, and some ways of zealosuly emphasizing our identity is to vehemently distinguish ourselves from our neighboring Arabs, to emphasize our "Aryaness", and of course to object to romantic relationships with Blacks. Let's not make any more of this than what it is - romantic images of our Iranianess that help us identify with our nationality... >>> FULL TEXT

* Embrace all humankind

Lisa writes: Regarding intolerance, first I think it is important, at least for the sake of future generations, to realize that globalization is inevitable. We are headed in that direction, at least as long as there exists places like America. And let's not forget the original vision in creating this 'America', which was to embrace all peoples and create a melting pot from which every individual is allowed an opportunity to freedom of expression and prosperity >>> FULL TEXT

* Persian pride

Satrap writes: Neveshteh aghaye baniameri ra ba lezat khandam ["Persian warrior"]. Albateh agar yek roydad waghei bashad dar hade yek komedideram ast.(va taasof avar) Ma iraniyan ejazeh darim keh beh meliyat khod eftekhar konim va albateh in hagh ra baraye tamame melale dighar niz ghayel bashim >>> FULL TEXT

Business: Trading with Iran, Long Beach

The Iranian Trade Association & the World Trade Center Association Los Angeles-Long Beach Present "Trading With Iran: A New Beginning" January 10, 2001 8:30 ­ 10:30 a.m. Long Beach, CA World Trade Center Long Beach Conference Theatre >>> DETAILS




The Little Black Fish
And Other Modern Persian Stories
By Mary Hegland, Eric Hoogland (translators)



Aazaadi va aazaadi-ye matbou'aat
By Nikahang Kosar

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Love's blazinf fire will turn cold into hot;

    Love's brilliant light will soften hardest rock.

    Don't judge the sins of lovers harshly, friend:

    Love's wine will leave us shameless in the end.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Four more defendants confess in murders trial

TEHRAN, Jan 2 (AFP) - Four more defendants confessed in court Tuesday to involvement in the 1998 assassinations of several dissidents and intellectuals blamed on "rogue" secret agents, state radio reported. Three admitted to personally carrying out some of the murders and a fourth said he had supervised the killing of nationalist opposition leader Dariush Forouhar and his wife Parvaneh, it said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran says security pact with Saudi ready to be signed

TEHRAN, Jan 2 (AFP) - Iran and Saudi Arabia have ironed out the details for an historic security agreement as the two nations work toward moving on from their past difficulties, Tehran's interior minister, Abdol-Vahed Mussavi-Lari, said Tuesday. "The text of the agreement has been finalised by experts on both sides and will be signed during a visit by Saudi Interior Minister Nayef bin Abdel-Aziz," Mussavi-Lari told reporters >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami sure to run for re-election: minister

TEHRAN, Jan 2 (AFP) - President Mohammad Khatami is certain to run for re-election in June because he is determined to keep fighting for his reform programme, his interior minister and close ally said on Tuesday. "There's no doubt that he will stand in the elections, so I can tell you: Khatami will certainly be a candidate," Abdol-Vahed Mussavi-Lari told a Tehran press conference >>> FULL TEXT

Ganji to be moved to another cell block after murder of cellmate

TEHRAN, Jan 2 (AFP) - A judge has agreed to transfer prominent journalist Akbar Ganji from the cell block for common criminals to another block after his cellmate was murdered last week, a press report said Tuesday. "With the agreement of press court judge Said Mortazavi, Ganji will soon be transferred to another cell block," the Aftabe-Yazd paper said >>> FULL TEXT

Iran begins re-trial of police chief in torture case

TEHRAN, Jan 1 (AFP) - Defence lawyers for a former top police chief requested a postponement Monday as his re-trial began in a Tehran military court on torture charges, sources told AFP. Former security police chief Mohammad-Reza Naqdi was already acquitted once for allegedly ordering the torture of detainees during an investigation into official corruption in Tehran >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami government to protect political meetings in Iran

TEHRAN, Jan 2 (AFP) - President Khatami's government is currently working on a plan to protect political gatherings and meetings from extremist attacks, Interior Minister Abdolvahed Mussavi-Lari said Tuesday. "This plan is currently being studied by the interior ministry's security council", he told a news conference in Tehran, saying authorities were "determined to prevent and fight against attacks on political meetings" >>> FULL TEXT

Iran expecting more than one billion dollars in tourist revenue

TEHRAN, Jan 1 (AFP) - Iran is expecting a total of more than one billion dollars in revenue from tourism by the end of the current Iranian year in March, the state IRNA news agency reported Monday. That figure marks a massive jump from just over 350 million dollars in 1997, it said, as the Islamic republic has worked to attract tourists and cut its dependence on petrodollars >>> FULL TEXT

Iran to begin accepting private bank applications next week

TEHRAN, Jan 1 (AFP) - Iran will begin accepting applications next week for the establishment of private banks with start-up capital of at least 25 million dollars, the central bank said Monday. But private banking will still be off-limits to foreigners as applications will only be accepted by Iranian nationals or legal entities, it said, cited by the state broadcasting website >>> FULL TEXT

Rocks thrown at Mehrjuie's "Mix"

Tehran (Hayat-e No) -- Agitators throw rocks during screening of Daryoush Mehrjuie's new film ("Mix") at three theaters in Tehran. They were apparently protesting scenes where women are playing musical instruments >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Ups and dows at the box office

Tehran (Dowran-e Emrooz) -- New films for the winter season will soon be screened. Some are in a good position to make a good profit at the box office. But Farmanara's award-winning film has no chance >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Abadan film fest

Tehran (Dowran-e Emrooz) -- Abdan film festival will include mini festival of Italian greats >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Esteghlal and Persepolis fight to a draw

Tehran - December 29 (Iran Sports Press) -- With video: Arch rivals Persepolis and Esteghlal battled to a 2-2 draw on Friday in a highly physical match. The encounter was highly charged from the beginning, as both teams tried to cope with the tension built by over 100,000 spectators in Azadi Stadium >>> FULL TEXT

Disciplinary committee slaps down fines and suspensions

Tehran - December 31 (Iran Sports Press) -- The Disciplinary Committee of the Iranian Football Federation issued its verdict on nine players and one coach who were incolved in the chaos on Friday in the match between Esteghlal and Persepolis >>> FULL TEXT

Blazevic and Ivanovic to guide Iran in WC2002 qualifiers

Tehran, December 30 (Iran Sports Press) -- Miroslav Blazevic and Branko Ivanovic will guide the Iranian National Team at the World Cup 2002 qualifiers, a reliable confirmed on Saturday. The Croatians are expecting to begin their duties from January 17. Ivanovic will serve as assistant coach under 65 year old Blazevic >>> FULL TEXT


Four New Cabinet Ministers

Iranian newspapers have reported that four new ministers will soon be appointed to start working in Mohammad Khatami's cabinet. This is despite the fact that Mr. Khatami's term of office will end in about six months. Mohammad Matin talks to Daryush Sajjadi, Iranian affairs analyst about the significance of these new appointments >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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In order to survive in a vast multitude of different races and cultures, we had to formulate certain rules. And one of the rules is, we have to be an exclusive community, which is borne out by our scriptures to a certain extent.

-- Jal N. Birdy, North American Zoroastrian Mobeds Council
The New York Times
January 1, 2001

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