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October 2006
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so will americans, on tuesday
New York Sun: Arabs and Iranians Root For the Democrats Again

wish i was indian
CS Monitor: India's new economic muscle

that's better
BBC: Hezbollah-Israeli talks 'begin'

american gulf
NY Times: U.S.-Led Exercise in Persian Gulf Sets Sights on Deadliest Weapons

i do too comrade
Reuters: Russia believes Iran's nuke program peaceful

happy halloween
Video: Peeping Tom

iranian chick of the day
Bahar Soomekh : No. 1 movie

iranian monkey of the day
Hooman Hamzehloui: Orlando Magic fan

men getting dumber
AFP: Iranian women outnumber men at university

listen to their stories
BBC Persian: Visiting a homeless shelter for women in Tehran

Universal appeal

Reuters: U.S. seeks guarantees over Iran nuclear reactor

seriously folks
BBC: Climate change fight 'can't wait'

shirin neshat
Reuters: Filmmaker sees lessons in Iranian history Coup of 1953

take a break
YouTube: Let's go skiing in Iran

your heart will sink
YouTube: Jimmy Hendrix "Star-Spangled Banner" in Abu Ghoraib Prison
-- Saman

best blog contest
Mehrdad Aref-Adib nominated in DeutscheWelle Best of Blogs contest

thanks to the internet
Washington Post: Circulation Falls at U.S. Papers

iranians of the day
* Kayvan Mashayekh and Darius Kadivar: Film ties
* Solmaz Jafari Khasraghi: Turbulence
* Hooman Mohseni: Computer engineering
* Arshia Mohseni: Moooooosh!

pakistan going to hell. iraq gone to hell. who could be next?
BBC: 70-80 people killed in Pakistan raid on Islamic school
BBC: 90 casualties in Baghdad blast

persian humor
Sacha Baron Cohen: Cretaor of "Borat", "Ali G." and...

* Video: Love boat accidents :o)
* Video: Love toilet
* Silicone butt (3 pix)
* Video: Competing beer dogs

booming tourism
YouTude: Dick Bush reports from the beautiful city of Baghdad
-- Saman

disturbing sense of déjà vu
LA Times: Iran sounds an awful lot like Iraq

nuclear age
NY Times Magazine: Islam, Terror and the Second Nuclear Age

mirrors of the unseen
NY Times: Jason Elliot's Persian Pilgrimage

fazaa navard
NY Times: Iranians Find Space Tourist Anousheh Ansari Fascinating

Rap videos produced in Iran
* "Khosh Omadin beh Tehran" by Taham and Felakat
* "Tirippe Maa", by Hich Kas and Ft. Reveal

BBC: Australia top Muslim cleric seeks leave

Old & new

YouTube: Some old clips from Sasha Cohen's hillarious comedy

firooz joon khar nashi yeho
Reuters: Liz Taylor romantically linked to photographer Firooz Zahedi

morad rashti strikes again
MP3: "Maadar Zan Red Alert"

my what?
Washington Post: MySpace Is So Last Year

iranians of the day
* Maryam Ansary: Journalist/Artist
* Babak Shah Hosseini: Celebrity photographer
* Hojjatoleslam Ezimi Qedimi: Prisoner of conscience
* Homa Sarshar: CNN's Larry King

split wide open
AFP: Defiant Iran scents world split on nuclear issue

khooneye khodetooneh
AFP: Iran's Khatami to visit Britain for first time

162 afarin
Reporters Without Frontiers: Iran near bottom of Worldwide Press Freedom Index

life's tough
Documentary: "My Life as an American Persian Jew" by Melody Khadavi

life's really tough
BBC: Israel's president should halt public duties to face sexual allegations

exclusive :o)
Soul Bean Cafe video: Latest news
-- Peyvand Khorsandi

Underground music: 2A's "Dadash/Garde Sefid"

discover hidden iran
Washington Post: What Makes Tehran Tick? The Sources of Iranian Conduct

Meeting spot

upcoming elections
Asia Times: Ahmadinejad's divine inspiration
-- Omid Memarian

boogh nazanid
YouTube: Iranian traffic police cartoon: Honking your horn can kill your father

adolf ahmadinejad olmert hitler
AP: Olmert compares Iran with Nazi Germany

corrupt iranian-american of the year
Washington Post: David Safavian, Bush Ex-Aide Sentenced In Abramoff Case

joosh nazan
BBC: Bush condemns Iran nuclear move

* Ahmadinejad's cute twin
* Don't cry for me Argentina: Rafsanjani
* Khar too olaagh
* Ahmadinejad: More babies
* Nuclear Derakhshan
* Writing from the heart
* Sexual frustration (1)
* Sexual frustration (2)
* Sexual frustration (3)

BBC: Australia's top Muslim cleric suspended

steppig up
BBC: Iran 'steps up nuclear programme'
CS Monitor: For now, modest sanctions eyed for Iran

Sounds Jewish

khatami in uk
Guardian: In praise of ... the University of St Andrews

same story for 12 years
BBC: Iran denies Argentina bomb charge

it's called free speech. embrace it.
BBC: Danish court rejects cartoon suit brought by Muslim groups

first lady of literature
Parsipur in Amsterdam: Book signing (9 pix)
-- Babak Andishmand

tell me about it
BBC: The troubles of reporting from Iran

No laughing matter

and he's proud of it
CS Monitor: Cheney confirms US
use of waterboarding

naneh amrikaie
Sona Babai : Oldest Iranian American

ghabool baasheh
enameh: Maahe Ramazan va...

sanctions on ... evil students
NY Times: Draft Iran Resolution Would Restrict Students

not so fast
BBC: Moscow objects to draft UN Security Council resolution on Iran's nuclear program

ghalat kardam
BBC: Australia's top Muslim cleric apologises after comparing unveiled women to "uncovered meat"

BBC: Exxon reports $10.49 billion profit in quarter

iraq is history
PBS NewsHour: Former State Department official Peter Galbraith discusses de-centralization of Iraq

Famous place

the shark
BBC: Rafsanjani wanted by prosecutor in Argentina

BBC: US demands UN sanctions on Iran

hadi khorsandi
Video clips
-- Ten-years too long
-- Iranians ignoring Iranians
Jahanshah Javid

this sunday
Ebrahim Nabavi standup comedy in Santa Clara, northern Cali

art for life
Guardian: Delara Darabi is awaiting execution but that hasn't stopped her staging exhibit to protest
Flicker: I am Delara Darabi...

too much
Video: What Americans know about the world

business as usual
BBC: Iran to start 2nd nuclear centrifuge in days-agency

ban barbarity
Amnesty International (Spain): 185,000 (so far) sign anti-stoning petition

jewish ahmadinejad
NY Times: New Voice on Right in Israeli Cabinet Is Likely to Be Loud
Guardian: In charge of "strategic threats", particularly Iran

no, it doesn't
CBC TV: Iran needs nuclear weapons as a deterrent: Interview with Hossein Derakhshan

Last stand

green money
CS Monitor: 'Saving the earth' can mean big bucks


* Iran producing nuclear electricity
* New moon: Khomeini
* First crack of new moon
* Eating MORE during Ramazan
* Children of infamous IRI in Canada
* Gandkaari

iranians of the day
* Pantea Karimi: Latest art (5 pix)
* Vida Ghahremani: "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers" (3 pix)
* Moshe Katsav: President of Israel
* Nejad: Multi-instrumentalist
* Saeideh Mohajer: Actor/writer
* Zinat: Lots to smile about

hidden iran
New York Review of Books: Defiant Iran
-- Christopher de Bellaigue

war games
BBC: Iran condemns US exercises in Persian Gulf
Reuters: Iran warns Muslims about U.S., Israeli "plots"

* Houshang Kous Mashang: Kababi
* Video: Bathroom antics
* My cat repairs cars
* Russian call girls ASAP
* Google on Pamela Anderson
* Video: Turkish bank commercial
* Tree of Happiness

I couldn't resist

nuclear watchdog barks
Washinjgton Post: IAEA Head: Iran Close To Enriching Uranium

roosari vs. toosari
CS Monitor: British official: Veil row may spur violence

Aref-Adib.com: Iranian and Ameircan sheriffs

bring on the democrats
Washinjgton Post: Poll Finds Votes Motivated by War Pessimism, Dissatisfation Republicans

borat the great
YouTube: The first 4 minutes of his movie

Video clips from visit to New York Museum of Modern Art
-- Fire art
-- Combing hair
-- Gold cube
Jahanshah Javid

Googoosh in Big Apple: New York concert (9 pix)
-- Alireza Tarighian

Ghatreh ghatreh...

BBC: Former Iraqi minister says officials in former interim government stole $800 million

you missed a spot
jTurn: Pictures of Iranian censorship


* Don't Move
* Ahmadinejad's loyal sister
* Cheh konam?
* Muslim women confronting feminism
* Corrupt western youth
* If the Islamic Republic falls
* Long live Islamic Republic!
* Beware of corrupt western culture

sad afarin
AP: Diplomats: Iran expanding enrichment
AP: Ahmadinejad: Iran's nuke capability up

i hope he's using rubber
BBC: Ahmadinejad backs larger families

shargh clone
Reuters: Iran shuts down new daily for resembling banned paper

Macleans: How can Canada bring Saeed Mortazavi to trial?

go obama
Washington Post: Obama Says He'll Consider A 2008 Bid for U.S. Presidency

bon voyage
New Yorker: The C.I.A.’s Travel Agent

doom & gloom
Reuters: Nuclear "carrot and stick" approach doomed: Iran

BBC: Senior US state department official has said that the US has shown "arrogance and stupidity" in Iraq

Gold, for god's sake

hairy topic
Washington Post
* Farzaneh Milani: Coverings Uncovered
* Asra Q. Nomani: Clothes Aren't the Issue
* Yvonne Ridley: How I Came to Love the Veil

YouTude: Going ovber the bridge
-- Jahanshah Javid

i feel much better now
Reuters: Israel has no intention of attacking Iran: Peres

Washington Post: An Inevitable October Surprise

no shame in being civilized
Meydaan.com: Lawyers demand permanent ban on stoning

Wikimapia: Braim, Abadan

one madman after another
Flash: Imperial history of the Middle East

Fee... sabilellah

beekhiyaale elections
AFP: Iran struggles to stir interest in municipal elections

Washington Post: Democrats set to lead the U.S. House for first time in 12 years

left out
BBC: Iran 'should stop student bans'

absurd carnival
Guardian Audio: Ahmadinejad pokes fun at Zionist lobby

here & there
"Lan Kwai Fong" festival: Hong Kong: (14 pix)

Mega Maydoon

Guardian: Hubble-bubble brings toil and trouble in Iran smoking purge

BBC: Muslim staff in Paris airport fired because of "security risk"

queen must wear hijab, soon
CS Monitor: Britain now "Al Qaeda's #1 target"

poozeto beband, please
BBC: Iran warns of revenge over Israel

BBC video: Iran is home to the largest number of Jews in the Middle East, outside Israel

dank u
Human Rights Watch: Asylum Rights Granted to Lesbian and Gay Iranians in Netherlands

Mega Maydoon

stone throwers beware
CS Monitor: Israel may have used new "Dense Inert Metal Explosives" in Gaza

beshkan beshkaneh
Afsar Shahidi: Sixteen tracks from the 70s

allah o akbar
Radio Zamaneh: "Rostam & Sohrab" opera performed in Dubai

emam zamam copyright infringement
CS Monitor: Scientists take step toward invisibility

noise fest
Short film: "Bars and Keys" by Azi Farni

mission accomplished miserably
BBC: Baghdad security plan 'failing'
BBC: Ar least 42 killed in Iraq bomb blasts

AFP: European powers finalizing Iran sanctions draft

AFP: Ahmadinejad lashes out at Israel again

* Video: Cybersex gone wrong
* Video: Barber uses fire instead of scissors
* Video: Yorkshire Airlines
* Screwing 1,200 employees?
* Audio: Tequila! Tequila!

habeas corpus
Informed Comment: Year One of the Empire
-- Juan Cole

Leila Farjami: Poetry reading in Berkeley

BBC: Almost a third of people worldwide say some torture is acceptable to fight terrorism


* Ahmadinejad's nuclear policy
* Preparing to vote for... idiots
* Education under Ahmadinjead
* For all my critics
* Population: USA and Iraq
* 550,000 murdered in Iraq
* If you give women freedom
* Sex after divorcing husband
* Prostitution to make ends meet
* Sexual liberals menace to society
* Leaving Iran for sex
* Practice Western life before emigrating
* Repenting and returning to Iran
* Rich men abusing young girls
* Nateq-Nouri's son in Vancouver
* Don't emigrate, you'll be sorry
* USA-UK legacy in Iraq

fundamental rights: iran
Human Rights Watch: Iran Intelligence Ministry Behind Campaign to Punish Political Beliefs, Activism

fundamental rights: usa
MSNBC: The death of habeas corpus
Washington Post: Terror and Cause and Effect

AFP: Iran must be intimidated, says Israeli leader

in denial
AP: Iran warns against U.N. nuke sanctions

broke my heart
Video: Heart wrenching video clip recorded by animal rights activisits in Iran showing the killing of a stray dog

Talking head

nuclear heat
AFP: Iran issues stark warning over sanctions moves
Reuters: U.N. sanctions on Iran to exempt Russia project

donkey speed
Guardian: Iran bans fast internet to cut west's influence

smoke n music
Video: "Dood" by 2a

crude junkie
Washington Post: An Oil Habit America Cannot Break

reservoir blogs
Soul Bean Cafe: The Therapist, a dialogue
-- Peyvand Khorsandi

BBC: Camila Batmanghelidjh's gift of giving

ZDnet: Islamists find Apple cube offensive

slam dunk
BBC: U.S. opens Iran basketball inquiry

ghaart art
Aref-Adib: The Flying Steamroller by the Artist Chris Burden

jaa soosi
CS Monitor: British universities to be asked to 'spy' on Muslim students

iranians of the day
* Sara Rahbar: Queens art show all about Iran
* Mostafa and Mohammad Reza Evezpoor: Language rights
* Hossein Behroozinia: Heart and soul for music
* Fruzan Seifi: Los Angeles actor
* Shahram Astarabadi: Looking for Behrooz Behnejad

Reuters: EU set to back limited Iran sanctions

something good
AFP: Iran bans smoking in public places

dialogue of civilizations
Washington Post: Iraq's Shiite militias and armed Sunni men battle openly

keep it in your pants
BBC: Israeli politicians go on trial

az hendiya yaad begirin
CS Monitor: New player in global investing: India Inc.

bizarre predicament
AP: Russia demands U.S. lift sanctions

* Video: Mocking news
* Video: If James Bond wore a bra
* Video: Impersonating Emel Sayin
* Video: Cute security team
* Velaayate jahaani :o)

Hidden city

rice spice
Reuters: Rice urges tough action on N.Korea, warns Iran

look in the mirror
BBC: Ahmadinejad says Bush 'inspired by Satan'

job opening
Radio Farda: Tehran's police chief resigns

telling the truth
Radio Zamaneh: Interview with Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk

brave or stupid?
BBC: Pope to visit Turkey despite row

oy vey
BBC: Israeli police say there is evidence to charge President Katsav with rape

murder republic
Washington Post: Dozens of Iraqis killed in sectarian reprisals


* Immaculate conception
* Reza-zadeh's powerful lift
* UN chief Ban Ki-Moon and...
* Too late to avoid sanctions?
* Media brain washing Iranians
* Canada taxes everything

what a stink...
BBC: Fresh claims fuel US e-mail row

leaving home
AFP: Iran's last Zoroastrians worried by youth exodus

not impressed
US to allow "limited" Airbus parts sale to Iran
-- BBC Persian

big loss
BBC Persian: Satirist & poet Emran Salahi has died

iranian intergalactic music festival
* Holland: October 22
* IranianMusicFestivals.com

khaak too saretoon... cowards
Guardian: Iran's female racing champion barred from defending title

bridge too far?
NIAC: Iran’s French offer - can it bridge the political divide?
-- Bahram Rajaee

NY Times: Iran’s Proposal to End Nuclear Standoff Is Rejected by the West
Guardian: UK to seek incremental sanctions against Tehran
CS Monitor: Can Rice rally Middle East against Iran?

facts vs fabrication
Washington Post: British Find No Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran

YouTube: Iranians chatting at a cafe in Amsterdam about women
-- Jahanshah Javid

YouTube: Suitcase: A play in San Francisco (1) (2)
-- Jahanshah Javid

YouTube: Akbar Ganji in New York (July hunger strike)
-- Jahanshah Javid

sanctions threat, again
BBC: Key powers seek Iran sanctions
Guardian: US steps up sanctions pressure on Iran

Going in circles

tooling with the taliban
CS Monitor: US Senate leader says war in Afghanistan can't be won militarily

double trouble
BBC: North Korea and Iran deliver double blow to nuclear detente

iranians of the day
* Braveheart Gym Fighters: Tehran (9 pix)
* Saeid & Behnam: In 1973 and 2005
* Mastaneh Nazarian: Guitarist and composer
* Mitra Rahbar: Singer/songwriter
* Kourosh: Pesare golam
* Nicole Jamali: California Medical Association

berkeley, thursday
Iran-U.S. relations: Houshang Amirahmadi lecture in Berkeley

pope, islam, violence
BBC: Turkish plane seized in hijacking in an apparent protest against the Pope

french connection
BBC: Iran pushes France nuclear deal
AFP: France rejects Iranian nuclear proposal

war or terror, or the homeless?
Reuters: Homeless MKO woman charged in N.Y. terror case

cool kish
AP: Iran island defies nation's conservatism

party on
YouTube: Party in Tehran

* Shashi Secretary General
* Video: Orca dives on kayak
* Video: Sleeping friend & firecrackers
* Exercise or die
* Video: Saab cars at auto show

sasanians in paris
BBC Persian: Glory of a forgotten empire
-- Shahrokh Golestan

Tileh baazi

* 2nd sheep cloned in Iran
* Pope's aopology to Muslims
* I'm a Muslim your a Jew
* Khatami: Nishe baaz, zaboone deraaz
* Cartoonist Mahmoud embarrassed by Mahmoud
* I hate Canada more than IRI
* Women's freedom in Iran and Canada
* Strange Western cultural habits

one of the funniest films -- ever
Trailer: Jackass 2

AFP: Iran says no suspension offer in EU talks

Ending in Z

bay area art
* Call for art
* tekaan.org

yours truly
BBC Persian: Interview with Iranian.com publisher
-- Omid Memarian

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