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Monday March 26, 2001 / Farfardin 6, 1380, No. 1191


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Growing up Where it is and where it should be

By Jahanshah Javid
March 26, 2001
The Iranian

My daughter went to school a little late today. I had to go the attendance office to explain. I told them she had a doctor's appointment. I lied, of course. But I wasn't worried about that.

The woman in charge was looking at me in a strange way. Who wouldn't? I was wearing the same clothes for the third day in a row. I had not washed my face or brushed my teeth. Forget about shaving. And my hair... well, let's just say it needed to be washed and combed >>> GO TO FEATURE


    Macy Gray

    March 23, 2001
    The Iranian

    Okay. She's not Iranian. Who the hell cares? This woman is so damn talented I can't stop listening to her CD >>> GO TO FEATURE


Changing times for the Student Movement

BBC Persian Service

The Iranian judiciary seems to have resumed its offensive against the country's reformist movement on the first working day after the Iranian new year holidays. A court in Tehran ordered the arrest of Ebrahim Sheikh a student leader and a member of Daftar Tahkim Vahdat. Behrouz Parsa looks at the future of the Iranian student movement >>> LISTEN

How the other half lives

By Sally Ramsden
Independent on Sunday (London)
March 25, 2001

Why go on holiday to a country where the local women are shrouded top-to-toe in black sheets and where the official penalty for slipping your veil is a flogging? No reason, except that, paradoxically, Iran turns out to be quite the friendliest, most trouble-free country for a foreign woman traveller anywhere south of the Channel Tunnel >>> FULL TEXT

Pipeline Exporting Caspian Sea Oil

ALMATY, Kazakstan (AP) -- With a ceremonial twist of a valve, Russian and Kazak officials on Monday began pumping crude oil down the first major pipeline to be built in the resource-rich Caspian Sea region in a decade. The opening of the pipe, which runs from Kazakstan's Tengiz field to Russia's Black Sea port of Novorossiisk, was a victory for Russia. It will bring Moscow welcome new transport tariffs for years to come -- and added political clout in the strategic region >>> FULL TEXT


Top Ten...

Signs you are an Iranian girl

6. With the first notes of baba karam, an irresistible force makes you leap from your chair and swivel your hips in such a manner as to make Elvis blush.

Signs you are an Iranian guy

4. You drive a BMW that won't start >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Niki Tehranchi

More Letters

* Get a woman -- from Iran

Hosain Massiha writes: In response to "Growing up": If you can not find a woman in DC area to take good care of you then I suggest marrying one from home. I know this could be against all the stuff you ever told your friends and family but eat your pride and marry a girl from Iran. Talk to your mother (relatives) back home and they will find you one before you go for next visit home.

* Monarchy's vices

A.V. writes: Dear Mr. Hoveyda, Your recent article on the monarchy was interesting ["Shah or president?"]. I have now come to the conclusion as a lifelong monarchist (I'm 31) that monarchy or republic is, of course, an irrelevence, and that it is the vices of monarchical government that must be avoided: lack of accountability, injustice, corruption, cronyism >>> FULL TEXT

* Googoosh music not Iranian

Nader Majd, Center for Persian Classical Music writes: I liked your article very much. It was quite well-balanced and entertaining ["Houston, we have a diva!"]. However, being a musician myself, I think one thing should be added to all this Googooshmania. The lyrics are Iranian, but the music is not >>> FULL TEXT

* Serious problem

Siya T writes: The fact that a lot of Iranians introduce themselves as Persians shows how uncomfortable we are with the word Iran or Iranians! The problem with the name Iran is that it DOES NOT represent US in the world as it is supposed to. I have done a lot of travelling, specially in Asia and, believe me, the problem is very serious. we are considered Arabs. And it makes me sick. I wrote an email to the Iranian President regarding this problem. And I sent another email to the Iraqi government, asking them to call their country Babylon and not Iraq. I am not kidding. I did that because I believe there is a serious problem here and this problem is haunting a lot of us and it should be solved >>> FULL TEXT

Art: Society, Language and Culture in the Persianate World


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    "I gave you my heart and my faith," I said,

    "I showered on you everything I had."

    "You?" she said, "Who cares what you do or not?

    I shook you up, and this is what I got."

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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-- "Certain urban areas [in Paris] leave something to be desired when it comes to cleanliness. In particular, errant dogs and rabid dogs are increasingly numerous. If this plague isn't controlled, it could harm their Olympics 2008 bid."

-- People's Daily, China

-- "Dogs are dogs. They do the same thing everywhere... It's just that there are no dogs in China because they eat them."

-- Paris' Olympic bid president, Claude Bebear

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Macy Gray

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