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Tuesday, September 8, 1998 / Shahrivar 17, 1377, No. 558

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    Out of the blue
    Discovering paintings by Manoucher Yektai

    A few weeks ago I was at an Iranian street festival in New York. It was the first ever held there, and it showed. Thousands showed up , but there weren't many booths offering any services.

    As I was looking through the books on a table, I came across a thin booklet, Manoucher Yektai; Paintings 1951-1997 ( 1998 Guild Hall Museum, New York).

    I had never heard of Yektai's name and certainly knew nothing about his art. I glanced through the selected paintings and was immediately struck by their richness and maturity. I had no doubt in my mind that Yektai is not just an excellent Iranian artist, but among the very best in the world... go to feature


    Ariasp Firoozian asks you to correct his English:

    Befor everything : I must tell you that my language in English (maybe in persian,too) is not good. But becouse I want to learning english and same that one friend say me: "I want to improve my ability in English and this help me to do it." I must to write in english :( (not always). If I wrong (I say to all of my friends) excuse me and If you can, write to me & say me where I had wrong sentences. Thanks, Thanks & Thanks. ;)


    Revolution: 1979-1999

     Masoud Rajavi: Rejected candidate

    More Letters

* Acceptable form of enticement

Guive Mirfendereski writes: The circumstance described in Iraj Mirza's poem about "The Veil" speaks to the nuances of courtship. In his day and age and, incidentally, not so many years ago, either, the woman's demeanor in the poem would have been viewed as a part of an acceptable form of enticement, a sort of a compromise between drive and refrain, wanting and not, attracting and repelling, tradition and free-wheeling abandon. ... FULL TEXT

* Not all men are pigs

Ozhang Karimi writes: I was really moved by reading this very emotional article ["Mommy's Boy"]... I always thought all men are pigs and I thanked god for not having any sons, but today after I read your true and honest emotions about your mother I think differently. May be I shouldn't be so pessimistic about all men. Thanks for your wonderful article... FULL TEXT

* Film: Mehrjui's "Leila," Ohio
* Conference: Challenges for Iranians Abroad, Indianapolis"

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* Persian Classical Music
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* Persian Classical Melodies, Volume 1
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Iran says will use all means in Afghan disputemilitants

TEHRAN, Sept 8 (Reuters) - Iran said on Tuesday it would use ``all possibilities'' to free Iranians held in Afghanistan and called on the Afghan Taleban Islamic movement to respond quickly ``before it is too late.'' ``The Islamic Republic of Iran will revert to making use of all possibilities to free its diplomats and citizens held in captivity by the Taleban militia,'' Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said in remarks to journalists published by the official Iranian news agency IRNA ... FULL TEXT

U.S. warns Iran against attack on Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, Sept 8 (Reuters) - The United States on Tuesday expressed serious concern over the buildup of Iranian forces on Afghanistan's border and urged Tehran against military action ... FULL TEXT

Attackers "arrested"

TEHRAN, (Tous) - A number of persons have been arrested in connection with last week's beating of two moderate ministers ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Khatami says security forces subject to law

TEHRAN, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Iran's President Mohammad Khatami said on Monday Iranian security forces were answerable to the law, calling on them to respect even dissidents' right to free speech, Tehran radio reported. ``There should be an atmosphere in society in which dissidents also have the right to express themselves,'' the radio quoted the moderate Khatami as saying at a meeting with officials of Iran's Intelligence (internal security) Ministry ... FULL TEXT

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Cho tir az kamaan raft, naayad beh shast.

(An arrow shot will not come back to the hand: An occasion lost cannot be redeemed)

Persian Proverb
From "1001 Persian-English Proverbs"
By Simin K. Habibian

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