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Friday January 5, 2001 / Dey 16, 1379, No. 1139


Sehaty Foreign Exchange


By Shokooh Mirzadegi
January 5, 2001
The Iranian


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

His red-robed highness >>> GO TO FEATURE


Break up in the rightist camp?

BBC Persian Service

A leading conservative figure, Mohammadreza Bahonar, says a powerful neo-religious trend is taking momentum among the right faction. Earlier in the week, Taha Hashemi, managing director of the rightist Entekhab daily, also said that some factions within the conservative camp were distancing from the more traditionalist ones like Jamiat-e Motalefeh. Masoumeh Torfeh asks Mohammad Mehdi Khalaji, an analyst, about the significance of these remarks >>> LISTEN shut down for copyright violation

4 January 2001, (International Systems Consultancy) -- In late December International Systems Consultancy (I.S.C.), the makers of ParsNegar, took legal action against the operators of the web site for distributing copyrighted material, which subsequently resulted in the web site being shut down. The web site was distributing a Persian font copyrighted by I.S.C. The operators of the web site were given sufficient warning to cooperate and remove the font from their web site. Their failure to comply with the request resulted in an immediate shut down of the web site until further notice >>> FULL TEXT

"Persian Watch Cat" Seeks Leadership Participation in the US"

By David Rahni,
New York, January 2001

After the advent of acquiring US citizenship by large numbers of Iranian Americans through the 90s, many recognized the need and merit to have "come out of the closet" so as to fully realize their dreams by exerting their presence felt. Persian Watch Cat (PWC): The Iranian American Anti-Discrimination Council, also known as Persian Watch Center (PWC), is one of the many natural outcomes of such foresight. PWC has now successfully completed the first period of the development of its mission statement, by-laws, and committees and regional chapters structures >>> FULL TEXT


National Machete Association Speaks Out

WASHINGTON, DC--Vowing to "vigilantly defend the Second Amendment and preserve our most basic civil liberties," the National Machete Association denounced congressional efforts to enact machete-control legislation Monday >>> READ

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* Time to take responsibility

Ali Noshirvani writes: The other day, as I sat at my computer reading my emails, I came across one forwarded by an Iranian friend to everyone in his address book. In short the mail explained that a new Iranian-American organization ["Persian Watch Cat"] had been formed in order to lobby against the so called "discrimination" Iranians are subject to, specifically when traveling.

"It's barbaric that we must have our bags searched and our private property scrutinized and fingerprints taken...why must they ask the occupation of our parents?" The article read.

As I continued to read, I recalled a recent trip trip the UK where I was taken aside and questioned for 20 minutes. And as I came upon the web link where I too could vent my anger at the discrimination directed to me.

Then it dawned on me. I suddenly realized that we have no one to blame but ourselves. It was not a Farangi who held Americans hostage for 444 days. It was not an American who sponsored terrorism and may have been responsible for the murder of innocent people >>> FULL TEXT

Support: Help Internet connection in deprived areas

The Science and Arts Foundation is non-profit independent organisation. Its general policy is to select model state schools in deprived areas of Iran and provide them with modern computer sites and Internet access. In its first year of activities in Iran, SAF completed this project for 19 schools in Tehran, Shahre-Ray and Varamin. SAF needs your support >>> DETAILS




A World Between
Poems, Short Stories, and Essays by Iranian-Americans
Edited by Persis Karim



Goftemaan-e farhangi-siyaasi-ye Khatami
By A. Haqdar

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    Show your face -- we long to paint your image.

    If you won't come, then let us please come there.

    Send a kiss, one by one, for every one.

    If you won't, then just send one and we can share.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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Chinese vice president arrives in Iran

TEHRAN, Jan 5 (AFP) - Chinese Vice President Hu Jintao arived in Iran Friday on the first stage of a five-country tour that will also take him to Syria, Jordan, Cyprus and Uganda, state television reported. Greeted at Tehran airport by his Iranian counterpart Hassan Habibi and other officials, Hu told journalists his visit concerned bilateral relations and regional and international matters >>> FULL TEXT

Authorities amputate man's fingers

TEHRAN, Jan 4 (AFP) - Four fingers were cut off a man's right hand after he was found guilty of stealing, the daily Kahyan reported Thursday. Mohammad-Ali Eyvazkhani was punished in accordance with Islamic Sharia law in the Shiite holy city of Qom, south of Tehran, after he was found to be a repeat offender >>> FULL TEXT


UN worried about refugees

The United Nations has sent a team of experts to Herat to assess the needs of thousands of people displaced by drought. The UN sources said the displaced people had arrived in Herat from Ghor and Badghis provinces, a region badly hit by the drought. Ali Sina reports from Peshawar >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Little dignity

No matter how angry or violated we may feel when our bags are opened or when we are escorted to the back room for fingerprints, for once we should sit back, shut-up and smile. Maybe then we can save what little dignity the Iranian government has left us.

-- Ali Noshirvani
Letter to The Iranian
January 5, 2001

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