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Record company rats
I wish for them nothing but a soothing and serene sleep
August 16, 2005

Chasing the devil
There is a passage somewhere in every religious text book from the Bible to the Koran that mentions something about going to war for your religious cause
May 17, 2005

Hungry for L.A.
I'm excited to be playing in Los Angeles, mostly because I can have a decent chelo-kabab
April 29, 2005

How to dismantle jadedness -- Japanese Style
April 20, 2005

My big fat Persian gulf
When it comes to maps which draw lines of identity around the people of a nation you must apply more than just rules of cartographic practice
February 23, 2005

Iranian person of the year?
Iranian of the year: Shirin Ebadi
February 11, 2005

Iranian person of the year?
Write and introduce her/him
January 7, 2005

Child soldiers
Treatment of children in any society offers an insight into the morality of that society
December 27, 2004

Uneven playing field
Being from Iran is not easy, and the government is no help
December 15, 2004

I briefly felt safe in paradise until suddenly my paradise was turned upside down
November 25, 2004

Crossing the Invisible Line
November 25, 2004

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