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Lena the bank teller
Her skin is choorook, her hands are shaking
August 10, 2007

She has all white hair. . A tiny lady at least 80 years old, no joke. Her name is Lena.

Juvie court
I realize I am uncomfortable there
August 6, 2007

Seer torshieh haft saaleh
I had a very hard time thinking about seven years from now
May 22, 2007

Yes, your honor
I have an appearance in Los Angeles Superior Court, downtown
March 29, 2007

Khooneh takooni
It's that time of the year again
March 9, 2007

Shomaal days
Stories that would last forever
February 22, 2007

I have a stomachache
January 31, 2007

Kaarhaayeh aghab oftaadeh
The smallest things count...
December 26, 2006

Did He Achieve the American Dream?
December 17, 2006


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