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Monday, October 19, 1998 / Mehr 27, 1377, No. 586


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    Simple reminders
    No matter how far from home...

    Photos by Mehdi Jami

    Mehdi Jami is an author and journalist based in London. His photographs could have been taken almost anywhere in the world and we would still relate to them in a very basic way.

    For those of us who have left Iran for London, Paris, Melbourne, Istanbul or New York, most often it is a boy's laughter, the surrounding nature or changing weather that bring back the strongest memories of home.... GO TO FEATURE


    Normal (religious) relations

    Is there any interest in mutual contacts between Islamic and Christian clerics, with a goal of establishing normal relations between the two areas of religious preferences? Or does such already exist, and if so, what progress has been made?

    Khoda Negahdar

    Leonard Clapp



    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Pahlavi: Reza's birth

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* Another Shahanshah? No thank you.

K. Sani writes: [In response to Reza Velayati's letter, "Iran is dead":] No matter how horrible the current situation in Iran, dear monarchists, please stop dreaming about your old times and come out of your shells. Stop telling nice stories about the past. Many of us still remember it very well and don't want to experience another "glorious King of the Kings" again.

Mr. Velayati says: "We had everything before the revolution". I wonder why our monarhcists tend to close their eyes on the realities. As a matter of fact, I agree that we might not have achieved much from revolution, but "having everything" during Pahlavi?! Oh yes, we had many things. We had SAVAK, we had censorship, political prisoners too... FULL TEXT


* Politics: Habibollah Payman's lectures in Europe

The program for Dr Peyman's meetings and talks in Europe

Dr. Habibullah Peyman, leader of the Jonbesh-e Mosalmanan-e Mobarez (JMM), has been invited by the Secretary of the German Green Party faction in the European Parliament to tour Europe.

The Council for the Co-ordination of democratic Organizations (Shuray-e Hamahangy- e Nahadhay-e Democratic) has arranged for him to give lectures and to have meetings and talks with Iranians in various cities of Europe.  

The main topic of the lectures is "An Analysis of the present situation of the Movement for Freedom and People's rule in Iran".  The dates and names of the host organisations in various cities are as follows:... CLICK HERE

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The Spiritual Wisdom of Hafez : Teachings of the Philosopher of Love

Translated by Haleh Pourafzal, Roger Montgomery

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Iran right says not worried about low poll turnout

TEHRAN, Oct 19 (Reuters) - A leading Iranian conservative said on Monday his faction was not concerned about a possible low turnout in elections for a powerful state body later this week. ``If the number of participants shows an increase proportionate to the population growth since the last elections, then elections will have been successful,'' parliament deputy Mohammad Reza Bahonar told a news conference... FULL TEXT

Afghan Taleban to hold talks with Iran in Jeddah

KABUL, Oct 16 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Islamic Taleban militia, locked in a military standoff with neighbouring Iran, are to hold peace talks with Tehran in the Saudi Arabian city Jeddah, a militia spokesman said on Friday. A Taleban spokesman, Abdul Hai Mutmaen, told Reuters from the militia's headquarters in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, that an agreement to meet Iranian leaders in Jeddah was reached during a U.N. envoy's visit on Wednesday ... FULL TEXT

Dollar sharply up

The Iranian, Oct 19 - The rial has dropped sharply against major currencies during the past week. Since October 12th the dollar has gained at least 15 tomans (150 rials), selling at 642 tomans (6,420 rials) in Tehran.

IHRWG condemns crackdown on Baha'is in Iran

Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG), Oct 16, 1998 - The Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG) strongly condemns the recent crackdown against the Iranian Baha'i community. The Iranian Baha'is have been ruthlessly persecuted by the authorities of the Islamic Republic and are deprived of most basic rights, including the right to freely and publicly practice their religion, the right to higher education, the right to representation, and access to all jobs ... FULL TEXT

Youth volleyballers going to world cup

TEHRAN, (Hamshahri) - The national Iranian youth volleyball team will represent Iran in the upcoming world championship, following their stunning first-place finish in Asian youth games... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

$ Rate

The dollar now offered at up to 635-642 tomans

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Money talks

"Az shomaa abbaassi, az maa raqqaasi."

(You buy, I fly)

From Simin Behbahani's "1001 Persian-English Proverbs"

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