Afternoon delight

She smiled as she moved her hips around the floor seductively


Afternoon delight
by A Rejaei

Love is the first and the greatest thing that ever happened to human in the history of mankind. It evolved us to a higher level of beings, it thought us passion, affection, kindness and understanding, it brought about the gentle side of our soul, selflessness and creativity. It showed us that there are more important things in life than ourselves; people who cross our path in life with but a simple smile and people who for no reason cared for us when we needed the most.

Love is paramount to our evolution phenomena, morally, physically, emotionally and logically. If there is one existence that means love is permeated from its kindness and reflection. Loving a person on the other hand is an inherited part of us, destined by God himself, an impulse, a subconscious reaction to ferver of life, of being alive, a self satisfying sentiment we all seek. Being in love is such a delightful outburst of passion that emerges from within, daring us to become conscious of its existence, aware of the feeling that rushes the blood to every tiny vessels that makes our being, a live being.

The other day I had received a call from a friend, a dear and a wonderful friend from my college years, a person who brings a gentile smile on my face when I just remember her, for her free spirit and the passionate unconditional caring attitude she displays. She wanted to see me that afternoon, I took the train to the city and in no time I was with her, in her tiny but cozy apartment.

I love to be in her place particularly in the kitchen with her, it’s so narrow that one has to touch the other person in order to move around, and it often leads to hugs to satisfy the first personal touch that triggered it, the hugs that are filled with love and creativity. She hugs back with all her heart, I feel her breast on my chest, it personal and affectionate, every cell of my body is pleased to feel her; she is warm, kind and blissful. She also appreciates the genuine love she receives. We sat and talked about life, happenings of life, ups and downs of it and the struggle, challenges and triumphs that makes us better, stronger, more conscientious individuals. She offers me a smoke, I replied, do you have the other kind?

She pulled a tiny plastic bag from no where, with some local weeds in it, I smiled and rolled it with difficulty, tiny and crooked, it's okay she said and in no time we puffed out the worries of life out of the window that supplies a fresh breeze, a window with a great view that attracts the birds close by. It was an incredible feeling being with her, looking deep in to her sparkling eyes that seemed connected to her gentle soul, her lips moving frequently, perhaps in search of a tender kiss.

I listened to her insight of life by then at a different level, at one point I couldn’t make much sense of it, I knew I was flying high, happy and carefree, but in love with life, and perhaps with her at that moment, I always felt it but didn’t dare facing it. We were stone in no time, I had a great afternoon, surely the best afternoon of my summer with her, she brings the best out of me, I figured it that delightful afternoon, hence my love for her blossomed. She makes me smile at the toughest time of my life, when I am desperate she brings meaning to my life and in turbulent times she guides me through the waves that come without warnings.

She started yoga with no avail, her stomach ached, she ate too much she exclaimed; suddenly she turned the Persian music on and began dancing vivaciously. It’s better than yoga she said. It’s delightful to see her so joyous, so lively, vigorous for life itself and so carefree. She smiled as she moved her hips around the floor seductively. She knows it's pleasing to watch; she enjoys being admired for her artistic talent, it is intimate and sensual, she danced with ecstasy and delight. The music flowed through her flesh, her upper body drifted in motion with the beat, the rhythm moved down her neck and shoulder; it gushed through her vibrant breasts, down to her belly and manifested it's magic at the hip. Her elegant legs moved on the Persian carpet in harmony to keep up with the music.

It is an afternoon made of pure sensation, enchanting, out of this world, it's heaven itself, a scene that I’ll keep in mind and heart for years to come, as I know I will not see her again. She is going away to a far distant land soon. I love her for who she is and her passion for life. She is life herself. My best wished for her new journey.