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Tuesday, January 5, 1999/ Dey 15, 1377, No. 637

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By Mansoureh Haqshenas & Koorosh Bayat

- You know, I'm sick and tired of this whole Persian Gulf thing.

- What Persian Gulf thing?

- You know: this Persian Gulf vs. The Gulf vs. the Arabian Gulf crap. Why is this the biggest issue in the world for some people? Haven't we got more important things to worry about? Enough already. We got the message. go home. Relax baabaa.

- It's the Persian Gulf, that's why. If we don't raise our voice, it will be commonly known as the Arabian Gulf and before you know it, the Persian Gulf will be history. Do you want that?

- Baabaa! I've heard that argument ten million times. No I don't want the Persian Gulf to be called the Arabian Gulf. But what I'm worried about right now are those poor writers who've been killed in Iran. And what about Daryush and Parvaneh Foruhar? I don't see these Persian Gulf fanatics sending emails and faxes all over the world in order to stop these murders from happening again. Let's get our priorities straight.

- Some people care about some issues more than others. Beh to cheh ... GO TO FEATURE


Arrest of secret agents boosts Khatami

By Jonathan Lyons

TEHRAN, Jan 5 (Reuters) - The admission on Tuesday by Iran's secret police that its own agents were involved in the murders of dissident intellectuals marked a stunning victory for President Mohammad Khatami and his campaign for the rule of law.

The Intelligence Ministry said in a statement that its investigation into what it termed ``hateful murders'' had prompted it to arrest some of its own agents in the killings that had shocked the Islamic republic.

``It (the ministry) clearly understand the dimensions and depth of this catastrophe,'' the statement said.

The intelligence service, long a mainstay of the conservative clerical establishment, also pledged to root out the sources of political violence and to safeguard the security of all Iranians.

``This confirms what many in Iran have long suspected but no official would say publicly -- that hardline (Islamic) elements inside the system were involved,'' said one political analyst, who asked not to be identified.

``Khatami is the big winner. The hardliners are discredited and he can show that the system works for all, not just (for) the right but also for dissident writers.'' ... FULL TEXT


Down with Beatlemania!

This is one of the stranger articles in the domestic Iranian press: A feature in a youth magazine condemning The Beatles and their "hollow" (nihilistic?) poetry. One wonders why the Beatles need to be trashed so thoroughly in Iran... And by the way, notice the cool circular tiedye background. Groovy!... Read here

Iran Javan article forwarded by Pedram Messaghi

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* Democratic bullies

Shahrzad Irani writes: I went back and re-read both "Where are the Strategic thinkers?" and "Freedom not to react." Previously, I had enjoyed reading both. Mr. Roshanravan expressed his dissatisfaction with those Iranians who had not spoken out about the recent murders in Iran. Mr. Mirfenderski's commentary made a few things crystal clear for me. Why are we waiting for intellectuals to tell us what we should do or think? Why not think for ourselves? Why expect others to carry our burden? I should carry my own cross and be responsible for my own life. I liked his punchline the best: DO IT YOURSELF! Mr. Mirfenderski also reminded me what freedom and democracy is all about. We have the freedom to react or not to react ... FULL TEXT

Shahrzad Irani

* Language: Summer Persian course at the U. Texas, Austin

Possible Interest to Persianists with Students Finishing a First-Year Course during the Spring of 1999:

The Summer 1999 Second-Year Persian Course at The University of Texas at Austin meets four weekdays a week (M-Th) for eight weeks, from June 21 to August 13. Each class session lasts three hours, from 8:30 to 11:30 am. That amounts to about 95 classroom contact hours in the six-credit course. This intensive, intermediate course is designed for (serious) American and Iranian-American students who have completed a year of university Persian study or its equivalent. The course aims primarily to increase efficiency in reading Persian and secondarily to improve Persian listening and speaking skills. It also aims to help dramatically increase passive vocabulary and familiarity with Persian cultural terms. The course leads to student proficiency in dealing with texts of academic and cultural interest to course participants and in learning how to improve Persian language skills through self-study. In-class work and conversations with the instructor in and outside of class take place exclusively in Persian ... DETAILS HERE

Book of the Week

To See and See Again
A Life in Iran and America

By Tara Bahrampour

From A beautifully written memoir that delivers much more than the story of a young woman's life. Bahrampour, a Princeton Ph.D. candidate in sociology, grew up in two culturesAmerica and Iran very much in conflict. The daughter of an Iranian father and an American mother, she claimed American habits as her early norms. However, the young Tara grew attached to Iranian ways, so when the family returned to the U.S. due to the Islamic Revolution (she was 11), the author's sense of dislocation only heightened. - Kirkus Reviews

Also read the New York Newsday review of Bahrampour's book

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Iran officials arrested in slayings

Tuesday, January 5, 1999, TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran has arrested a number of Intelligence Ministry officials in the slayings of five dissidents, the ministry acknowledged Tuesday -- a rare admission of official complicity in the killings of government opponents. The ministry announced ``with regret'' that ``a few of our colleagues -- irresponsible, devious and obstinate persons -- were among those arrested.'' ... FULL TEXT

"Huge blow" to hardliners

BBC Middle East Correspondent Jim Muir says the revelation is a huge blow to the hardline faction in its current power struggle with the reformers ... REAL AUDIO

Judicial official survives assassination attempt

tehran, jan. 5, irna - head of tehran province's justice department hojatoleslam ali razini survived an assassination attempt on his life on tuesday. the car carrying razini were attacked by armed assailants in one of tehran's central streets. his general condition is reported satisfactory ... FULL TEXT

Iran requiring military training

Tuesday, January 5, 1999 TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iranian boys between the ages of 13 and 18 will now be required to undergo military training courses, a newspaper reported Tuesday. Under the ``defense readiness'' training program, boys in junior high will receive one hour of training each week, while high school students will have to take at least one military training course, the daily Abrar newspaper quoted Iranian Education Minister Hossein Mozaffar as saying ... FULL TEXT

Russia tightens export controls

Tuesday, January 5, 1999 MOSCOW (AP) -- President Boris Yeltsin has tightened government controls over the export of Russian technology that may be used to develop missiles. Yeltsin amended and broadened the list of items that will be banned for exports in order to prevent the proliferation of missile technologies, the presidential press service said Tuesday. It did not name the items ... FULL TEXT

Rostam & Sohrab

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - "Rostam and Sohrab" has been turned into a play that is currenly being staged in Tehran Vahdat Hall ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Pourheidari will keep his job

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Mansour Pourheidari will remain the head coach of the Iranian national soccer team, the head of soccer federation announced ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Soccer players wanted in Germany

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Ali Mousavi and Daryush Yazdani, both members of the national team and the Esteqlal club, will take part in negotiations that may lead to their entry into the German league ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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I have started a new mailing list called "Ascent." The aim is to address humanitarian issues on the verge of the 21st century. I am trying to promote it and attract members. Email me at

Camelia Akbari

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Our colleagues

A few of our colleagues -- irresponsible, devious and obstinate persons -- were among those arrested.

Iran's Intelligence Ministry statement
"Iran Officials Arrested in Slayings"
Associated Press
January 5, 1999

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