Just Say No

Boycotting Chinese goods is the easiest action we can take


Just Say No
by areyo barzan

At these crucial times in our history it is obvious to any fair non-bias person, Iranian or otherwise that the IRI tyrants have lost all their credibility and legitimacy among Iranian people.

Today the only groups who support this regime are either those who are part of the system of suppression and in fear of prosecution and punishment after the fall of this regime or those who directly profit from its existence through getting paid by it like Basij, Sepaah, Hezbollah and Hamas. Also the only governments who still have close ties with the IRI are those who have never had any regards for human rights, even of their own citizens. On the top of the list of there governments is the government of China who has now found a perfect opportunity to manipulate and exploit the situation in Iran.

The Chinese dictators know very well that the IRI has lost its national based support and legitimacy and can not survive without foreign assistance. From their own experience they know well that this type of regimes are venerable and open to paying bribes, so they can strike any deal they want with them.

That was why during the past few months the Chinese government have been selling anti-riot gears and assault weapons to IRI and specially Sepaah e Pasdaran. They are providing them with tear gas electric batons, pepper spray, helmets anti riot cars (one of which was used to kill an Iranian citizen during Ashoora), water canons and other suppression tools. All these in return to some rip off oil and gas deals with the IRI that would enable China to loot and steal our national assets.

There are also evidence that Chinese military along with Russians are training the Sepaah’s especial forces and riot police along with providing them with those necessary gears to enable them to suppress our people more brutally and effectively.

Now the question is that what can WE, and especially that group of Iranians, our HAMVATANS who live abroad in US, Canada, Australia, Europe and other parts of the planet can do?

We all agree it is difficult to take of big governments like China single handedly, or try to persuade your local official to ask their government to warn China about their behaviour or even ask the owners of big businesses in these countries to take some actions.

However one thing that we all can do without a lot of effort and cost to ourselves is to

Boycott Chinese goods and services.

Also ask your friends to do the same. Especially those who live in the West can inform their friends particularly the local non Iranians that they also need to join in this act of protest and boycott of Chinese goods. This could force the government of China and those companies who deal with it to change their behaviour and policy towards dealing with IRI and not to contribute towards suppression of our people.

For long time many people were mocking Iranians in exile or as some of us would like to call them the Iranian diaspora, asking them what they can do besides cheap talks in order to help people inside the country, or even raise the question of “do they (exile community) even matter”.

Well! This is now your chance. Now is the time to show how important and effective you can be. Cascade this message to all your friends around the world especially the Western none Iranian ones. Tell them about the crime of IRI and victims like Sohraab, Taraaneh, Nedaa and many other nameless faceless victims who are being tortured raped and murdered inside Evin and other IRI dungeons and remind them that this would not happen but with the help from governments like China and Russia..

Ask them to refuse being part of this crime by boycotting Chinese goods, as this is the easiest action they can take.

I accept that not every body can participate in demonstrations or have time to be a human right activist. After all we all have responsibilities, lives to live and bills to pay at the end on month. But the next time you go shopping just have a look at the label and if it says made in China, just think of Nedaa and DO NOT BUY.


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Thanks Aryo ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

I read your article, and although I agree with everything you say, I think this would be a very difficult thing to implement.  I think it might be a little more effective for any of us livinig in the west to inform our western coworkers and maybe even call radio talk shows to make them aware of the kind of people the Chinese government is supporting.  And by the way is not just the murederous Rozeh Khoons they support, they are also on the side of the evil Sudanese government who has killed more than 250,000 in Darfur and displaced more than 2 million people by raping women and terroizing the generla populace.  Omar Al Bashir, Dr. AhmadiNejad (Dr. AN for short) friend is the one supporting Jan Javid in Darfur who are doing all the atrocities and Beijing is supporting him because of cheap sudanese oil.  And of course the same goes for the murderous mullahs and their abhorent relations with Beijing.  And then there is Tibet of course.  These are the things we need to inform the westerners about (Sepcially Americans).  Also, you are right about Sargord, let's just ignore this turd from now on.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland 



by rpRoshan on

I love your way of thinking.


areyo barzan

Dear Jamshid

by areyo barzan on

I agree with you 100% .In fact I could not put it better than you did. The most important issue here is to affect consumers psyche and show them what monsters regime is ruling China.


Over the past few years Chinese dictators have been trying real hard to paint a humane, civilized and modern picture of themselves in the minds of the rest of the world and by doing so they are attempting to swipe their human right abuses even towards their own people (especially Tibet) under the carpet.


What I am trying to do here is to unveil this monster and remove the phoney humane mask that was put on its face.


So I urge anyone else who believes in this cause to start cascading this message to all their friends and unmask the devil that is Chinese dictatorship


As far as this Sargord character is concerned you should have realised by now that he is only doing the job he is paid to do. These are paid IRI agents who are sent abroad in order to penetrate ranks of genuine opposition and by spreading their poison create parallel movements and doubt, so that people would not be able to distinguish the real opposition from IRI made decoys, hopping the doubt and confusion would stop them from taking a stand.


The best thing you can do is just to ignore him. He is not worth it. You can not enlighten a mercenary with the IQ of a Chipmunk. It just cannot be done!. Think of these people as the flies wising in the background. I know it is annoying but do not let it to take the better of you.



by jamshid on

The actual act of boycotting Chinese products is nearly impossible to spread among people. But if the symbolic anti-Chinese gestures, slogans and mottos are spread in people's psyche, that is to say if everytime a person picks up a Chinese product, he/she can remember the Iranian anti-Chinese propaganda, and feel uneasy about his purchase, then that alone is considred success, even if the person goes ahead and purchase the product anyway.

So I am all with your idea, but with the proper psychological goal in mind (as opposed to the economical goal.)


By that logic

by tabar on

We should all boycott Iran too right?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

It is very possible to boycott

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Specially when Chinese "goods" are pieces of total junk. I have Chinese American friends. They don't buy anything that comes from mainland China. They buy stuff from Taiwan but not China.

In recent years Chinese products have included:

  • Lead paint on toys poisoning children.
  • Melamin in milk poisoning their own children.
  • Aqua dot toys containing date rape drugs.
  • Pet food containing poison that killed pets.
  • Batteries containing mercury and cadmium.
  • Dry wall giving off poisonous fumes.

These are just a small number of things I happen to know about. Plus quality is abysmal since the jumk breaks almost immediately  Buying Chinese made products is both uneconomical and dangerous. Sure it is cheap: but it does not work and is likely to poison you. We don't need to be political to avoid  the junk from  China. Whenever someone gives my kids presents the first thing I do is check where they are made. If it is China the toy goes into the garbage without being opened.

I rather pay twice the price and get something that works and won't kill me. On the plus side the anti-riot equipment will probably break before they are even used. If they do work, they are as likely to kill the police as the protesters. 

Sargord Pirouz

many mistakes areyo

by Sargord Pirouz on

That wasn't a purpose-built antiriot vehicle that struck a rioter in the YouTube video. It was a simple NAJA police truck.

The report of a "rush order" for Chinese armored water cannon vehicles is erroneous (possibly deliberately so). NAJA already operates AWCVs.

And the antiriot equipment you cite is not procured by and for Sepah. It is provided by the IRIG to NAJA, for law enforcement duties.

Honestly, areyo, in place of these less-lethal tools available to Iranian law enforcement, what would you prefer? Lethal use of AK-47s, MP5s and G3s? 


shushtari,I Stoped

by pedro on


I Stoped buying Chinese about 6 months ago. Although some Chinese stores offer cheep househild items, but I stoped comletely.

No Chinese resturant, and no more Chinese anything. I am so glad I waited and did not buy the flat screen TV. I can live with my Japanies old TV for much longer. Their products are dangerous and hazardious to your health. From drywall to dog food to baby formula to toys for chidren, all loaded with various types of poisonous chemical that will harm your children and pets and, if it does not kill you, you are sure to get cancer of get very very sick from them.

Stop buying Chinese junk. Be kind to yourselves and your environment.

Thanks ab.

Stop the killings of Iranain political prisoners.


ive been doing this for years....

by shushtari on

and I also haven't bought anything british- no jaguar, no bp oil, no fish and chips......

call me daee jaan napelon, but thats the way I like it 

areyo barzan

Impossible is IMPOSSIBLE

by areyo barzan on

Dear Xerxes

Off course there are always difficulties and we may not succeed all the time. But we can always try our best and that is what is required here.

To draw the world's attention to our cause. Even those who find it impossible can try to minimise their purchase of Chinese goods

Personally my motto is:

It is better to tried and may be failed rather than have never known what if????



It's not possible to boycut

by XerXes. on

People always buy cheaper products. You can't stop that. It has never worked and will never work. Plus, many items are not made from anywhere else or they are not in the market except Chinese. What you ganna do about that?

In my recent trip to Iran, people were talking about not buying Chinese product so Iranian worker could keep his job. The person who was promoting the idea, was shopping in Bazaar and buying Chinese. When I told him, he smiled and said "eh, it's Chinese? I had no idea".