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Aghl, deen va khoshoonat
Reason, religion, violence and the Pope's speech
August 8, 2007

Beauty and the beast
Snyder’s 300 breaks new ground in using domestic racial and sexual stereotypes to demonize the enemy
March 12, 2007

Academic excellence and supervision, Iran
October 25, 2006

Tanavo namake zendegist
Variety if the salt of life
August 6, 2006

Playing into radical hands
On the Mohammad cartoons fiasco
January 20, 2006

Scuba salvation
Confessions (and photo essay) of a suba fundamentalist
November 23, 2005

Not private anymore
Contempt for Aramesh Doustdar has nothing to do with his atheism
August 20, 2005

Me and you, tree and rain
Poem by Ahmad Shamloo
August 16, 2005

The Banana-free Republic of Dr. Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad showcased his small house in a poor neighborhood of Tehran and flaunted his earthy manners, grooming, and even his ugliness, as the stigmata of a long suffering servant of the people
July 9, 2005

Exact opposite of paranoia
What can be learned from the rightwing backlash that led to Ahmadinejad victory?
June 28, 2005

With a little bit of democracy
A tale of Iran’s ninth presidency
June 28, 2005

With a little bit of democracy
A tale of Iran’s ninth presidency
June 21, 2005

Saaz-haaye khod raa az no kook konim
Voting for Rafsanjani in the second round of the electiuons will take courage. But it's the right political decision.
June 20, 2005

Who's to stop them?
Vigilance of democrats against shades of theocracy is the only protection against the erosion of secularism
March 4, 2005

Roshanfekr-e dini 3-noqteh baayad gardad
On religious intellectuals
October 22, 2004

Jang-e heydari-nematee
On Iranian intellectuals
October 7, 2004

Apocalypse tomorrow
Beware the self-fulfilling prophesies of millenarians
May 18, 2004

Please accept our sincere denials
A sociology of Abu Ghraib
May 13, 2004

Reality bites
The dominoes of the Iraqi invasion
By Ahmad Sadri

Surviving our own follies
A Persian meditation on Madrid in Athens
March 19, 2004

From Islamic Republic to Iranian Caliphate
In effect the right wing is appointing a consultative Shura in place of an elected parliament
February 2, 2004

Tale of two counter-elites
In their anti-modernist stance ruling elites in Iran and the US are unapologetic about their return to the language and politics of fundamentalist religion
December 22, 2003

The chisel and the hammer
Shirin Ebadi's public endorsement of Islam is a qualified proposition but it is sociologically sound and politically astute
October 14, 2003

Cyrus lies dead
On the killing fields of Iran's war on drugs
October 8, 2003

The murder of Zahra Kazemi is now cast as an international crisis
September 5, 2003

Khatami's swan song
He ignored the beckoning of Fortuna and chose the path of safety, mediocrity and appeasement
August 3, 2003

Nuclear Muscle Beach
Never before have the combination of regional atomic arsenals and ambitions along with a global superpower’s aggressive nuclear posture so endangered the very existence of the Middle East
July 24, 2003

Liberty against all odds
Requiem for Laleh and Ladan
July 11, 2003

To resign or not to resign
That moment has arrived for the Iranian reformers
June 14, 2003

Good long look in the mirror
Innocence regained: American movies after 9/11
May 27, 2003

Trouble on board
Sometimes Middle-Eastern-looking men are just Middle-Eastern-looking men
May 13, 2003

Political Paralysis Syndrome
The case of Iran
May 3, 2003

Why Americans want this war
Achilles from below and Don Quixote from above
April 7, 2003

The bells toll
Exit Khatamism. Enter radical reform
March 26, 2003

Zang-e Taareekh
February 6, 2003

Frodo's hunch
No man is willingly just but only when compelled to be so
January 14, 2003

Challenging the Government of God
The Iranian reform and its permutations: How fundamentalism gave birth to its opposite
December 14, 2002

Who lost the world?
On the anniversary of 9/11 we must be troubled for having squandered the sympathy of the world
September 11, 2002

Still alive
Varieties of religious reform in Iran
February 4, 2002

World War III?
Preventability of future acts of terror
September 21, 2001

A tall order
As grieving turns to rage
September 17, 2001

Sohrab Sepehri poem
June 8, 2001

Reason and revelation
Reason defines truth, justice, public interest, and humanity
February 27, 2001

Let the occasional chalice break
Abdolkarim Soroush and Islamic liberation theology
October 26, 1998

Echoes of Kierkegaard and Locke
Civilizational Immagination and Ethnic Coexistence
October 1997

Reintroducing the wheel
September 1996

The new Iranian cinema
September 1996

Another look at Rushdie
Torments of a soul lost to "soft siren temptations"
July 1996

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