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Thursday, December 31, 1998 / Dey 10, 1377, No. 635

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Happy New Year

Hello 1999!

May your New Year be filled with joy, wonder, peace and prosperity. And remember, there's always hope.

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Several injured in Tehran clash between protestors, police

TEHRAN, Dec 31 (AFP) - Several people were injured here Thursday during a clash between police and demonstrators protesting against a recent series of murders of Iranian dissidents and intellectuals.

Witnesses said the clashes erupted after a memorial service held to mark the 40th day since the fatal stabbing of nationalist leader Daryush Foruhar and his wife.

Around 5,000 mourners attended the ceremony at a mosque in central Tehran.

Several groups of demonstrators, defying police orders, then took to the streets for a march, chanting "Death to despotism" and "Freedom, security ... this is our slogan." ... FULL TEXT

Forwarded by Payman Arabshahi


Meel zani?

One of my Persian friends has introduced me to the ancient art of meel zani. We have found a local craftsman who can produce excellent quality meel.

We now want to share this excellent body building exercise method with others but since he cannot take the time to personally instruct a lot of people we need to have some form of training tape.

We have acquired a tape showing this ancient art, but it is very dated, of poor quality, and is not suited for instruction, particularly for beginners.

Do you have any idea of how we can acquire a training tape which could be used by beginners and experts alike? English would be better, but Persian would be okay. I appreciate your consideration.


Weston E. Whatcott
461 East 2780 North Provo, Utah 84604
Tel: 801-377-4379
Fax: 801-377-8627

More Letters

* Sincere appreciation

Bagher R. Harandi writes to The Iranian and the White House: As an Iranian-American, I sincerely appreciate your [President Clinton's] appointment of Mr. Hassan Nemazee as U.S. ambassador to Argentina.

* My wife's a vegetarian

"Mm_ghnsa" writes: There are many Iranians who are vegetarins ["dAyi Hamid's 'Eat this'"]. My wife is vegatarian and has been one for the past six years. However, I do not have her will and still eat meat (mostly white meat). She has tried to convert me but I can't give up my bad habits.

* Film: Mehrjui retrospective in Washington, DC

Dariush Mehrjui's Films - A retrospective :

The Pear Tree - Friday February 5, 1999, 7:00 PM, Sunday February 7, 1999, 2:00 PM
The Cycle - Friday February 12, 1999, 7:00 PM
The Cow - Sunday February 14, 1999, 2:00 PM
Hamoon - Friday February 19, 1999, 7:00 PM
The Tenants - Sunday February 21, 1999, 2:00 PM
Sara - Friday February 26, 1999, 7:00 PM
The School We Went To - Saturday February 27, 1999, 2:00 PM
Leila - Sunday February 28, 1999, 2:00 PM

Freer's Meyer Auditorium, Jefferson Drive at 12th Street, SW, Washington DC -- 202-357-4880 Admission: Free - two per person - one hour before program begins Info: 202-357-4880 Details:

Dariush Mehrjui His film have been banned by both the Shah, and the Islamic Republic, but film critics in Iran recently voted directory Dariush Mehrjui on eof the country's greatest filmmakers. This retrospective is organized by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and is presented in corporation with Farabi Cinema Foundation, Tehran. All films are in Persian with English Subtitles.

Book of the Week

Journey to Persia

Jean Chardin's Portrait of a Seventeenth-Century Empire

'Isfahan is half the world' was the proud boast of the seventeenth-century capital of Persia. One of the travellers attracted to Persia was Jean Chardin, a young French jeweller who spent most of his time in Isfahan. During this time, he became intimate with the city; he was invited into people's houses and entertained; he visited gardens and participated in hunts; his knowledge of court affairs was extensive, and he travelled many miles, visiting other towns and villages during Safavid Iran.

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More news

Military court to probe murders of dissidents

TEHRAN, Dec 31 (AFP) - An Iranian military court is to investigate the recent killings of two writers as well as a nationalist dissident and his wife, the official news agency IRNA reported Thursday. The agency, quoting an unnamed spokesman for the military court, said the general court that had originally taken up the cases sent them to the military tribunal after deciding a special investiagtion was needed. But the spokesman stressed that the cases "have nothing to do with the armed forces or the police." ... FULL TEXT

Iranian-American named U.S. ambassador to Argentina

Washington, DC, December 30 (The White House) - The President today announced his intent to nominate Hassan Nemazee to be U.S. Ambassador to Argentina. Mr. Hassan Nemazee, of New York, New York, currently serves as Chair and CEO of Nemazee Capital Corporation ... FULL TEXT

More than 100,000 sign up for local councils

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Some 110,000 people have signed up as candidates for local council elections, including former interior minister Abdollah Nouri and former oil minister Mohammad Gharazi ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Egyptian trade fair to be held in Iran

CAIRO, Dec 30 (AFP) - An Egyptian trade fair is to be held in Iran in June, the first in 20 years, Egyptian officials said Wednesday. A variety of Egyptian products will be on display at the fair from June 21-26, the MENA news agency quoted organizer Mohammad Said Saleh as saying ... FULL TEXT

Romanic classical music in Tehran

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Major feature on Shahin Farhat's classical music festival at the Niavaran cultural center, covering the romanic period ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIA

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Shajarian Iran's Elvis goes online. with audio links to his classical Persian music.

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Legendary Lighthouses

The earliest lighthouses were simply bonfires built on hillsides to guide ships. The first light served the old world city of Alexandria in 285 B.C.

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Goodbye 1998

What's done cannot be undone. To bed, to bed, to bed.

William Shakespeare

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