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Jan 2-5, 2001 / Dey 13-16, 1379


* Discrimination:
- Time to take responsibility


* Copyright:
- Have some ma'refat
American culture:
- Drowing in this abyss

* Homosexuality:
- No homosexuality, please
Siamack Baniameri:
- Just needs revenge
Sadaf Kiani:
- Nowhere to turn to
- Persian pride
- Woman with metal half-mask
The Iranian:
- You like Iran to be like America
- We are not Negroes

- NOT the worst racists
- Romanticizing Iranianness
- Embrace all humankind

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January 5, 2001

* Time to take responsibility

The other day, as I sat at my computer reading my emails, I came across one forwarded by an Iranian friend to everyone in his address book. In short the mail explained that a new Iranian-American organization ["Persian Watch Cat"] had been formed in order to lobby against the so called "discrimination" Iranians are subject to, specifically when traveling.

"It's barbaric that we must have our bags searched and our private property scrutinized and fingerprints taken...why must they ask the occupation of our parents?" The article read.

As I continued to read, I recalled a recent trip trip the UK where I was taken aside and questioned for 20 minutes. And as I came upon the web link where I too could vent my anger at the discrimination directed to me.

Then it dawned on me. I suddenly realized that we have no one to blame but ourselves. It was not a Farangi who held Americans hostage for 444 days. It was not an American who sponsored terrorism and may have been responsible for the murder of innocent people >>> FULL TEXT

Ali Noshirvani

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January 4, 2001

* Have some ma'refat

My question concerns scanning Akbar Ganji's book ["The red-robbed highness"], or any other book. Isn't that a violation of copyright?

I think people can buy Ganji's book very easily through the internet, and it would be to the benefit of this brave prisoner if you only published some pages, or hell, some chapters of his book, rather than in its entirety.

I just think what you're doing is far from "ma'refat", for which I know no American word.

Ataollah Togha

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* We are not Negroes

In reply to Dokhi Fassihian ["Thank god for..."], did I say that I had a problem with Iranian men copulating, dating, or marrying women outside our ethnicity ["Terrorize women..."]? What if I were to tell you that many of my relatives have married non-Iranian women? Who cares if some Iranian man marries a foreign women?...

Iranians are Caucasians, akin to the Georgians, Armenians, Chechen, Tajik, and Arab peoples. We are an ethnic and cultural group making up the Iranian Nation! Just like the Jews, we are a group that can be defined as a PEOPLE and if Iranians marry non-iranians then there will be no more Iranians.This is a simple concept, even for an idiot like you >>> FULL TEXT


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* Drowing in this abyss

I've just read the note from Unlimited Madness ["You like Iran to be like America"]. I don't want to judge about what he/she is saying. But I can not deny shouting out loud "Hey....You are just using American offensive phrases and words...".

I'm Iranian, too. And I live in Iran where I know people who don't know the difference between "F_ck you" and "God Bless You" and they shoot each other. I know teenage girls who have sex more than 10 times a day. There are men who don't think about America when they're having sex with a girl the same age as their daughters. I know wives in Iran who cheat and they haven't got MTV in their houses >>> FULL TEXT


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* No homosexuality, please

I preferably do not want to see the promotion of homosexuality in your wonderful and educational publication ["News & views"].


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January 3, 2001

* NOT the worst racists

In response to Mr. Bakhshandeh's email, condemning racism, it appears that he fails to recognize the racism in his own writing. How has he come to the conclusion that Iranians are the most racist people in the world? I am sure he must have had negative experiences but has he gone all around the world and somehow measured the "racist factor" of each country? (Something that Mr. Neyshapuori claims to have done)

Iranians, like all people around the world have racists, and I am sure we also have tolerant people. It's hard to believe that we are the most racist people in the world. Just look at the history of the last century and you will see that we are not even close to the top >>> FULL TEXT

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* Just needs revenge

Another fiction/"Supposed to be real" story from someone who doesn't even sound convincing and rational when we listen to his side of story ["PMS"].

It sounds more like a "I wish it was real" tale by someone who doesn't really know where the actual problem is and just needs revenge.

Faramarz Kaviani

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* Nowhere to turn to

I read your new piece ["Christmas-e aan saal"]. I can understand the anxiety you described. I had the same feeling once I came here to the U.S.

To be honest with you, it's really sad that we poor Iranians have nowhere to turn to. I mean I see the Spanish, Greek, etc., going back to their country during holidays with great ineterst and they talk about how beautiful the life is over there.

But when it comes to us we either have got nothing to say or if there is something nice, no one would believe it anyway!

Anyhow, Chrismas was nice (although I was at work later that evening!) and so was New Year's Eve. Call me old fashioned but I preferred a "shab-e yalda" next to my mum and dad and others eating "hendevaaneh" and having "tokhmeh"!!! But that's just an illusion.


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* You like Iran to be like America

Don't EVER, EVER sent me your FUCKING newsletter again. Your kind are a disgrace to all Iranians. Siding with the Americans with your bastard sons and whore daughters.

You like Iran to be like America, don't you? Where people shoot each other. Where daughters have sex when they are 14. Where wives cheat. Where gays and lesbians are normal.


Unlimited Madness

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January 2, 2001

* Woman with metal half-mask

I have a question that I have had trouble finding an answer to. Perhaps you can help? Or direct me to someone versed in Islamic culture that can help, as my Islamic knowledge is not very good.

About two months ago, I happened to be flying from Amsterdam to Minneapolis and I noticed a group (I suspect a family) of Saudis on the same flight as myself. If I remember correctly in glancing at their passports they were Saudis, anyway...

There were a number of women who were all dressed in the long black gown-like chador (although their faces were not covered completely.)

One of the women, however, sported a thin metal frame on her face -- at least it looked metal >>> FULL TEXT

Aaron Chapman
Vancouver, Canada

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* Romanticizing Iranianness

Let me begin by saying that Iranians often talk very loosely, especially those outside of Iran. Our emotions often overwhelm us, and some ways of zealosuly emphasizing our identity is to vehemently distinguish ourselves from our neighboring Arabs, to emphasize our "Aryaness", and of course to object to romantic relationships with Blacks. Let's not make any more of this than what it is - romantic images of our Iranianess that help us identify with our nationality...

Such notions are not intrinsic to our culture and hopefully we will not inherit them from Westerners. A united Iran, where the common denominator of Iranianess is our diverse cultural/linguistic heritage, as opposed to race, is a healthy Iran >>> FULL TEXT

Bijan Arman Ali Pingili

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* Embrace all humankind

Regarding intolerance, first I think it is important, at least for the sake of future generations, to realize that globalization is inevitable. We are headed in that direction, at least as long as there exists places like America. And let's not forget the original vision in creating this 'America', which was to embrace all peoples and create a melting pot from which every individual is allowed an opportunity to freedom of expression and prosperity...

I do believe at some point, whether or not one agrees, that we as a people should evolve into more consciously mature persons and embrace all humankind as a whole instead of seperating ourselves into categories, no matter what our 'race' or 'religion'. The most auspicious personalities in history have embodied compassion toward all mankind >>> FULL TEXT


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* Persian pride

Neveshteh aghaye baniameri ra ba lezat khandam ["Persian warrior"]. Albateh agar yek roydad waghei bashad dar hade yek komedideram ast.(va taasof avar) Ma iraniyan ejazeh darim keh beh meliyat khod eftekhar konim va albateh in hagh ra baraye tamame melale dighar niz ghayel bashim.

Nabayad farmosh konim keh ma nit manande sayere melal digar daraye eftekharat va tabiatan nokate tariki dar tarikhe khod hastim. Man bedin natijeh residam ke ma mitavanim dar eyne eftekhar beh nokat mosbat az nokate manfi dars amokhteh va ghozashteh ra mashaale rahe ayandeh konim >>> FULL TEXT


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January 1, 2001


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